Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Ugh, sore throat!

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I haven't written on my blog for a few days - I'm sure you've all missed me terribly.  No?  Oh well...
There's nothing much to say even now really.  I have a stinking cold; I can hardly breathe, and feel like I swallowed a razor.  Ow!
I've not left the house much the past few days.  We went to Emma's house on Sunday for Gabriella's 1st birthday (well, her birthday was actually on the 12th, but we had to wait until the weekend to see her and take her presents).
Emma bought us each a lovely ice cream from a passing ice cream van, and it was really nice to see the kids again.  I have Abigale and Kizzy well-trained in looking after MLPs now, and we spent about half an hour brushing Blossom Forth's hair and "galloping up and down the hall with her".
Behold the cuteness!

I'm not half so worried about them coming to Woodberry to see all of my ponies now.  I'm not one for all this "they're collectable toys - don't let kids near them!" palava.  So long as the kids aren't going running at them with pens and scissors, let them play.  After all, isn't that the true purpose of toys?
Gabriella is so sweet too, although a lot bigger and heavier than I remember!   She seems so thoughtful for a child of her age.  For instance, she was picking up Lego bricks off of the floor, and while I'm flapping around worried she's going to swallow them, she's there carefully putting them all inside a dumper truck so that Mum can pick them up and use them for the car park she's building with Allan.  She was even trying to sort the colours of the bricks and put them back together at one point! I really hope there's nothing serious wrong with her - I don't think I mentioned before (it was during a period when I wasn't writing much on this blog), but she started having fits last week and got rushed into hospital for a couple of days.  There certainly doesn't appear to be anything wrong with her though!
Allan is the only one who concerns me.  He's taking karate lessons now, and has earned his yellow belt already.  He is very proud of this and keeps demonstrating how good he practising on us!  At one point he got me up against a wall and just kept kicking me.   Abigale got hold of him, pulled him over backwards and stamped on his arm to stop him...then she got sent out of the room for being bad because nobody had noticed what HE had been doing to ME.  Then he got me up against the front door and kept repeatedly head-butting me in the chest.  He actually managed to manouvre me across the hall, and almost pushed me through a glass mirror on the wall!  Then he got hold of Mum from behind and actually managed to lift her off the ground!  Admittedly only for a couple of seconds, but when a 7-year-old boy starts carrying his grandmother around the house, you know who's boss.
We are supposed to go and visit them again tomorrow, and I'm really scared that he's going to hurt someone.  I know he doesn't mean any harm and I don't like to get him into trouble, but he's taking this karate thing a bit too far. >.<
Today we went to the fascinating Borders and TKMaxx.  I saw this really cute "Colour-your-own-MLP-umbrella" kit, and a Criminal Damage hoodie featuring fakie MLPs.  I didn't buy either though, trying to be good and not spend any more money on ponies.
Then when we got back I discovered I had a new private message on the Trading Post from someone who has been really kind to me in the past and is trying to sell off part of her G3 MLP collection.  Needless to say, I have been talked into buying 5 ponies for $40 (including shipping). Well, there goes ALL the pony cash I set aside from the sales I made recently and more besides.  Anyone want to buy something from me?  Pretty please?  I need to find some more stuff to sell, don't I?  Oh dear...  And I can't even get to most of my old stuff past my parents' junk.
Hmm, what else has happened?  I gave my plushie Pinkie Pie her annual bath.  Now she's just sitting next to me drying off.

She's almost dry now actually, so hopefully she will be sharing my floor-bed with me again tonight.  Yes, you see this little cutie is not just any old Pinkie Pie plushie.  Emma gave her to me for Christmas 2005, I took her out of her box on the way home, and she has literally hardly left my side since that day.  She always sleeps by me, and even came on our trips to Lincolnshire and Devon last year...  Actually, she came to Paris too.  Yep, she's even been to the top of the Eiffel Tower!  I would have taken her on our trips to Gibraltar and Iceland too, but I was scared they'd take her from me at the airport.  I love her to bits...which may explain why she looks so tatty now!
David went to see a new architect about finishing Woodberry/getting compensation from Sickton yesterday...but it seems he didn't get too far.  Actually, I don't even think he tried.  I have no idea when we'll be moving now.  I've kind of just had to settle down about the whole thing, and go back into the waiting patiently phase.
Mum is still suffering from insomnia. She got up in the middle of the night again last night, was wandering about in the hall and suddenly felt she had a wet foot.  She tells me she was terrified she'd badly injured herself somehow and that it was blood she could feel soaking through her she limped all the way through the hall and kitchen to the utility room (nearest room with a light) to find her sock had turned WHITE!  It turned out she had kicked over and stepped in a pot of paint that David hadn't sealed properly after painting it up on a board.  She didn't tell him what she had done though, and let him believe he kicked it over today (he's got it all over his shoes and trousers too).  So he spent most of the morning on his hands and knees scrubbing at the carpet with white spirit.
The funniest thing is that when she woke up, her sock was fine and she'd forgotten about the incident of the night before.  She went to change her find it was stuck to her foot. Somehow the paint had soaked THROUGH her sock and gone all over her foot without leaving so much as a mark on her actual sock.
Oh, and finally, I uploaded photos of almost ALL my MLPs to a gallery on here since my last blog (no easy task on dial-up, let me tell you!), so if anyone wants to look (and comment! ), feel free.  They're not all in sequence because I can't seem to arrange them on dial-up, so that's a job I need to do at an internet cafe or wait until I move house.  I still have a few more ponies to upload that I got for Christmas or since then, but the majority of them are on here now.  It's nice to have a photo archive to look through now that they're all packed in boxes until we can get out of this dump.
There's really not a lot else to say, and I need to get some sleep if I'm to stand a chance against the karate king tomorrow!
*Huge hugs to everyone*
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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