Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What is wrong with that man?

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So today I wake up at 7am to hear David calling Mum's name again and again.  She continues to snore.  I stick my foot out and nudge her.  "Hey, don't kick me!" she yells at me.  "He's calling you." I said...and promptly fell asleep again.
I didn't wake up again until about 9am.  By which time, David was in the bathroom.  He didn't come out until 10.50am, meanwhile I just had to lie in bed, getting more and more irritated that I couldn't get dressed and start my day.
When he did come out of the bathroom, he started messing about with his Mills & Boon list on his computer (which he'd taken to the toilet with him! ), still blocking me from getting to the bathroom.  I had forgotten what time Walker Texas Ranger was airing on Bravo, and thought it was 11am, so of course I was panicking - I guess I thought the TV would pack up before the three repeats or something.
Anyhow, eventually after Mum and I shouting at him that I wanted to get up, and him saying "Just give me ten more minutes to sort this thing out".  By the time I got downstairs, he had gone out.  Apparently, he'd gone to Woodberry via Tesco where he bought some light bulbs as the electrician had instructed.
I was able to record Walker on a VHS tape I, er, found...on one of David's piles of videos in the hall.  Now before you start yelling at me, I KNOW he won't miss it.  I forwarded through it last night after I wrote my blog, and found it had originally been a tape of homeschooling maths programmes, which he had recorded over with three random films...then recorded over them with part of a football match - now he doesn't record football matches to keep forever, so I guess he didn't want those films before, or even if he did, he hadn't checked the video very well when he wiped them off with that football match, had he?  He has so many hundreds of videos, he'll never miss it, I guarantee.
Anyways, that meant I didn't have to watch it in front of Mum, although she still noticed I was about to record something and, with such terrible eyes that she can't see anything on TV (!), she somehow managed to read what was coming up next.  "Oh, Walker Texas Ranger - is that what you're after?" she said.  I almost screamed.  We know what she'll be looking up on her next computer turn, when she's bored and Googling nonsense to see what comes up.  And since "drama is boring and stupid", we all know what she'll be saying about me after that. 
I still haven't had a chance to watch the show, by the way.  Darn not having my own room where I can retreat to watch a simple video!
When David returned, he told us that the electricians had already left by the time he got there, having still not finished the work they were supposed to have completed today.  Only the painter was there, so he put the lights in.  Why David couldn't have done it, if any non-electrician can, I just do not know.
Anyhow, it seems he had a good conversation with his painter friend.  "He's doing a lot of hard work, rubbing down the walls in the hobby room."  (The room right next door to mine) "Creating more dust, I suppose." I said, quietly.  "Have they replaced my floorboards now?"  David nodded.  "And is there a lot of dust all over her walls?" Mum asked.  David shook his head. "So did you close the door?" I asked.  David remained silent, and looked guilty.  "WHY NOT?!" I yelled.  All right, maybe I am being a bit silly about all of this, but after all these years of waiting I want my room to be as perfect as possible.
"Because I've asked the painter to go in there and clean it up..." David admitted.  Clean what up exactly?  I wonder if this is the reason he was so determined to stop Mum and I going over there today?  God knows what state my room is in, and I intend on sleeping there ten nights from now!
Oh, and what about the countertop, you ask?  "Don't worry about that." David reassured us.  "They're putting a dust cover over it to prevent further damage."  Mum and I shrieked in unison. "There's no point covering it up to prevent further damage!  The damage has been done!  They have to replace it, so why are they trying to prevent further damage now.  Don't tell me you agreed to that?!"
David nodded, sheepishly.  Oh God, what is going to happen now?  The whole countertop is covered in small hairline scratches, but this is the huge great scratch in question

(To the right of the big dusty mark)  It doesn't look so bad in the photo as it does in real life; would you really want that (or accept that) in your brand new kitchen on your £1300 countertop?!
Ah, but the painter has another solution.  He thinks they can "rub it down"!  How do they propose to do that?  It isn't wood.  What is it going to look like if they start sandpapering and messing about like that?!  You can't rub down that kind of thing...can you?
Oh, and on top of all of that I received a nice little letter from my local doctors surgery telling me I should go down their and get the vaccination against cervical cancer.  Well, I know I should.  I've been thinking about it for a while now, and since it's free, I may as well take it.  But the leaflet doesn't half scare you.  You may have a funny reaction causing breathlessness or you may even faint...but don't worry, the nurse will know what to do!  It doesn't help that I know someone who did react strangely to her first jab (you have to have three), and could hardly get home.  And each one is supposed to be a bit worse.  Plus my fear of needles, of course. 
And since I have no interest in relationships of that kind anyway, it all seems rather pointless.  But if I end up forced into marrying because I can't support myself, it could be a handy thing to have done.  It's just the paralysis case I read about in the paper that puts me off slightly.  The girl can't even walk now.  I know these things are rare...but I also know my luck.
Anyways, my arm is twinging now, just at the thought of that needle...  So I'm off to write about something of a cheerier topic on a forum somewhere, and go to bed.
Hope everybody is doing well.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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