Monday, 23 February 2009

Smashed tree, ruined worktop, and Coke on the wall ~ ah, life couldn't be better!

Current mood:  exhausted

So I could hardly sleep last night for all the trouble outside again - a gang of drunkards were singing loudly right outside our house.  I swear they were in our front garden at one point, but obviously I wasn't going to open the curtains and look.  I heard crunching and scrunching, clanging and banging, smashing and crashing, but was too scared to look and see what they were doing.
But today when I opened the curtains, I discovered the little tree across the street from us had been broken down, snapped off halfway down the trunk along with all the supports the local council put round it last time someone did this to another tree down the road.  I was sad, as I can remember that tree being planted about eleven years's one of the only pretty things in this road - and now it's gone, destroyed in minutes, and all in the name of "fun" for some retarded bloke.
Best of all, nobody has even come to clear up the remaining pieces of the trunk, so I guess the next gang of thugs will be throwing those around the street tonight...
We went to Woodberry just after midday to look at more colours.  The shower room has been painted now, and I LOVE IT!  I wish it was the bathroom next to my room now.  It's two-tone blue, and will have white and blue (waterproof) wallpaper on two walls.  Craig (the painter) has also started work on the hobby room, and I think I'm going to like that one as well.  It will be blue with one grey wallpapered feature wall., grey skirting boards, and a pale blue-grey ceiling.  Mum's not keen on the shower room, but hopefully it will grow on her.  We also think we have colours for David's office, Mum's family history room and we're starting on the stairs.  But Homebase was shut by the time we got there, so we couldn't get any paint sample pots.
BUT, more importantly, the builders have obviously had a go at rubbing down the kitchen countertop, and it's awful!  It kind of feels like gravel now, and you can see a big grey scuff mark.  They obviously stopped before they went along the length of the whole scratch, realising they were only making matters worse.  I hope they don't expect us to live with that.
I also noticed they've put the wrong light switch covers in the hall.  I know it sounds weird but we have "Regency" ones on the first floor and "Bronze" elsewhere.  Well, they've put the Regency ones downstairs in the hall...except they've actually used "Georgian" ones in some places, which differ from Regency because they have black switches rather than gold.  Well, you're probably as confused as me by now, but since it's their job to get these things right, I don't think it's acceptable to have to pay to correct their mistakes time and again.
Oh, and there's a huge stain down David's bedroom wall - a Coke stain!  Someone has obviously gone in his (painted) room and opened a ring-pull can which has sprayed up and trickled down the wall.  I need to move in there and make sure they don't do anything else like that.  They're basically ruining all our newly-decorated rooms, and telling us we have to pay £300 if we want them to clean up after themselves.   Why can't they just keep fizzy drinks in the un-decorated rooms?  There's no work still to be done in David's room now (well, apart from fitting shelves which aren't even coming until next week), so who was in there drinking Coke anyways?!
I've been bitten to death by carpet beetles last night, and my arm is aching from lying on the hard floor.  But I have no choice until we move, so I've got to bed down again.  Mum has already done so, and is snoring loudly at the other end of the room.
I owe loads of letters to people, but I'm feeling too tired to write coherently to anybody.  I promise I'll write to you all tomorrow though.  *Hugs*
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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