Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The stress is killing me!

Current mood:  stressed

Quite literally.  I have an awful headache and my eyes keep clouding over.  I keep going dizzy, and almost fainted twice today.  I have awful stomach ache and feel like I'm going to throw up (but keep comfort eating regardless).  And now my voice has totally cracked up.  I mean, really.  Nobody can even make out what I'm saying, and I can't force my words out.  Mum is busily telling me "I shouldn't let it happen if my voice is so important to me".  Well, how can you not let stress happen?  My Grandma was like this too.  Whenever she got stressed, she lost her voice.  I've never had it like this before though.
And I'm sick of sleeping on the floor.  Every bone in my body aches - now I wish I hadn't complained about the communal bed so much.
To those who claimed they didn't believe me, I have evidence.  Be warned though, the pictures below are full of mess and make even me feel sick.
Mum in her "bed"

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!
My "bed" just before I crawled in last night

Sorry, but this is no way to live.  I have so much respect for all the poor people sleeping rough on the streets throughout the world.  Everybody deserves something so simple as a bed.
I'm sick of waking up all night coughing and choking on the dust and carpet beetle droppings.  I wish I could just leave this house forever and never return.  There's not one thing I'd miss about my current life.  If someone offered me a chance to leave this country, I would so take it right now.  Almost ANYTHING has got to be better than this. 
So today it was back to Woodberry we went for yet more arguments.  It was worse than I feared.  There was NO mastic on the countertops, nothing had changed since we last went there at all.  David just believes everything they say.
Mum hates the colour of the ceiling in the hobby room, so it looks like that needs to be changed.
Mum doesn't want the type of locks they've instructed us to get for the bathroom doors, so more trouble there.
The Coke is still on David's bedroom wall, but he isn't bothered.  In fact he asked us if we wanted him to clean it off himself.  WTH?  I didn't think that was the point!
Oh, and nobody was working there again.  Craig had taken another day off to go and see his sick son in hospital again, leaving the central heating on it's highest setting.  Did I mention he left all the lights on too on Friday night?  Luckily, David found them that way on Saturday morning and switched them off, but for goodness sake!
Now that it's almost certain we can't go to California, Mum says she's "washing her hands of the house" and she's in "no hurry to get the work completed".  Thank you very much.  Well, I'm still in a hurry to move.  In fact, I still intend on moving on March 7th.  Just trying to figure out how to do so.
Oh, I've finally got the photos uploaded, so I guess I should show you the infamous "mastic scratch".

How the heck can we be expected to live with that?  And look at the mess they've made trying to rub it down at the front anyways!
Also, just because my blogs have been quite depressing lately, here's a change in mood in the form of a rather funny photo of David showing us how some wallpaper will look on the shower room wall.  It looks more as though he's trying to protect it from some unseen monster!

Nothing else has really happened today.  Someone wants to buy a second of the three MLP kitchen playsets I had up for sale on the Arena.  But I can't find a box the right size for it. >.<
I also tried to find the second part of that Walker episode I recorded - "Sons Of Thunder" - on Youtube, but no such luck.  However, while messing about on the search system over there with Shane on my mind, I did come across this old Road To Avonlea episode, which certain friends of mine may enjoy seeing (again, depending if/how many time you already saw it ) ~ the first part can be found *here*.  Just click through the top "Related Video" links if you want to see the rest of the epiosde.  Or the whole thing can be found on the third page of my Shane Meier Playlist on there.  You were all fascinated to know that, I'm sure.  I thought the whole Downtown Brooklyn accent was so cute.  I can't believe he was only about my age when that was filmed.
And finally, a very big happy birthday wish for Sarah!  Sorry I was unable to send you an actual birthday gift - I feel so awkward, especially considering the beautiful necklace you sent me last year.  I promise I'll make it up to you when I am able though.  You're one of my very best friends and I don't know what I would do without you, to be quite honest.  *Massive hugs*  I hope you have a great year ahead of you.
Well, I'm going now.  Time to bed down on the floor again.  And now I have toothache too!  Agh!  I reckon I'll have fallen apart by this time tomorrow, but if my arm hasn't dropped off by then, I'll see you all back here then.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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