Sunday, 19 April 2009

I write too many blogs.

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If I didn't write so many, maybe I could come up with a creative title!  Mind you, I have cut down on my blogging obsession.  Every day is pretty much the same here in Grottsville and I don't want to bore you all to death.
Hmm, so what's happened since my last blog on Tuesday?
Mainly more boring Woodberry-dragging-on-forever stuff, with electricians who should have finished work seven months ago agreeing to go and look at what they still need to do next week, and David acting as though that's perfectly acceptable.  But I won't linger on that stuff.  Let's try and keep this blog upbeat for once!
Mum has been too scared to leave the house most of the time, and gets annoyed if David and I go out without her, so I've not been able to get out much during the last week, but I convinced her to walk around West Ealing on Friday.  Mainly we walked around the charity shops (Mum found a fakie for 50p, but we left it there...and that was the only remotely pony-ish thing to be found!), but we also went in Poundland after Mum saw these amazing MLP fakies through the window!

They came in three different colours so I bought two of each, one for myself and one to sell in case any other pony collectors wanted them.  They're about twice the size of real Breezies, but what I really love is the packaging.  These "Set Funny Ponies" appear to be friends with Rarity, Starcatcher and Silver Glow as all of those Hasbro characters feature on the boxes.
And we also went in New Look where I had a look through the jewellery to find a necklace to go with my butterfly t-shirt.  The one I fell in love with on the website looked tacky in real life.   Again, Mum was the one to find something.  A really pretty pink butterfly necklace.  It looks almost like a bow actually, but it only cost £4.00 and the colour goes beautifully with the t-shirt.  It doesn't appear to be on the website, so I'll have to take a photo of myself wearing the necklace and the t-shirt so that I can show you what I'm talking about.  Just as well since I'm really starting to hate my profile picture again! >.<
I had a bath in the evening; well, really just a quick dip.  But for once I attempted to wash my hair.  It's probably been three years since I actually washed my hair rather than just using dry hair shampoo (yes, that's how crazy this house is!), so I felt a lot better for it.  Here's something to make you laugh though: a drop of water must have dripped down my nose, and on to my lip.  It tasted salty.  So there I was panicking that I must have injured myself somehow and could taste blood.  Of course, it was shampoo.  I'm just not cut out for real life, am I?!
I really do need to get to the shops alone though.  I shaved my legs and now my last razor cartridge is getting so blunt now that I fear I'm going to be stuck unable to wear capsleeves again.  But Mum gets so upset when I talk about going anywhere without her.  Oh, dear...
Yesterday we went to Hounslow.  And I finally got myself a t-shirt in TKMaxx with the voucher Emma got me for Christmas.  It's black with a crazily coloured zebra on the front.  I was kind of stupid to buy it though, considering I only have these navy blue leggings, and there's no way I can wear black and navy blue together.  I do love it though...
Then David stopped to look in a shop window and I dashed back to him, but my stupid long straggly hair (which has gone all fluffy like it always does for about three days after I wash it) knocked my sunglasses on the ground, smashing one of the lenses.  Great.  So now Summer is coming up and I have no sunglasses.  And there's no way I can afford a replacement pair either.  Ugh, I KNEW I shouldn't have bought that necklace in New Look.
I was still upset about the sunglasses when we got back to the car park.  Then Mum saw a pound coin on the ground and picked it up.  She gave it to me, saying that now she'd "paid for a quarter of the necklace".
Today, I didn't even leave the house.  David spent all day in the bathroom, and out at Tesco and the internet cafe on his own.  So I spent most of the day messing about on Microsoft Paint trying to figure out how to make a basic pixel adoptable...but I kind of messed up.  Oh, well.  Probably doesn't help that this computer won't allow me to save any picture unless it's in PNG format, so I started off cleaning a rather complicated drawing of my own to make the lineart...
I also spent about three hours listening to a podcast on Tabitha St.Germain's website.  The radio show is only half an hour long, but no, I didn't listen to it six times.  I had to listen to it in twenty second bursts every two minutes or so.  Stupid dial-up!  It's a great show though - if anyone wants to hear it, you can find the link at the bottom of her home page.  Trevor Devall was great as the narrator.  He is seriously one of the best voice actors out there in my opinion.  To think I'd never even heard his work before about six months ago is a crime.  Which brings me back to those Voiceprint podcasts: Whenever are we going to get out of here so that I can hear them?  (In twenty second bursts or otherwise! )
Well, I think I shall leave this blog there, and attempt to write even more often with even less creative titles.  My blogs don't seem as humorous when I'm writing about things that happened several days ago.
Hope you're all well!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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