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Great. Myspace has decided to mess up its blog editing settings, so God only knows how this is going to end up looking. I've waited a couple of days in the hopes it would start working again, but it hasn't. So I'm afraid you'll have to endure a plain and boring layout with no HTML coding to match the mood of the blog!!!

February 1st 2009

It would appear we didn't leave the house again, as there's no mention of having done so in my offline diary, just the fact that I'm depressed.

I decided to try and shave despite not having been able to get a bath as I'd hoped and just washing at the sink, but never got so far as my legs anyways. I was just finishing my arms, and being stressed, flexed my wrist. I saw what was coming, but was too late to do anything about it. I cut a huge chunk of skin out of my right wrist - blood everywhere. Being haemophobic as I am, it panicked me somewhat. I ran my wrist under the tap for ages and applied pressure until it stopped, but was still all wound up. So I went and did exactly the same thing to my upper lip. The more stressed you get, the more mistakes you make. >.< So just as well I didn't leave the house really. I felt like I was walking around with a huge red light flashing on my face for days afterwards. At least it's faded now... The mark on my wrist is still noticeable though - at least I was able to pass it off as a "carpet beetle bite" to my mum who has never understood the need of shaving anyway. :P

It snowed heavily (the heaviest for 18 years, so the worst I've ever known!) in Grottsville in the evening, and was freezing cold even indoors. And when I got up to the communal bedroom I found that David had the electric heater on full power. Good, you think? No. That thing makes me sneeze - don't ask me why, I'm the same with all electric heaters - so I had to open the window for five minutes before I went to bed, making it even more bitter up there.

February 2nd 2009

Went to Woodberry, but David started yet another pathetic argument, so nothing got done again. Basically, Mum (for once in her life) was willing to look at colours for the shower room and happened to say (in a figure of speech kind of way), "But what's left if you don't like light blue?" or something along those lines, and David snapped, "If YOU don't like light blue, you mean!", which upset her, so she slapped him around the face and walked out.

I did take some cute pictures of the snow while we were there though (not sure if they'll come up without the advanced editor, but I'll try anyways)...

I built a little snowman on my bedroom windowsill too...I think he wanted to come inside!

Silly Sunshine befriended him though, so hopefully he didn't feel so lonely. ;)

I spent the evening re-pricing everything in my Arena Sales album. Now everything is in pounds sterling, since I can't take any more of Paypal's conversion con. >.< HOWEVER, since I have just under £50 worth of dollar payments in our Paypal account, I can't withdraw it without a 25p charge. So I'd really like to make a sale in USD of about £10 (currently about $15) so that I can get the money out to actually use - without the charge! If anybody would like to take a look through my album, you can find it here ------------> My Sales Album Please feel free to make an offer on anything. I'm just after a bit of extra cash, so I'll likely take any reasonable offer. I'll be adding more this weekend. :)

February 3rd 2009

Back to Woodberry - but Mum saw a double plug socket we hadn't noticed before in the garden and threw another fit. Honestly though, I'm with her on this one. Why WOULD anybody want TWO plug sockets in a garden. Right, you might want to plug in a lawn mower. What else? And certainly, what else WHILE you're cutting the grass?! :P

Anyways, we returned to Grottsville almost immediately. I tried to do a bit of clearing up in the library, and washed and catalogued some more ponies, despite having possibly the worst period pain in my stomach and legs that I've ever experienced. Ugh, why was I worried when I had it so light last time? I might have known it would come back to haunt me a hundred fold. I guess that's why I kept crying the few days before. It seems I have awful trouble with my hormones every month recently. I guess stress might play a part. :(

David decided to clear up in the front garden, where I had seen that sick rat "disappearing through the wall" a couple of weeks ago. Remember the story? Anyways, he spent some time sweeping up, piling all the rubbish in a heap, then scooping everything into a black bag with his (gloved) hands. After a while, he came in and announced, "Guess what I found?" I'm sure you can all guess what it was too, huh? A dead rat - presumably the one I saw crawl into that corner. He'd been just about to pick it up too. Of course, he wasn't going to touch it, so he needed to scoop it up in a dustpan and transfer it into a black bag that way. Guess who got roped in to hold the bag?! Oh God, it was awful. It really upset me too. Rats might be pests, but the way its little body was lying there, it kind of reminded me of my dear little Splodge when I had to have him put to sleep - it's coming up for the anniversary of that day too. :( And when he dropped it into the bag, so near to my face, I screamed. I mean really SCREAMED. And our area is so awful that nobody even looked at me. I could have been being murdered, and everyone would have continued plodding up and down with their beer cans as usual!

The image of that poor rat is going to take some time to get out of my head. I can still see it clearly now. :(

February 4th 2009

Mum and I walked around West Ealing again while David went to the building society to tell some more lies about his (actually non-existant) job so as to get an even bigger loan which we have no way of paying off. He's just getting us in more and more of a mess, and still continuing to buy stuff for himself.

For instance, I saw a video I really wanted (for voice acting reasons) in the PDSA charity shop the week before for 50p, and had left it there. It had obviously sold during the previous few days, as it wasn't there it irritated me that when we met David in the same shop, we found him buying FOUR CDs at £3.99 each!!! I'm sure he's in denial about our lack of money, and it's really scaring me now.

He's been to see the builder at Woodberry in the morning, but "hadn't asked for a timescale" despite the amount of money it's costing us to run two houses, let alone the misery it's causing all of us.

We went to Wickes to look at outdoor lights and paint. We have been told we have to buy three outdoor lights for the back garden, despite not wanting them, because Picton put them there. So that's another £24 down the drain, while we continue to eat tomato soup for dinner every day. >.<

I'll leave it there. This blog is only going around in circles, and nobody is actually going to read it without the spacing of HTML coding anyway.

I'm listening to CBC Radio 1 Pacific, so sorry if this has all been a bit messy and obviously not composed as well as usual. I'm so pleased I found that Media Player on their site though. That accent is the only thing that can calm me down when everything's going wrong. *Giggles*

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark, who is less than amused that she can't sign her name in her usual pink-purple! xxx

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