Sunday, 22 February 2009

Well, I'm Still Here.

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Yes, sorry to disappoint you all.  But I'm still in Grottsville.  I do intend on moving to Woodberry next month though - probably around the 7th - so I will most likely be going offline for some time.
For those who want to know what happened last night, Mum and I had a few arguments with David, and I sat up until almost 6.30am, then decided to try and sleep on the hard floor down here.  I slept restlessly for about two hours, and woke up covered in even more carpet beetle bites than usual.  Oh, well...  I guess this is how it'll be until we move house now, because I will NOT sleep on the drool-covered communal bed again.  Mum is supporting me and also sleeping on the floor.  David sulked and slept in the bathroom with the door shut so that we had to use buckets to flush the loo downstairs again.  I would imagine he'll start using the mattress soon though, so you can see who'll win again.
Nothing has happened today at all.  I didn't leave the house, and just basically sat around for most of the day, dwelling on my life passing me by and my lack of independence and just trying to figure a way out of here.  I washed a grand total of four ponies (!), and tried to load videos on Youtube - I think I've got like 90 minutes' TV out of three days of loading vids on dial-up!
I FINALLY got to the end of watching that one episode of Walker Texas Ranger...and discovered it was a two-part show.  Call me an idiot if you wish, but IMDb lists it as being only one part.  Either way, Bravo only showed the first part.  WTH?  I'm hooked on this show now, and can't even watch the end of the one episode I was watching.  Why can't they just show the series in sequence?!
I'm pretty sure we will not be going away to California for my 18th birthday now.  I've looked forward and looked forward to it, but there's no way we can leave this house if our possessions are still here, even if David wasn't out of work.  And we'll lose our deposit anyway.  I'm sick of this life. >.<
On a cheerier note, I found the tape recorder we brought back from my grandparents' house over three years ago, and actually managed to get it working!  It's identical to the one I used for years that has now totally packed up (my mum bought two of them; one for herself and one for her parents), and works pretty well considering it dates from the early 80s!  Anyways, hopefully I can get working on some more voice projects to practise myself a bit before we move house and I can become a proper member of the VAA forums.
Well, I guess that's all for now.  It's about time for me to go to floor...sorry, I mean "bed"!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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