Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nothing to say about today.

Current mood:  stressed

So why am I bothering to write a blog?  Really just because I said I would keep this updated on a day-to-day basis, and typing calms my nerves a little.
Mum's saying she's letting the house now...then in the next breath she's moaning that we'll probably be moving in May or June, *just* too late to possibly get to California.
Never mind though, Emma is claiming (again) that I don't even want to go to America as Canada is my place, and America is hers.  Er, my dream is to be a voice actress living and working in Canada.  To be honest, if I were to choose somewhere to visit for tourism reasons I'd want to go to California (and various other places in the US - New York and the deep south spring to mind) just as much as Vancouver.
And I think that's really all that's happened.  David went to the internet cafe twice (no idea why), promising to take me the second, but he didn't.  And I'm so desperate to have a broadband connection for just a short while so that I can watch an interview with one of my favourite VA's that I found online. >.<
Mum's already gone to "bed" on the floor, so I guess I will be following shortly.  And so with that, I'll leave you all in peace.  xxx

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