Saturday, 28 March 2009

Trip to West Ealing

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So my life is so fascinating that a trip to West Ealing deserves a blog of its own now?  Oh well...
Well, I owed David 94p for posting a parcel yesterday, and didn't have enough spare change to pay him (I can't get the money from paypal until I have over £50).  But I was lucky when a boy dropped three coins right in front of me and *didn't bother* to pick them up.  He just looked down at them and walked on.  Nice to be rich, eh?  They totalled 35p, so then I could pay David.
There was nothing pony-wise in the charity shops at all.  Then we went in New Look.  I was hoping to find the dinosaur t-shirt I mentioned before, but they didn't have it even in black or blue, let alone pink.
However, I did get a gorgeous blue t-shirt with butterfly print.  I can't find it on the New Look website, otherwise I'd link over to it.  It's probably a bit pale for me, but I've been in desperate need of a fourth t-shirt I could wear out of the house, and the pattern is just too cute.
Oh, shoot!  I should not have typed butterfly into the New Look website.  Now I'm in love with this necklace, and I can't be buying any more jewellery!
I think that's all really.  David's watching some programme about the Titanic, and the TV is so loud that I can't think straight.
And now I hate those photos I uploaded earlier.  I should have guessed I would; I always do end up hating the photos of myself that I start off liking, especially those over-the-top make-up Myspace-y ones.  Good things never last.
And now Mum's talking about what we're going to do about sleeping on the floor next winter, because she will freeze to death.  God, so she's talking about still existing here next winter then?  I'm dead.  Seriously.
David keeps creeping nearer.  His nose is about 2' from the TV now, and I'm in shadow and can't see what I'm typing, so I'll leave it there.
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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