Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Can't post a blog?

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I desperately want to write a blog, but Myspace is playing up again (at least on my computer). Not only have I lost the use of advanced editing, but now it will only allow me to write entirely in white text, so I can't even see what I'm typing. (I will attempt to edit with HTML tags in a moment if this actually submits as white text...)
Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know the reason that I suddenly stopped blogging again and that I am alive and well, despite the government's best attempts at letting as many swine flu victims as possible to wander amongst the general public!
*Hugs to everyone* I'll be back as soon as I figure out a way to resolve this problem. xxx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

And they turned the house into an apple crumble...

Current mood:  frustrated

Well, more like a beetle crumble, to be honest.  As in, beetles crumbling everything to dust rather than us crumbling the beetles to...yeah, you get the gist.  More of that in a moment.
I'm feeling thoroughly exasperated now.  I'm not sure how much of the story I've already told on my blog, so I'm going to run through everything as fast as I possibly can right from the start.
You know we employed a new architect, right?  His name's Peter Bell.  Firstly, we wanted him to contact Sickton about paying for all the damage he has caused.  Then hopefully to finish off the work?  Peter sent us a draft for a letter at the start of the month, we made a couple of amendments...then he sent the letter having not made any corrections.  He went on to go on holiday to Italy for a fortnight (saying he could e-mail us from there - he never did)!  Finally, he returned and wrote to us saying he received three responses from Sickton while he was away (one snail mail letter and two e-mails).  He sent us copies of all three.
There's good news and bad news.  More bad than good, as usual.
Good: Sickton has agreed to pay to mend the broken fireplace.
Bad: Sickton has lost the fireplace grate, says almost all the damage was caused to the fireplace removing it from the wall (So... he's just being kind by paying to fix it? ), seems to have got the idea from Bell that we want him back to finish the job, and he's trying to charge us on causing delays by not providing colours.  Apparently, his builders have "wasted days on site".  Um, but the work is not complete EVEN NOW and they're never available to be on site!
So yet more big arguments all around here.
Then you know how David has overpaid the builders (despite Mum and I warning him we were sure he'd already paid the full amount)?  So now we HAVE to get them to finish the job in order to get some of the money back?
Well, I found some old photos and we discovered that there WERE originally picture rails in some rooms where Sickton claimed they hadn't been any.  Including my (painted) bedroom.  So now those need to be put back in place.
Mr Williams (the builder) finally got back to us today with a price for fixing them (even though Sickton shouldn't have removed them in the first place, so I don't really think it's our job to pay to replace them!), and also a very casual timescale. 
"Oh, around three weeks..."
WTH?  This job should take about two hours, and they can't fit us in for three weeks?  (And we all know what "around three weeks" means to that lot.  See you here in three months?!)
David says he can't press them though.  He feels he's being too pushy already.  Again, WTH?  I'm trying desperately to keep calm although I'm crying inside.  I don't want to waste my penultimate teenage summer here in Grottsville where I can't even get to the shops, shave my legs or wear anything other than these ugly navy blue leggings.   Not to mention I'm going to miss the start of yet another school year at this rate!
I swear David is trying to delay things too. Mum feels really ill (she went back to the doctor yesterday for her blood test results, but all they came up with was a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  I don't believe that can be the only cause for all her problems, so we're still left waiting for her chest x-ray results and ECG) but still keeps pushing and pushing him to take her to Woodberry to look at colours.  But he refuses and then makes her cry by telling her that SHE'S delaying things!
Today we finally got him to take us over there.  The electricians were supposed to be finishing their side of the work today, so we had to take a light switch cover plate over there.  Guess what?  "They couldn't make it".  But don't worry - they'll be there tomorrow.
Ah, that's a cue for a song, I think.  May I present my version of Annie's "Tomorrow"...
The sun won't come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they'll be rain,
Just thinking about tomorrow,
Brings in all the cobwebs and the sorrow once again.
'Cause when every day is grey and lonely,
You just drop your head down, and frown, and say...
The rain will pour down tomorrow,
So how can I hang on 'til tomorrow?
There's no way.
Tomorrow, tomorrow... We hate you, tomorrow!
You're never a day away...
All right, enough of that.  It was supposed to offer a bit of light relief from my boring blog, but I guess it didn't work!
Anyhow, back to the story.  David wouldn't take the bags of paint samples and wallpaper inside again.  In fact, he got angry when Mum even suggested it!  I was there for long enough to have a good look around for the shower attachment for the bath, and just as we feared, it has gone missing.
My father than announced he wanted to walk to Sainsburys "to get a bit of fresh air"...  (I think that's one of his weirdest excuses yet, considering he never walks anywhere!), and told Mum that she "should walk up to the charity shops around the corner with me".  Nice of him.  Since I'm unable to go to a shopping centre alone, I was actually desperate enough that I was intending on going in the expensive pharmacy around the corner to see if they had a shaver or cleansing wipes of any kind.  But of course that idea went straight out the window.
It was nice to have a little walk with Mum though, I must admit.  And I think she brings pony luck of some kind.  Well, if you can call it luck.  She attracts ponies anyway.  One of the charity shops was shut, but we saw a little something MLP in both of the shops we did visit.
Firstly, a see-through MLP bag with some accessories inside.  It was that G3 bag that came with the 4-pack "Tea Party" set. I missed that set in the shops, so I was really excited to find it...until I noticed the price tag: £3.00!  WHAT?!  It didn't even have any ponies.  Just the teapot, a couple of cups and brushes, and possibly a mirror from another set and a few fakie pieces.  Needless to say, I left it there.
And in the other shop, after digging around in the toy bin for what seemed like hours because I was convinced there was something in there, I found a very sad-looking Baby Goody Gumdrop.  She had matted hair and her whole face had been coloured with felt tip pens.  One side pink, one side yellow.  It didn't look removeable so I left the poor little thing behind.  She was still looking at us forlornly over the side of the basket when we walked back past the shop.  I don't think she'll be going anywhere fast, and I don't even know how much they were charging.  Anybody want to adopt a lonely abandoned Baby Pony? I feel bad leaving her there all alone!
We walked back to the car to wait for David to return from Sainsburys (he gave us the car key rather than the key to Woodberry), and when he got back he handed Mum a bottle of Lucozade and "went to check he'd locked the door to Woodberry properly""Aren't we going back in there?!" Mum and I asked together.  But he just drove us to West Ealing where he parked and got us a couple of tins of lentil and vegetable casserole in Holland and Barrett, moaning on his way out of the car that "nobody else was getting out of the car - we don't do anythink".  Um, he never asked us to get out of the car, and had only just parked...  He also kept moaning at Mum (again) that she was delaying things by getting tired - by going for a walk as he'd told her to do - and not looking at colours.  Uh, but we wanted to go back in the house to look at colours.  HE drove us away!
And now he's happily saying that it's a "good thing it's going to be three weeks before the picture rails get fixed - that gives us time to try and look at colours".  And when Mum said she's been trying to look at colours all along and it most certainly isn't a good thing that we're stuck in this house for another three weeks he said she was "being difficult and trying to drag things out even further"!  What?  I've totally lost the plot with this argument now...
Mum and I are definitely not trying to drag things out.  Existing in this dump is going to be the death of us.  And our belongings.  Ah, now I can get back to the story that inspired the title of this blog.
I'm not sure why, but there's suddenly been a ridiculous increase in the number of all kinds of insects in this house.  And they're eating EVERYTHING.  I noticed the other night that we have a colony of woodlice in the kitchen.  They seem to come out after dark and are actually eating the window frames out there.  They're also eating the roots of Mum's house plants and now the glue holding the tiles behind the sink on the wall as well.
There are carpet beetles, two different types of house moths, silverfish, centipedes, flour weevils and HUGE black beetles (and equally huge white maggots which I presume are the offspring of the same species) which I have yet to identify to name but a few of the species currently residing at (and feasting on) the house.
For instance, I just decided to dig around in the corner of the lounge today and get my Fairy Tail Bird collection out.  I saw some for sale online and thought maybe I could bear to part with a few of my duplicates.  Then I remembered the Fuzzy Tummy birds and thought of the carpet beetles and...  I'm sad to say my worst fears were proved to be correct, and I found a carpet beetle inside the sealed plastic box on one of my rare European Fuzzy Tummy birds!  Luckily, I seem to have been in time to save her...
Sadly Mum's stuffed Paddington Bear was not so lucky.  She takes him out of his carrier bags every 2-3 weeks to check him for insects and decided to do so while I was trying to clear up in the corner where she keeps him.  And there, right in the middle of his coat, is a hole.  I found the body of a carpet beetle in the bottom of the bag.  They've also had all my old hairties from when I was little.  Not that I really wanted to keep those, but I couldn't believe they managed to get into a sealed tin!
I even found holes have been bored into the cardboard case of one of my most precious videos, despite the fact I probably play that tape once or twice every week!  It's just totally crazy.
Sleeping on the floor is killing both of us.  It's freezing down here in the middle of the night, but I won't go to the boiler (by the downstairs lavatory) to turn the heating on after dark since I heard those rat-type noises in the back room...  And I must have been lying awkwardly the other night and really hurt my hip.  Now it's aching all the time, and I'm unable to rest it properly, of course.
Well, time to change the subject, I think.
I was trying to clear up in Emma's old room the other day and stumbled upon all my MOC G2 ponies.  Now some of my pony collecting friends may remember my thread on both the Arena and Trading Post asking for opinions on what to do with my MOC Lady Waterfall who appeared to have gone rather sticky inside her packaging, even though I'd kept her in a cool, dry and dark enviroment.  It seems a lot of G2s are going the same way though, and mine are no exception.  So I actually did it.  I removed Lady Waterfall from her card!  I felt awful for doing it, but she was only going to get worse in her plastic prison.  Poor girl.  She was so shiny and sticky that every speck of dust started sticking to her as soon as she came out of the box.  I've washed her now, and she seems a lot better.  Still slightly sticky though.  Any suggestions?
And now I'm really not sure what to do with the rest of my G2s.  A whole load of the European ones seem to be going the same way, and unlike Lady Waterfall they were ponies I already had loose who I wanted to keep as MOC examples.  But they're just going to get worse and worse if I leave them in there.  I swore I'd never sell them, and yet now I'm feeling that would be the best thing.  At least then somebody who didn't even have them loose could enjoy them and make the difficult decision of whether to remove them from the cards or not themselves...
Oh, and finally, I have a wisdom tooth.  Well, half of one.  Totally random, I know.  My gum just felt a bit uncomfortable like I'd scratched myself on a piece of sharp food or something and then I realised there was a little bit of tooth there.  So far I've been lucky and it hasn't really hurt too much (a few twinges in my cheek shooting up into my head but nothing unbearable), so I'm a little sad.  It seems like a perfectly normal, useful tooth, coming through exactly as it should.  And yet to get braces fitted and have my front teeth straightened, it has to be ripped out along with seven others.  Ugh.  I kind of wish I could have got the orthodontic treatment underway and this tooth removed before I knew if it was going to cause me any trouble or not.
I just spent an hour and a half typing about absolutely nothing!  Sorry for boring you all, I'll leave you in peace now!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

I write too many blogs.

Current mood:  silly

If I didn't write so many, maybe I could come up with a creative title!  Mind you, I have cut down on my blogging obsession.  Every day is pretty much the same here in Grottsville and I don't want to bore you all to death.
Hmm, so what's happened since my last blog on Tuesday?
Mainly more boring Woodberry-dragging-on-forever stuff, with electricians who should have finished work seven months ago agreeing to go and look at what they still need to do next week, and David acting as though that's perfectly acceptable.  But I won't linger on that stuff.  Let's try and keep this blog upbeat for once!
Mum has been too scared to leave the house most of the time, and gets annoyed if David and I go out without her, so I've not been able to get out much during the last week, but I convinced her to walk around West Ealing on Friday.  Mainly we walked around the charity shops (Mum found a fakie for 50p, but we left it there...and that was the only remotely pony-ish thing to be found!), but we also went in Poundland after Mum saw these amazing MLP fakies through the window!

They came in three different colours so I bought two of each, one for myself and one to sell in case any other pony collectors wanted them.  They're about twice the size of real Breezies, but what I really love is the packaging.  These "Set Funny Ponies" appear to be friends with Rarity, Starcatcher and Silver Glow as all of those Hasbro characters feature on the boxes.
And we also went in New Look where I had a look through the jewellery to find a necklace to go with my butterfly t-shirt.  The one I fell in love with on the website looked tacky in real life.   Again, Mum was the one to find something.  A really pretty pink butterfly necklace.  It looks almost like a bow actually, but it only cost £4.00 and the colour goes beautifully with the t-shirt.  It doesn't appear to be on the website, so I'll have to take a photo of myself wearing the necklace and the t-shirt so that I can show you what I'm talking about.  Just as well since I'm really starting to hate my profile picture again! >.<
I had a bath in the evening; well, really just a quick dip.  But for once I attempted to wash my hair.  It's probably been three years since I actually washed my hair rather than just using dry hair shampoo (yes, that's how crazy this house is!), so I felt a lot better for it.  Here's something to make you laugh though: a drop of water must have dripped down my nose, and on to my lip.  It tasted salty.  So there I was panicking that I must have injured myself somehow and could taste blood.  Of course, it was shampoo.  I'm just not cut out for real life, am I?!
I really do need to get to the shops alone though.  I shaved my legs and now my last razor cartridge is getting so blunt now that I fear I'm going to be stuck unable to wear capsleeves again.  But Mum gets so upset when I talk about going anywhere without her.  Oh, dear...
Yesterday we went to Hounslow.  And I finally got myself a t-shirt in TKMaxx with the voucher Emma got me for Christmas.  It's black with a crazily coloured zebra on the front.  I was kind of stupid to buy it though, considering I only have these navy blue leggings, and there's no way I can wear black and navy blue together.  I do love it though...
Then David stopped to look in a shop window and I dashed back to him, but my stupid long straggly hair (which has gone all fluffy like it always does for about three days after I wash it) knocked my sunglasses on the ground, smashing one of the lenses.  Great.  So now Summer is coming up and I have no sunglasses.  And there's no way I can afford a replacement pair either.  Ugh, I KNEW I shouldn't have bought that necklace in New Look.
I was still upset about the sunglasses when we got back to the car park.  Then Mum saw a pound coin on the ground and picked it up.  She gave it to me, saying that now she'd "paid for a quarter of the necklace".
Today, I didn't even leave the house.  David spent all day in the bathroom, and out at Tesco and the internet cafe on his own.  So I spent most of the day messing about on Microsoft Paint trying to figure out how to make a basic pixel adoptable...but I kind of messed up.  Oh, well.  Probably doesn't help that this computer won't allow me to save any picture unless it's in PNG format, so I started off cleaning a rather complicated drawing of my own to make the lineart...
I also spent about three hours listening to a podcast on Tabitha St.Germain's website.  The radio show is only half an hour long, but no, I didn't listen to it six times.  I had to listen to it in twenty second bursts every two minutes or so.  Stupid dial-up!  It's a great show though - if anyone wants to hear it, you can find the link at the bottom of her home page.  Trevor Devall was great as the narrator.  He is seriously one of the best voice actors out there in my opinion.  To think I'd never even heard his work before about six months ago is a crime.  Which brings me back to those Voiceprint podcasts: Whenever are we going to get out of here so that I can hear them?  (In twenty second bursts or otherwise! )
Well, I think I shall leave this blog there, and attempt to write even more often with even less creative titles.  My blogs don't seem as humorous when I'm writing about things that happened several days ago.
Hope you're all well!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

There's *something* in the back room...

Current mood:  restless

Ugh, another of my ranting blogs coming up, I think.  Stop reading now if you're one of those people who can't stand any more of my moaning.
Well, let's start with some semi-cheerful blogging; Easter was a bit better than I expected.  I actually did get some Easter eggs from David (Mum bought me that MLP bag on e-Bay, as I mentioned in my last blog).  To be precise two small Cadbury's eggs; Mini Eggs and Buttons, a Lindtt gold bunny, a six-pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs and a bar of my favourite Tesco white chocolate.  I feel bad though, considering we have no money coming in and I had nothing to give to either of them in return.
We went to Woodberry on Sunday afternoon but David started yet another argument so nothing got done again.
On Monday morning, David and I went to the big boot sale in Epsom.  Mum was too scared to come because of her "heart problems".  If only the stupid NHS didn't make everyone wait so long...
It wasn't so big as usual, probably because it had been raining on and off all weekend, and the field was muddy and miserable.  There wasn't much there at all pony-wise.  The regular dealer was there with a few G1s and G2s priced at £2.50-£3.00 each.  I can't remember all the G2s, but I know she had Secret Tale and Sky Skimmer...  As for G1s, she had Moonstone, Kiss Curl and Bright Night.  I've never seen Bright Night at a car boot before, but I bought her from a German collector at Ponycon 2005 for £4.00.  In much better condition.  Sorry, but I just don't think £3.00 is a "boot sale price" for a pony with frizzy hair and rubbed symbols!  David and I were looking through them, and he commented on never having seen Bright Night before.  He actually thought she was a fakie.  I told him she wasn't but pointed out another pony with a massive haircut, and rubbed symbols.  A fakie pony I recently saw at 99p stores in a set with a little doll and lots of hair accessories.  "That, on the other hand, IS a fakie."  I said.  The dealer overheard me and raced over to us.  "Yes, I know they're not all originals.  Hence the prices.  I could get a lot more on e-Bay!"  I looked at the price tag on the poor mangled fakie ~ £2.00!  I put it back in the box, laughed, shook my head sadly at the dealer and walked off.  I'd like to see her try to get those prices on e-Bay!  Believe me, those ponies will be right back at that car boot next time it's held.
I was determined to find a couple of ponies for Abigale and Kizzy, and I obviously wasn't paying those kinds of prices for ponies that weren't even in nice condition!  So I continued my search...
I eventually found a VERY scruffy Triple Treat on a table for 50p with Cadbury's Creme Eggs and discount make-up of all things...  The old woman behind the table attempted to sell David some "moisturiser for his face" while I was fumbling around for 50p (I kid you not).  I think everyone's gone a bit mad lately!
I found another box of ponies, mostly fakies, on a different table.  These were priced at 50p each.  But I didn't want to get one of the kids a fake pony when I'd already got a G3.  And the only MLP on the table was Blossom Forth, one of the only TWO MLPs Abigale already owns!  Admittedly, this one had all her accessories and instructions, and *only* cost £2.00(!), but I didn't think a duplicate would be very much appreciated either...
Finally, on the VERY LAST TABLE, I found a box of toys including some ponies.  A young girl had just bought one (fortunately, I didn't see who it was - most likely some rare Colombian pony, knowing my luck!), but there were still some left over.  Again, mostly fakies, but also a NSS Shady.  Her forelock had been cut off, and she had puncture mark in her back leg like a dog had got ahold of her at one point, but I picked her up in desperation.  She cost me 60p.
As well as them, I also found some G1 MLP earmuffs for £2.00 each pair.  The woman had five pairs (they were brand new - I don't know where she got them), and we got three for a fiver.  One of the pink ones will be an upgrade for mine which I bought about nine years ago in a charity shop in very worn condition.  But one pink and one purple will be up for sale if anyone wants to make me an offer.
And I also bought three fakies for £1.00 because I thought they were cute.  I know, I said I wouldn't buy any more fakies!  But I've never seen these before, and they are so adorable.
Anyways, these were my buys of the day...

(Sorry for the terrible quality of the picture - I just snapped it in the car on my way back as we had to dash off to Emma's house as soon as we got back, and I'd given the ponies a quick clean).
On the way back to the car, I also picked up two toy cars and a helicopter for Allan (I gave one to him yesterday when I gave the girls the ponies, and I'm saving the others for another time).  Also, some velvet art pictures and stickers for the kids, and a few mouse ornaments for one of Mum's collections for a combined belated Mother's Day/Easter gift.  I'll have to get a photo of them because I'm not sure what they're called, but they're basically cheeky-looking mice inside various objects (ranging from cars and tractors, to cheese and apples, to hats and pianos).  They were made in the 40s and 50s and most of them seem to be cocktail stick holders or something.  I found a salt and pepper one yesterday, which I thought Mum would like because it combines two of her collections.  But she's just annoyed that she doesn't know which collection to display it with!
I enjoyed spending the late afternoon and evening at Emma's house.  The kids calm me down and let me forget my stress for a while.  I spent most of the time upstairs with Abigale acting out The Little Mermaid and playing Mummies and Daddies (she was the mummy and I was the baby.  Oh, and Kizzy was "Little Nan" [Nick's grandmother] - don't ask!).  I think they liked their ponies.  Kizzy kept kissing Triple Treat, and Abigale liked having a G1 pony "like mine".  Allan definitely liked his toy land rover.  It was nice to have something to give them for once.  I felt bad not having anything for Gabriella though.  But it's very hard to get something small for such a little girl.  She kept crawling up to me,  pulling herself up on my leg into a standing position and outstretching one arm so that I'd pick her up!
They're all so cute - I wish I'd had the camera, but the batteries were dead.
Emma cooked yet another delicious big roast dinner for us.  The only embarrassing thing was that there were cranberries in the veggie bake thing she'd got for us, which made me feel a bit ill after eating everything else (I don't mind cranberries, they're just a bit strong when your stomach's already full!).  I left a couple on my plate, and Emma was just commenting on how we'd cleaned our plates when they rolled out from under my knife and fork...
We had a lovely strawberry "Eton Mess" for dessert.  Oh, and Rice Krispie cakes made by the kids.  Emma sent the remainder of the Eton Mess back with us, and we ate it today despite the fact it was slopping about in water.  It was still delicious, but Mum has felt sick ever since eating it.
David was his normal horrible self, asked for a different dessert to everyone else ("I don't really like strawberries, DO I?"), wanted a big can of Pepsi, shouted at Allan about four times and kept gawping at the TV with his mouth still full of food.  He's so rude and arrogant and kept putting Mum and I down every time we spoke too.
Emma gave us each an Easter egg too - Roses for Mum, Mars for David and Mini Eggs for me.  (Bigger than the Mini Eggs one I got from David.  I can't believe I'm noting all of this - can you tell I'm a choc-a-holic yet? )
All right, it's late, so I'm going to dash through today - I'm trying to keep this upbeat anyway, and today's where it gets miserable again. First off, my MLP bag arrived.  This is the pic from e-Bay; I'll try and get some of my own tomorrow...

Image deleted before I had the sense to upload it elsewhere.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
The picture is a bit scratched, but overall it's in nice clean condition.  It's the first time I've ever seen this one, and I LOVE IT!  I just have to collect everything that has that rainbow with the yellow stripe at the top (the rainbow they used in the Pony Tales logo), because it reminds me of the ponies in the shops when I was really small.  This particular bag dates from 1993, for instance, the year I got my very first ponies from The Entertainer.
I didn't leave the house.  David stayed in the bathroom all day, and wanted to take us out at dinnertime again, so Mum put her foot down.  I'm sick of being in this area where I can't walk out my own front door when I want to.  It's like being in prison, except I don't even get taken for exercise.
David went to Tesco on his own, so I spent the time trying to make some more recordings.  I only have the smashed camera and a tape recorder which keeps mangling all my cassettes to make audio recordings, and nowhere to go to do my singing and voice acting.  I literally have to stand up and lean over a load of files to record anything, as you already know.  I tried to make a better recording of the MLP song, "Try a New Colour on for Size" for my Myspace profile, and I thought I'd done relatively well for my standards, considering my recording situation.  But Mum listened to it, and says my singing is far worse than six months ago.  My voices have improved though.  "Well, isn't that what you want?  You want to substitute singing for voices, right?"  WTH?  Where did she get that idea?  I want to do both!  Anyways, I got upset because she's the only person I can ask for opinions in real life, and if even she says it's bad, it must be.  Perhaps I'm damaging my voice further by singing when I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  But I'm never going to afford acting OR singing classes now, am I?
There have been further arguments all evening with her saying I'm selfish to consider emigrating when she's moving to a house where she doesn't want to live in just for my benefit.  I'm almost 18 years old, for goodness sake!  It's too late really for me to do anything now, thanks to Sickton and his minions.  I don't know what's going to happen to me.  I'm certainly never going to have the happy, carefree teenage years full of friends, fashion and fun that I had hoped for all through my lonely childhood.  Oh, well.
We got yet more bills we can't pay in the post, mainly for the storage depot where all the furniture (which should now be at Woodberry) is being held.  Oh, and David's Mills & Boon collection, of course.  And he finally told us what he's paying to store those books.  TWENTY QUID A WEEK!  Mum and I almost fainted.  How can he justify paying that much to keep his collection of filthy books when we have no clothes, are about to lose both houses because we can't pay the mortgages and necessary bills (we're only managing to pay from the loans that he told lies in order to get - so we can't even pay those off), and most days we can't even afford anything more to eat than soup?!  And then I'm told that I'm naive and immature????  Sorry, but at least I don't spend all our money on ponies, much as I'd love to buy from some of the people selling their collections on the Arena!  Talking of selling ponies, anybody want to buy something from my sales album?  I fear I'll be buying our food next week...  We can't eat purple paperbacks filled with romantic stories!
And finally, I did some "exercise" indoors (just simple running on the spot - I'm trying to slowly work up my fitness levels even though I'm in this prison), staggered out into the kitchen for a drink, stumbled over to the utility room where there's a bit of light...and heard rustling noises in the back room.  I stopped.  The noise started again.  I tried to convince myself I was imagining it.  I moved.  There was another loud clatter.  I ran, screaming, and the noise continued.
It was far too loud to be a mouse.  It could have been some kind of landlside in  amongst all the clutter, but it sounded like some kind of animal was running about in there.  I'm thinking RATS.  And here we are, sleeping on the floor, listening to the scratching noises we already guessed were rats between our wall and the neighbours...  I bet they're running all over us in our sleep.  Whatever can we do?  David tried to ring the builder once today, and just got the answerphone again.  He wouldn't try a second time because he "didn't want to make a nuisance of himself".  God, what's wrong with that man?  We should have moved SEVEN MONTHS AGO!  And he doesn't want to push anyone even now.  I'd be banging on Mr William's door now that Easter's over if it were me.  But of course I don't drive, won't leave this house alone by foot, and I'm not the one paying anyway.  But then who is paying?
I think David's putting the whole thing off because he knows we can't really afford to get the job done now.  But we wouldn't be in such an awkward financial situation if he had got on and done something before, would we?!  Ugh, I just feel so stressed right now.
Sorry if this has made absolutely no sense at all, and for all the ranting.  I have my CD turned up practically as loud as it goes over the headphones to try and block out the world.  But now it's time to go to bed with the rats, so I must say farewell to you all again.
Many thanks to anyone who actually read this blog,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Those who don't try never look foolish...

Current mood:  silly

That title has absolutely no connection with this blog.  I just can't think of a clever one and typed the first line I heard on my CD.  I'm in a silly mood, as you can tell!
I went mad last night, having been kept in all day again.  Another of my uncontrollable screaming fits, tearing at the curtains.  I'm scaring myself.  I believe I'm truly going mad in here, and I feel so bad with Mum clasping her chest every time I so much as speak (apparently my voice stresses her?) let alone start screaching.
I had an awful night.  There's not enough space to stretch out so I sleep with my knees bent...and after two months it's really starting to hurt to have to sleep like that.  I woke up three times in agony from squashing my left arm between my body and the hard floor.  And then I can't get back to sleep with anxiety attacks and thinking about all our problems.  Then when I finally did get to sleep (having attempted to stretch out the best I could with my feet and lower legs on top of a pile of Mum's magazines), I woke up at 5am to find a whole load of stuff had fallen on top of me and had to pick it all up.   I quickly went back to sleeping with my legs bent under me.
Then when I got up, I put my plushie Pinkie Pie on top of all the junk on one of our armchairs where she lives now, and noticed this huge black bag full of Beanie Babies was creaking loudly, sounding like it was going to fall soon.  So I decided to sort it out after I'd been upstairs and got dressed.
I get upstairs and look in the mirror.  I have HUGE spots coming up all over my face and neck.  Not surprising.  This is how I always was before I got a couple of packs of Nivea Visage cleansing wipes on my last lone shopping trip (back in early NOVEMBER).  That's forty "daily" wipes to last five months.  You do the maths.  I started out making each one last two days which worked pretty well.  But I've been using the penultimate one for THREE WEEKS, and is literally black with mascara and just general dirt (sorry if I'm making you all feel sick here!), so if I try to use it I'm actually smearing more dirt around my face.    I can't go on using this broken mascara for much longer either...
I get downstairs to hear Mum yelling at David, "Don't go near it.  All her MLP prototypes are down there and everything!"  Yes, you guessed it.  The Beanie Babies had collapsed...on top of Paradise Estate, my MLP prototypes and all my DVDs and CDs including my signed copy of Janyse's "Magic Of Christmas".  Luckily, nothing was broken but I was not impressed to have to spend another section of my morning clearing up after a landslide in this dump.  And now I can't get the Beanies back on the armchair so they're in my way as far as any more clearing up goes.
Then Mum went down to the doctor for a blood test, so I spent that time making a few recordings.
When she got back she tells me she asked for an appointment while she was down there...and she can't get one until the end of June!  WTH?  I'm sorry, but that's just not acceptable.  And if she wants an emergency appointment she has to ring up a receptionist who will get a doctor to ring her "within 24 hours" and judge if she really needs to be seen...  Then they'll "try to fit her in the same day".  That's just not right, is it?!
We went to Boston Manor Park (a park near to Woodberry) to feed the ducks in the afternoon to try and take Mum's mind off of her breathlessness for a while and see if it helped.  But she was actually struggling to get around the duck pond.  We saw another rat running around over there (nice, I guess they're taking over everywhere).  There was a mandarin duck there too - I suppose it must have escaped from somewhere - which I kept pointing out to Mum, but she now says she didn't see.
Then to Woodberry, where someone has obviously been in there to look at the smelly loo, absolutely drenched the bathroom floor and poured a load of bleach in the toilet.  I hope they haven't just attempted to cover the smell in the hopes that we won't notice they haven't done anything to resolve the actual problem.  And there's still no running water in the kitchen either.  Meanwhile, we drove past two other houses they're working on in the area at the moment, and saw a team of men busily running about.  So why do they take so long to do anything for us?!
Mum managed to get upstairs today, and actually likes the colours in the loft now, but she still wants to change the colour in the hobby room.  Just as well really after she scratched the walls up in her last fit of rage.
I just want to move to Woodberry.  I enjoyed sitting in the cupboard and trying to make some recordings again.  Even with there still being no carpets and huge gaps under the doors creating ridiculous echoes, I can tell I could make nice recordings over there.
I mentioned how desperately I want to move so that I can start amateur voice acting this evening.  David's answer?  "I told you we should have got broadband!"  Well, who would have thought we'd still be here after all this time?  And the cheapest broadband package was to get it for at least a year.  But more to the point, where do you propose I would go to record, father dearest?  "I don't have a bedroom." I reminded him, quietly.  "She can't get a good microphone with no desk to set it up on." Mum chimed. "Why can't you do it downstairs?" David replied.  "Nobody would even listen to you."  Oh yeah, when I'm laughing/screaming loudly in a weird accent into a microphone with a tight hanging over the top of it, nobody will even look at me, let alone be able to stifle their giggles?  Not to mention the background noise another person would cause.   David's next clever suggestion.  "Do it when we go out then."  And how often do they go out and leave me here alone?  "Even if I had the time to audition for something, how would I get my lines in by the deadline?"  David looked at me puzzled, "Lines?  What lines?"  Um...  What lines indeed?  What does he suppose a radioplay/fandub is made from?  It might be rather boring if we left out the lines, might it not?
That's all the news from the last couple of days really.  Oh, one thing I forgot to mention in my last blog!  Mum got me an Easter gift on e-Bay - a MLP bag featuring the Rollerskating Ponies.  I can't get into e-Bay to link you to the auction, but I'll take some pics when it arrives.  Someone (StrawberryFair?) started a thread about it on the Arena which was how I first heard about it.  I'd never seen it before, but couldn't afford to buy anything for my pony collection, so Mum said she'd get it for me, which I thought was really kind of her.
Mum's gone to bed now, so I think I'd better follow.  It's not fair to keep the light on and keep blogging when someone else is trying to get to sleep in the same room...even if I am enjoying listening to my Wicked CD for the first time in about a month.  There are very few things that can cheer me up when I'm feeling this down, but the music from Wicked is one of those things.  I do so wish I'd discovered it when Idina Menzel was still performing on the West End...
And finally, just in case anybody is interested and I don't have time to write a blog tomorrow, Shane's episode of Stargate SG-1 ("A Hundred Days") is on Sky2 at 6.55pm on saturday.   I've waited over four years for it to air on a channel we actually get on our TV, so I'm looking forward to seeing it at last.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oh, no! Not something else to worry about...

Current mood:  worried

Mum hasn't been feeling well for weeks.  She keeps getting really breathless and has "funny turns" with palpitations and dizziness.  But then she's always stressed about everything that's going on in our lives right now, and usually complaining about how ill she feels.  And I know I have a constant headache which is almost certainly stress-related.  So I'm afraid I haven't really paid much attention to her latest ailments, except to tell her she should see a doctor to put her mind at rest.
She wouldn't go because she couldn't get a bath (I have to step over stacks of stuff when I have my weekly soak, which she can't do).  Anyhow, I cleared a path to the tub last week, so she was finally able to run a bath for herself on Sunday, while David and I went to Chiswick car boot sale alone.  (Mum said she didn't feel up to walking around a boot sale anyway).
I was annoyed, as they've changed the admission prices.  It used to be £1.00 from seven and 50p after nine, so we always aim for 9am.  But now it's 50p from 7.30 (when it opens).  There wasn't a lot there really, but maybe that was because we were so late.  A lot of tables were still setting up though, so it can't have been the only reason.
There was literally only one pony there - Rainbow Dash (2nd pose).  I already have that version of RD so I left her there.  I don't know how much she cost but the pushy stallholder seemed to have put ridiculously high prices on almost everything else on the table...
I also left a G3 MLP video and Frilly Frocks Boutique (no accessories or pony), because I figured nobody would really want those things.
I did get these two items from two seperate stalls for £1.00 each though.

Nitelite was not included, but I had an extra I found in our library and thought I'd include him in the sale.  Still a good price though, I think?
I already have the tray and Shelldon in my own collections (although my loose Shelldon is in worse condition - I do have a MIB one too though!), so I'm hoping to sell these.  I'm hoping for £10.00 for Shelldon and £8.00 for the tray.  I will take offers though.  Let me know if you're interested in either or both items.
Right, so we went to Tesco on the way back, and rang Mum to ask what we needed.  She sounded really frightened, and had apparently been unable to breathe and felt dizzy in the bath.  David's answer was, "Oh, I feel breathless too after walking around that boot sale!"  I told him we should go back, but he insisted on going to Tesco first.
Mum was really panicking by the time we got back.  Again, I told her to calm down and I expected it was just stress.
She went to the doctor yesterday morning...and he seems to think she has some kind of heart trouble.  He's sent her for all x-rays, but she can't get a simple ECG for THREE WEEKS!  I think that's bad considering there could be something really wrong with her.
She went for the x-rays at the hospital today, but we don't get the results until she sees the doctor (after the ECG), so until then we have to worry about it all - making it even worse, if it is just stress.
Meanwhile, David continues to do nothing about our stress.  He wouldn't ring the builder today, and told me that I was the one who had a problem for wanting him to do so.  He just wanted to watch the football, of course.
Then he upset me further telling me I'm "stupid for not realising I couldn't move to Woodberry alone for council tax reasons".  Um, I was the one who actually mentioned the problem of paying two lots of council tax in the first place!  But he "never saw a way I could do it" even though he offered to go and get my suitcase.  Why does he lie to me non-stop?
Oh, and did I mention we've found photographic evidence that there were Edwardian picture rails in the rooms Sickton specifically told us didn't have them?  Well, we've now found a clause in the contract that says "Allow for removal of decorative finishings".  We presumed decorative finishings were just wallpaper and paint, but maybe that included the picture rails and coving too?  If only David would have read the contract properly rather than staring at the football at this time last year.
Well, he said I could have a replacement put up in my room over there.  After all, we'd "only need to re-decorate above the picture rail" (which kind of contradicts him saying that I was having my whole room re-painted before we moved in due to the mess that lot have made of it).  But now he says that he never said that, and I couldn't have one with my pony shelves anyway.
Oh, well.  I found ten G2 stampers at the other end of the lounge (I think I mentioned them in my last blog?) and have been able to re-home them all now...and got £55 in the process!  So that was a nice surprise.  I wish I could just find some more hiding in a bag somewhere, because there were a lot of people interested and I didn't have enough to go around.
I put some of my sales stuff up in a gallery on Facebook, and now Emma has contacted me wanting to get some stuff for Abigale.  But I can't charge family, can I?!  But I really don't want to deny my niece the stuff, so I'm not sure what to do.  I just really need the money right now and I feel like some greedy nasty aunt for not wanting to hand everything over.  Also, I fear she's going to be disappointed when she finds out G1 Pony Wear doesn't really fit G3s. 
I'm really happy to think Abigale is getting into MLPs though.  Maybe if I find some cheap ponies at Epsom (yep, I'm hoping to go to another car boot on Monday), I'll buy one for her.  I know she loves Sweetie-Belle and Pinkie Pie.  Surely, it wouldn't be too hard to find a cheap Pinkie Pie of some kind?!
Anyways, I think that's all for now.  I'm feeling tired and worrying about Mum.  She's gone to bed on the floor again, and it's just not right that she has to sleep like that when she might be seriously ill.
Goodnight, everyone!  xxx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Woodberry stinks!

Current mood:  excited

No, don't worry, I haven't become a my mum's clone.  I still desperately want to live there.  But it stinks over there.  Basically, the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom seems to be yet another thing those rotten builders messed up.  So not only did they soil our brand new lavatory...we now have to live with the stench of it.  The, um, rubbish isn't being properly flushed away and is re-appearing in the bowl.  Sorry for the disgusting details, but that's the truth of it.
We contacted Mr Williams (the builder) about it a few days ago, but he doesn't appear to have been in there as the smell had only got worse, he hasn't contacted us again, and the mail was still on the hall floor when we went to check the house today.
Then there's the new architect we contacted, Peter Bell.  You know he was going to write to Sickton and try to get the money for all the damage he caused, to avoid us having to go to court?  Well, he drafted out a letter, e-mailed it to us and asked us to make some amendments which we did (he was complimenting Sickton on his work which is apparently "of an excellent standard".  Um, NO.  What excellent work did Sickton ever do, for goodness sake?  The whole place is falling apart already!!!
Anyways, yesterday evening he e-mails us a copy of the message he has SENT Sickton (via E-MAIL, no less - well, we know what Sickton will be claiming went in his junk folder!), having not made any of our amendments, and added a notice on the end saying he's going away for two weeks (aka there's no hurry to get back to us).
Why is everyone we employ so incompetent?!
And there IS a hurry.  We can't afford to keep running two houses, and my arm is killing me from sleeping on the floor for two months now.  I couldn't even carry my bag today.
Oh, and I desperately need to go on a shopping trip, which is near impossible from this place where I have to get my parents to agree to take me somewhere.  But just the other day my mascara actually BROKE.  Yes, I know what you're saying.  How did clumsy Desirée manage THAT one?  Well, I don't know.  It seems a bit of mascara had got between the lid and the tube, meaning when I went to withdraw the wand part of the tube just snapped off.  Hence, I'm now having to brush it off on the snapped edge of the tube myself each day, and of course I lose quite a lot in doing so.  And I have only one cartridge left for my razor, and I was hoping to be able to wear a skirt or cropped trousers this summer (too much to ask at eighteen?!).  So I really need to get shopping again.
Oh, well.  Sorry about the long ranting blog.  And sorry to hear about all your troubles, Caroline.  This stupid computer won't let me comment on your blogs OR send a new message.   Drop me a line via e-mail or on MSN if you want to vent to someone.  And Connecticut or not, I'll make it to your wedding somehow.  I promise!  *Hugs*
(Well, unless you don't want me anymore...  I wouldn't want to intrude on a wedding where I wasn't welcome. )
On a lighter note, I spent all day listening to Bratz (they're having a marathon weekend on Boomerang, and much as I hate Bratz, I cannot resist a bit of Vancouver-based voice acting, no matter how awful the show is!  And at least it's not like I'm having to pay for the DVDs!).  I also taped another episode of "The Outer Limits" on Virgin 1, this time because Janyse was in it.  I thought she would only have a voice role in it, but she was on screen even if it was only for two or three minutes at the start.
Anyhow, I will sign off now.  I'm going car booting tomorrow.  My first boot sale of the year!  Wish me luck!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx