Tuesday, 21 April 2009

And they turned the house into an apple crumble...

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Well, more like a beetle crumble, to be honest.  As in, beetles crumbling everything to dust rather than us crumbling the beetles to...yeah, you get the gist.  More of that in a moment.
I'm feeling thoroughly exasperated now.  I'm not sure how much of the story I've already told on my blog, so I'm going to run through everything as fast as I possibly can right from the start.
You know we employed a new architect, right?  His name's Peter Bell.  Firstly, we wanted him to contact Sickton about paying for all the damage he has caused.  Then hopefully to finish off the work?  Peter sent us a draft for a letter at the start of the month, we made a couple of amendments...then he sent the letter having not made any corrections.  He went on to go on holiday to Italy for a fortnight (saying he could e-mail us from there - he never did)!  Finally, he returned and wrote to us saying he received three responses from Sickton while he was away (one snail mail letter and two e-mails).  He sent us copies of all three.
There's good news and bad news.  More bad than good, as usual.
Good: Sickton has agreed to pay to mend the broken fireplace.
Bad: Sickton has lost the fireplace grate, says almost all the damage was caused to the fireplace removing it from the wall (So... he's just being kind by paying to fix it? ), seems to have got the idea from Bell that we want him back to finish the job, and he's trying to charge us on causing delays by not providing colours.  Apparently, his builders have "wasted days on site".  Um, but the work is not complete EVEN NOW and they're never available to be on site!
So yet more big arguments all around here.
Then you know how David has overpaid the builders (despite Mum and I warning him we were sure he'd already paid the full amount)?  So now we HAVE to get them to finish the job in order to get some of the money back?
Well, I found some old photos and we discovered that there WERE originally picture rails in some rooms where Sickton claimed they hadn't been any.  Including my (painted) bedroom.  So now those need to be put back in place.
Mr Williams (the builder) finally got back to us today with a price for fixing them (even though Sickton shouldn't have removed them in the first place, so I don't really think it's our job to pay to replace them!), and also a very casual timescale. 
"Oh, around three weeks..."
WTH?  This job should take about two hours, and they can't fit us in for three weeks?  (And we all know what "around three weeks" means to that lot.  See you here in three months?!)
David says he can't press them though.  He feels he's being too pushy already.  Again, WTH?  I'm trying desperately to keep calm although I'm crying inside.  I don't want to waste my penultimate teenage summer here in Grottsville where I can't even get to the shops, shave my legs or wear anything other than these ugly navy blue leggings.   Not to mention I'm going to miss the start of yet another school year at this rate!
I swear David is trying to delay things too. Mum feels really ill (she went back to the doctor yesterday for her blood test results, but all they came up with was a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  I don't believe that can be the only cause for all her problems, so we're still left waiting for her chest x-ray results and ECG) but still keeps pushing and pushing him to take her to Woodberry to look at colours.  But he refuses and then makes her cry by telling her that SHE'S delaying things!
Today we finally got him to take us over there.  The electricians were supposed to be finishing their side of the work today, so we had to take a light switch cover plate over there.  Guess what?  "They couldn't make it".  But don't worry - they'll be there tomorrow.
Ah, that's a cue for a song, I think.  May I present my version of Annie's "Tomorrow"...
The sun won't come out tomorrow,
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow they'll be rain,
Just thinking about tomorrow,
Brings in all the cobwebs and the sorrow once again.
'Cause when every day is grey and lonely,
You just drop your head down, and frown, and say...
The rain will pour down tomorrow,
So how can I hang on 'til tomorrow?
There's no way.
Tomorrow, tomorrow... We hate you, tomorrow!
You're never a day away...
All right, enough of that.  It was supposed to offer a bit of light relief from my boring blog, but I guess it didn't work!
Anyhow, back to the story.  David wouldn't take the bags of paint samples and wallpaper inside again.  In fact, he got angry when Mum even suggested it!  I was there for long enough to have a good look around for the shower attachment for the bath, and just as we feared, it has gone missing.
My father than announced he wanted to walk to Sainsburys "to get a bit of fresh air"...  (I think that's one of his weirdest excuses yet, considering he never walks anywhere!), and told Mum that she "should walk up to the charity shops around the corner with me".  Nice of him.  Since I'm unable to go to a shopping centre alone, I was actually desperate enough that I was intending on going in the expensive pharmacy around the corner to see if they had a shaver or cleansing wipes of any kind.  But of course that idea went straight out the window.
It was nice to have a little walk with Mum though, I must admit.  And I think she brings pony luck of some kind.  Well, if you can call it luck.  She attracts ponies anyway.  One of the charity shops was shut, but we saw a little something MLP in both of the shops we did visit.
Firstly, a see-through MLP bag with some accessories inside.  It was that G3 bag that came with the 4-pack "Tea Party" set. I missed that set in the shops, so I was really excited to find it...until I noticed the price tag: £3.00!  WHAT?!  It didn't even have any ponies.  Just the teapot, a couple of cups and brushes, and possibly a mirror from another set and a few fakie pieces.  Needless to say, I left it there.
And in the other shop, after digging around in the toy bin for what seemed like hours because I was convinced there was something in there, I found a very sad-looking Baby Goody Gumdrop.  She had matted hair and her whole face had been coloured with felt tip pens.  One side pink, one side yellow.  It didn't look removeable so I left the poor little thing behind.  She was still looking at us forlornly over the side of the basket when we walked back past the shop.  I don't think she'll be going anywhere fast, and I don't even know how much they were charging.  Anybody want to adopt a lonely abandoned Baby Pony? I feel bad leaving her there all alone!
We walked back to the car to wait for David to return from Sainsburys (he gave us the car key rather than the key to Woodberry), and when he got back he handed Mum a bottle of Lucozade and "went to check he'd locked the door to Woodberry properly""Aren't we going back in there?!" Mum and I asked together.  But he just drove us to West Ealing where he parked and got us a couple of tins of lentil and vegetable casserole in Holland and Barrett, moaning on his way out of the car that "nobody else was getting out of the car - we don't do anythink".  Um, he never asked us to get out of the car, and had only just parked...  He also kept moaning at Mum (again) that she was delaying things by getting tired - by going for a walk as he'd told her to do - and not looking at colours.  Uh, but we wanted to go back in the house to look at colours.  HE drove us away!
And now he's happily saying that it's a "good thing it's going to be three weeks before the picture rails get fixed - that gives us time to try and look at colours".  And when Mum said she's been trying to look at colours all along and it most certainly isn't a good thing that we're stuck in this house for another three weeks he said she was "being difficult and trying to drag things out even further"!  What?  I've totally lost the plot with this argument now...
Mum and I are definitely not trying to drag things out.  Existing in this dump is going to be the death of us.  And our belongings.  Ah, now I can get back to the story that inspired the title of this blog.
I'm not sure why, but there's suddenly been a ridiculous increase in the number of all kinds of insects in this house.  And they're eating EVERYTHING.  I noticed the other night that we have a colony of woodlice in the kitchen.  They seem to come out after dark and are actually eating the window frames out there.  They're also eating the roots of Mum's house plants and now the glue holding the tiles behind the sink on the wall as well.
There are carpet beetles, two different types of house moths, silverfish, centipedes, flour weevils and HUGE black beetles (and equally huge white maggots which I presume are the offspring of the same species) which I have yet to identify to name but a few of the species currently residing at (and feasting on) the house.
For instance, I just decided to dig around in the corner of the lounge today and get my Fairy Tail Bird collection out.  I saw some for sale online and thought maybe I could bear to part with a few of my duplicates.  Then I remembered the Fuzzy Tummy birds and thought of the carpet beetles and...  I'm sad to say my worst fears were proved to be correct, and I found a carpet beetle inside the sealed plastic box on one of my rare European Fuzzy Tummy birds!  Luckily, I seem to have been in time to save her...
Sadly Mum's stuffed Paddington Bear was not so lucky.  She takes him out of his carrier bags every 2-3 weeks to check him for insects and decided to do so while I was trying to clear up in the corner where she keeps him.  And there, right in the middle of his coat, is a hole.  I found the body of a carpet beetle in the bottom of the bag.  They've also had all my old hairties from when I was little.  Not that I really wanted to keep those, but I couldn't believe they managed to get into a sealed tin!
I even found holes have been bored into the cardboard case of one of my most precious videos, despite the fact I probably play that tape once or twice every week!  It's just totally crazy.
Sleeping on the floor is killing both of us.  It's freezing down here in the middle of the night, but I won't go to the boiler (by the downstairs lavatory) to turn the heating on after dark since I heard those rat-type noises in the back room...  And I must have been lying awkwardly the other night and really hurt my hip.  Now it's aching all the time, and I'm unable to rest it properly, of course.
Well, time to change the subject, I think.
I was trying to clear up in Emma's old room the other day and stumbled upon all my MOC G2 ponies.  Now some of my pony collecting friends may remember my thread on both the Arena and Trading Post asking for opinions on what to do with my MOC Lady Waterfall who appeared to have gone rather sticky inside her packaging, even though I'd kept her in a cool, dry and dark enviroment.  It seems a lot of G2s are going the same way though, and mine are no exception.  So I actually did it.  I removed Lady Waterfall from her card!  I felt awful for doing it, but she was only going to get worse in her plastic prison.  Poor girl.  She was so shiny and sticky that every speck of dust started sticking to her as soon as she came out of the box.  I've washed her now, and she seems a lot better.  Still slightly sticky though.  Any suggestions?
And now I'm really not sure what to do with the rest of my G2s.  A whole load of the European ones seem to be going the same way, and unlike Lady Waterfall they were ponies I already had loose who I wanted to keep as MOC examples.  But they're just going to get worse and worse if I leave them in there.  I swore I'd never sell them, and yet now I'm feeling that would be the best thing.  At least then somebody who didn't even have them loose could enjoy them and make the difficult decision of whether to remove them from the cards or not themselves...
Oh, and finally, I have a wisdom tooth.  Well, half of one.  Totally random, I know.  My gum just felt a bit uncomfortable like I'd scratched myself on a piece of sharp food or something and then I realised there was a little bit of tooth there.  So far I've been lucky and it hasn't really hurt too much (a few twinges in my cheek shooting up into my head but nothing unbearable), so I'm a little sad.  It seems like a perfectly normal, useful tooth, coming through exactly as it should.  And yet to get braces fitted and have my front teeth straightened, it has to be ripped out along with seven others.  Ugh.  I kind of wish I could have got the orthodontic treatment underway and this tooth removed before I knew if it was going to cause me any trouble or not.
I just spent an hour and a half typing about absolutely nothing!  Sorry for boring you all, I'll leave you in peace now!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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