Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's Day

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Ugh, I never get around to writing my blog now...but then there's really nothing to say anyway.
I'm still suffering with a bad cold (I have an awful thumping head and an irritating dry cough to go with the congested nose and throat now!), and just wish it would go away.  It's been here five days for goodness sake, and doesn't feel any better yet!  I thought these things were only supposed to last a week?!
The TV packed up a couple of nights ago, and David starts ranting at ME to fix it.  How should I know what's wrong with it?  When I politely told him I didn't know how to fix it, he said I was "pretending to be ill so that I could get out of helping him".  Um...I guess that's why the whole rubbish bag in the kitchen is filled with tissues?
Arguments regarding the house continue.  David just won't sit down and write a letter to this new architect, and when he finally did, Mum refused to discuss it, saying she's "ONLY interested in getting Picton into trouble, NOT in moving house".  She's refusing to even go over to the house now, which means I can't either, and it's the only place that I'm really happy, even now it has been messed up.
The broken fireplace is the big problem.  David wouldn't even mention the question of who was paying until the end of the job "in case it slowed things down" (HA.  HA.), and now Picton has run off, of course.  We then find out the builders have no insurance (It was all organised by Sickton anyway, and is totally useless), so we're stuck with a smashed fireplace that THEY broke on our wall, not knowing what's going to happen and unable to decorate around it.
There's probably only half a day's work still to do at Woodberry (just a few electric points to be changed) but Mum is finding more and more things wrong with the house; mainly just the fact that it's now "Picton's house" and she wanted to change everything that reminds her of him.  I just don't know what's going to happen anymore.
And now Mother's Day has come around again, and we're STILL in this dump where I can't leave the house alone.  So I haven't even got her so much as a card.  I wouldn't know what to get her in the way of gifts anyway (every time I ask what she wants, she just says "Health and happiness" - two things I can't provide for any of us. ), but it would be nice to be given the chance to even get her a box of chocolates.  David didn't even offer to take me anywhere so that I could buy her a card.  I thought about making her one, but she'd only laugh at me.  My card-making skills aren't exactly the best...
Yeah, so now she's just made a big ceremony of placing Emma's card on the mantlepiece, saying how wonderful it looks, and how nice it is that "at least one of her daughters remembers her".  The cruel thing is she KNOWS I remembered Mother's Day, as I've been on about it for weeks, and asking to be allowed a shopping trip somewhere, but as I already said, nobody would take me.  Heck, if I was at Woodberry and able to leave the house alone do you think I would have allowed this to happen?  I would hope you all know me well enough to know the answer to that one.
Ugh, and the ponies I agreed to buy even though I had no cash because I felt bad about the seller (so long as they were de-boxed to save on shipping) have been sent to me MIB!  So now I have to find another $7.00 for shipping!  I feel sick.  I shouldn't have even bought them in the first place, and I honestly haven't got the money to spare.  Now I'm trying to sell stuff on the Arena that I don't even really want to sell just because I need to pay off this debt.  If only I hadn't bumped my wish list up for that one trade...or at least hadn't agreed to take these ponies. 
Well, I need to catch up with my e-mails now, and I have an awful headache.  The Dancing On Ice final is tonight, and I don't even feel like watching that.  There's nobody I like left in it now anyway.  Ray's just too full of himself, and Jessica was in the Sun newspaper yesterday in her underwear, which put me off her for life.  So probably Donal is my favourite of the three of them, and he's never going to win, so I may as well just give up now.
Talk to you all later!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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