Sunday, 8 March 2009

"I will dig my heels in and do all I can to delay moving to that awful place!"

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I've not written a blog for several days.  There's not a lot to say anyway (only more of the same), so you haven't missed anything.
The argument about California continues to rage.  WTH?  I thought they'd "cancelled it early one morning before I got up", but apparently not.  It seems they intend on leaving it past the deadline so that we have to pay even more besides the deposit.  They KNOW we can't go unless we can get all our stuff moved to Woodberry...and how can we do that while we're still stuck in Grottsville?
And yes, we WILL still be in Grottsville at this rate.  Mum has been refusing to go to Woodberry to even look at colours the last few days.  She finally agreed to go over there today, but all she did was decided that she hated all the rooms that have already been painted, and that she wants them all changed!  But we can't afford to keep changing things!  I am thoroughly addled now.
Of course, maybe that is the plan.  She keeps going on and on and ON about selling/letting Woodberry because she doesn't want to move there now, and "it's her house at the end of the day" (even though David has poured almost £200,000 into the works now!).  Did I write about the estate agent she got David to go and see around there (no, she wouldn't go herself)?  Basically, they say the house in now worth about £600,000 or she could get £2,500 a month for letting it!  Of course, she now wants that cash to go on holiday...even though she knows we can't go on holiday unless we move house! 
So she "wouldn't even be moving there if not for me" or if she "didn't feel it was her duty to do so because David never gave me a bedroom here".  Uh, so she'd fine sleeping on the floor, being bitten to death by (literally) millions of tiny black insects and getting awful backache?  Right... O...kay.
Well, if she's GOT to move there she's "going to dig her heels in and do all she can to delay it", as the blog title suggests.  I'm sick of it.  The stress is killing me.
Hope this doesn't disgust/offend anyone, but I don't know where else to talk about it all.  I'm having awful female trouble with a period that just won't stop.  Usually, I'm quite regular with my period always being seven days long, roughly 28 days apart (maybe a few days out here and there, but that's only to be expected).  Normally, they're quite heavy too.  So two months ago I had such a light one I really didn't even recognise it as a period as such, and was worried about it.  Then I had this awfully heavy one last month.  Now, less than four weeks later, I started again with what I thought was going to be another light one.  It's still light, but it's just dragging on and on.  I didn't note when it started but it must have been going about eleven or twelve days now.  I really don't want to go and see a doctor about it, and I think it's most likely stress anyway, but just hoped some other kind folks might give me their opinions.  Sorry, I know it's not like me to write about these things.  I promise it's still me here; hope I didn't freak you all out!
Hmm, so what can I write on a slightly more jolly note?  Um, I've been working on transcribing the G1 UK MLP comics to the Rescue Home forum again.  I'm up to issue twelve now, but trying to add another issue or two every day.  The link can be found *here* if anyone's interested.  I hope to eventually add the pictures too, if ever we do move and have the scanner set up somewhere that I can actually use it!
Oh, and I've also been trying to clear up and stumbled upon an old diary Mum must have written for me back in 1994.  It reminded me how she always wrote a diary every year during my childhood and early teens documenting just about everything I did. >.<  Anyways, I thought I might transcribe it on here, month by month, as I find those diaries, and set the blogs to the month they were actually written.  I have old photos I could use to illustrate it too.  It might just give some background to this whole long story, and at least it makes a happier tale than the present day!  Don't worry - you won't have to read them if you don't want to.  Each blog will be handily titled with the month and year featured inside, so you can just skip over most people probably do with my long boring day to day blogs anyways!
Well, I'm off now to see if I can really post January 1994 as if it were written in January 1994, and if so, if it'll come up on my five most recent blog entries list on my profile so that people can easily find it for a laugh.  I haven't been able to track down any photos dating from pre-April 1994 though, so the first few blogs will be pretty dull with a few comments from Desiree-of-the-present to liven them up a little.
I'll try and write again tomorrow...  I just hope there's something a little more upbeat and exciting to write about!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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