Tuesday, 17 February 2009

"Ready for decorating"? I'll give them "ready for decorating"!

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Well, I'm really not in the mood for blogging tonight, but I said I'd keep this updated on a daily basis, so I guess I have to do so.
Mum has been desperately wanting to go to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust to see the visiting bitterns for weeks, and we said we'd go this morning...but we overslept.  So back to Woodberry was as far as we got.
There we found two electricians and the painter at work.  The electrician quickly told Mum that yes, he can move the thermostat and light switch that were on the wall she wanted to hang family photos on (slightly), BUT there will be ANOTHER light switch there once they're finished!
Why do we need another light switch, you ask?
"Oh, well this one will turn the hall light on.  You might not want to walk up to the other end of the hall to turn it on every time."  Who ever heard of two light switches either end of the hall to switch on the hall/landing light?  I can easily walk up the length of a hall, thank you very much.  It's only five or six footsteps for God's sake!
They've finally moved the big boxes of light switch covers off of the kitchen countertops having been finishing off fitting the lights.  So we saw our countertops for the first time in months...and guess what?  As well as being caked in dust and grime, they're terribly scratched by all the junk the builders have been stacking on top of them!   I mean awfully scratched - as in, you can see it from the other end of the kitchen scratched.  So who's going to pay to replace our £1300 countertops?  Especially now that the design had just started to grow on us, and MFI has closed down?!
We went to get a paint sample pot, then returned to the house to ask the electrician a couple of things we forgot the first time around.  It was then we discovered them in my bedroom...TAKING UP THE FLOORBOARDS, creating yet more dust all over my newly painted walls.  I struggled not to scream.  "What's going on?" I asked.  "Oh, well Chris didn't tell us that you wanted a computer or telephone in either of the offices, and we need to run a cable down from this room."  WTH?    Why wouldn't you want a telephone or a computer in an office?!
I was practically in tears, and just went in the front room and sang while they all looked at me as though I was mad.  David went downstairs and spoke to the painter at one point...and I was angered by their conversation, which went as follows:
"When are you hoping to move in then?"*Laughter*  "As soon as the painting is finished!"
*Laughter* "Well...shouldn't be long now then!""My daughter wants to move in in two weeks!" *Louder laughter*
Crazy, uncontrolled laughter from both of them followed.  I wonder if they'll be laughing so hard when they find me sleeping over there on a bedroom floor where they keep ripping up the floorboards?!
Mum and I went back to the car and we all had another argument about how she doesn't want a light in the open front porch.  We've got a half-glass front door anyway, which means plenty of light will come from the hall, and she wants the house to look Edwardian, and last time I checked they didn't have ugly modern lights in their porches. >.<
In the end, David agreed to go back and ask how much it would cost to get it removed (considering we never asked for it to be put there, I don't see why we should pay anything, but that's another story)...only to find the electricians had left.  Well, I guess they thought we'd gone so they could leave early, leaving huge holes in my bedroom floor, and my door wide open.  (I have been keeping it shut to avoid people being tempted to dump more junk in there)   I wanted to go back and close the door, but David told me not to because I'd "trip over".  Um...was that the first excuse that came into his head.  Anyways, he drove off in a real rush, with me screaching about how much I hated Sickton so loudly that it echoed all down the road.
I don't care - he's ruined our house, and the delays he's caused are probably the few months that really did matter towards me having a good life, and getting an education etc.  If I could have got in somewhere last autumn, I could have had free education, but I'll be over 18 when this term comes around.  Every time I see that man walking down the road (as we did again today), I wish so hard he'd just disappear in a puff of purple smoke!
I'm aiming to watch an old episode of Walker, Texas Ranger that Shane Meier guest starred in tomorrow - "Sons Of Thunder".  It's to be shown at 12pm and 6pm on Bravo and 1pm and 7pm on Bravo Plus 1 for those who are interested.  Bonnie's made me so curious about that show, I just have to try and see it.  Too bad I don't haven't been able to find a spare video to tape it on, and can't afford to buy a new pack though!  Hopefully, we'll be in at the right time, and Mum won't figure out what I'm watching and start her weird tauntings again.
That's all for now, I guess.  I wanted to have a bath before I went to bed, but it's got a bit late now.  Oh well!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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