Thursday, 2 April 2009

No blogging again for five days and counting.

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I just never get around to updating this these days, do I?  Strange in itself when you consider there's hardly anything happening in my life right now.  But then with nothing going on, what do I have to blog about?!
Oh well, let's see what I can find to write about from the last five days...  It's late so I'll keep it short for my standards, I promise!
We went to Woodberry on March 29th, where Mum proclaimed herself to be "very good" for not smashing anything.  Um, don't you mean normal? I spent the time over there sitting in the cupboard in my bedroom.  Yes, sitting in a cupboard.  It's peaceful in there, and I think it would make a nice quiet place for voice acting.  If we move there, of course.
I had a nice long bath in the evening.  Thank goodness I finally got the bath clear enough that I can lift out the remaining rubbish and actually have a proper soak occasionally.  I still want to save my Lush stuff for after we move house though, but I fear they will have gone off by then.
We went to Emma's house for the day on March 30th.  I was tired out by the end of it, but I really enjoyed spending some time with the kids.  When I'm playing with them, I forget all the worries back here in Grottsville.  I wish I could spend more time with family really.  And at least Allan didn't use me for karate practise this time!  Emma ordered pizza from Pizza Hut and then gave us these delicious ice cream wafer sandwiches.  I don't know the brand but I wish I'd made a note of them, because they were lovely, and I'd like to get some if only we ever have a freezer again.  They came from Tesco though, so they shouldn't be too hard to find...presuming they aren't discontinued by the time we get out of this dump.
I was exhausted by the time I got back to Grottsville, and then I found out the TV show I wanted to record in the middle of the night of the "31st" (which I had figured was the NEXT night) was actually on THAT night.  So I ended up getting up at 3am to record Tabitha St. Germain in "Just Cause" when I already had a headache from running about and eating too much salty food the previous day.  And by the time I actually woke up, it was 3.12am.  So I had to stay up for the repeat on Hallmark +1 at 4am, then wake up again to turn the recording off.  AGH!  Of course, I couldn't keep my eyes open the next day, but I've wanted to see Tabitha in something non-animation for years so it was well worth it, even if she did only have about seven lines in it.  Her funny, positive words regarding my dreams have really helped me through the last couple of years.  "You can squish a balloon on one side but it will always pop up on the other" is the one that is currently ringing in my ears.  AKA David could beat me down over my voice acting dreams being stupid (sorry, "blinky" ) as much as he liked, but I'd always rise above him in the end.  So where is my end then?!  Because I'm still waiting to rise above everyone for that final time...
David went for a job interview on March 31st, but we're not holding out much hope.  We really do need him to get a job though, because I can't even attempt to get one from this awful place, and we honestly have no money.  David had been putting off going to the supermarket for days because we are overdrawn again, so we had no bananas, bread, eggs or Shreddies for breakfast and only out of date milk which had been open for four days and had obviously gone off.  And nothing for dinner at all.  I ended up paying to get us chips for dinner when David finally got back, and then ice cream at McDonalds tonight, because Mum figured out that my favourite Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurrys must be in for Easter again!
I got £3.60 for a MLP knitting pattern from somebody on the Arena.  But it doesn't really go very far.  Still, better than nothing, eh?
Yesterday my parents went to Kew Archives where Mum had found out she could look at the 1911 census for free (everyone is paying £3.50 per household on the internet!).  I spent the time singing and making some recordings, but my voice isn't really up to much.  Sleeping on the floor/carpet beetle lavatory is not exactly helping my throat.
In the evening, David took me to the internet cafe for an hour to try and arrange my MLP photos here on Myspace, but it was too slow even on broadband.  I guess they'll have to be split into three or four albums.  And then I got depressed trying to listen to Trevor Devall's Voiceprint podcasts again, because I just cannot hear more than the first six or seven minutes, no matter what I do.  David wanted to stay at the cafe for a further half an hour but I pointed out how I didn't have any more money, and that there were only eight minutes until the cafe closed.  He'd lost track of the time watching the football... I guess time really does fly when you're having fun.
Then today was the most exciting day of all.  I didn't leave the house at all.  We waited in all day for that bloke from the council to come and see about the rats...but he never came.  So I spent most of the day trying to clear up.  I found a paper bag full of G2 stampers and some G2 pamphlets to sell, but I can't find out a fair price to charge for them.
I also found all of my old Puppy/Kitty/Pony/Teddy In My Pocket and Animal Hospital playsets.  Does anyone collect them?  I didn't really want to part with them (Puppy In My Pocket etc. was my life in the 90s), but I do need money and space, so if someone would appreciate them, I would be willing to sell them.  I can't remember all the names now, but I had literally EVERYTHING In My Pocket, so if there's a particular set you need, drop me a line.  I'm not currently selling the actual animal figures though - they still mean an awful lot to me, and I'm not ready to let them go just yet.  I'm always seeing old In My Pocket figures at car boots though, so if anyone does collect them, I'd pick some up for you.  I always feel a bit sad leaving them behind.  I do have some MOC Pony, Puppy and Teddy figures.  The cards are quite ripped from having been stuck together in the shops (they were 2 for 1 or something), but the figures themselves are mint, of course.
And I managed to download a whole NINE MINUTES of Trevor Devall's latest podcast.  >.<  Blast it, I want to hear all of it, not the first six, seven or even nine minutes!  AGH!
All right, I think I'll leave it there.  My parents have just had another huge argument and Mum says she isn't moving again.  After all, the lights in this room just flickered which is "a sign from her Auntie Eva saying she doesn't want her to move there now".   Um, no.  I think you'll find it's just that this house is falling apart.  The latest thing is that the kitchen has been taken over by woodlice.  Now don't get me wrong, I actually LIKE woodlice.  I kept a whole load of them as pets in a tank full of wood and soil and fed them on fruit every day up until maybe three years ago.  But they're ripping apart the window frame by the sink, and I seriously think the glass is going to drop out if we're stuck here much longer.  Not to mention the awful burning-type smell I swear is coming from the boiler, but David says is coming from his shoes.
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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