Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Oh, no! Not something else to worry about...

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Mum hasn't been feeling well for weeks.  She keeps getting really breathless and has "funny turns" with palpitations and dizziness.  But then she's always stressed about everything that's going on in our lives right now, and usually complaining about how ill she feels.  And I know I have a constant headache which is almost certainly stress-related.  So I'm afraid I haven't really paid much attention to her latest ailments, except to tell her she should see a doctor to put her mind at rest.
She wouldn't go because she couldn't get a bath (I have to step over stacks of stuff when I have my weekly soak, which she can't do).  Anyhow, I cleared a path to the tub last week, so she was finally able to run a bath for herself on Sunday, while David and I went to Chiswick car boot sale alone.  (Mum said she didn't feel up to walking around a boot sale anyway).
I was annoyed, as they've changed the admission prices.  It used to be £1.00 from seven and 50p after nine, so we always aim for 9am.  But now it's 50p from 7.30 (when it opens).  There wasn't a lot there really, but maybe that was because we were so late.  A lot of tables were still setting up though, so it can't have been the only reason.
There was literally only one pony there - Rainbow Dash (2nd pose).  I already have that version of RD so I left her there.  I don't know how much she cost but the pushy stallholder seemed to have put ridiculously high prices on almost everything else on the table...
I also left a G3 MLP video and Frilly Frocks Boutique (no accessories or pony), because I figured nobody would really want those things.
I did get these two items from two seperate stalls for £1.00 each though.

Nitelite was not included, but I had an extra I found in our library and thought I'd include him in the sale.  Still a good price though, I think?
I already have the tray and Shelldon in my own collections (although my loose Shelldon is in worse condition - I do have a MIB one too though!), so I'm hoping to sell these.  I'm hoping for £10.00 for Shelldon and £8.00 for the tray.  I will take offers though.  Let me know if you're interested in either or both items.
Right, so we went to Tesco on the way back, and rang Mum to ask what we needed.  She sounded really frightened, and had apparently been unable to breathe and felt dizzy in the bath.  David's answer was, "Oh, I feel breathless too after walking around that boot sale!"  I told him we should go back, but he insisted on going to Tesco first.
Mum was really panicking by the time we got back.  Again, I told her to calm down and I expected it was just stress.
She went to the doctor yesterday morning...and he seems to think she has some kind of heart trouble.  He's sent her for all x-rays, but she can't get a simple ECG for THREE WEEKS!  I think that's bad considering there could be something really wrong with her.
She went for the x-rays at the hospital today, but we don't get the results until she sees the doctor (after the ECG), so until then we have to worry about it all - making it even worse, if it is just stress.
Meanwhile, David continues to do nothing about our stress.  He wouldn't ring the builder today, and told me that I was the one who had a problem for wanting him to do so.  He just wanted to watch the football, of course.
Then he upset me further telling me I'm "stupid for not realising I couldn't move to Woodberry alone for council tax reasons".  Um, I was the one who actually mentioned the problem of paying two lots of council tax in the first place!  But he "never saw a way I could do it" even though he offered to go and get my suitcase.  Why does he lie to me non-stop?
Oh, and did I mention we've found photographic evidence that there were Edwardian picture rails in the rooms Sickton specifically told us didn't have them?  Well, we've now found a clause in the contract that says "Allow for removal of decorative finishings".  We presumed decorative finishings were just wallpaper and paint, but maybe that included the picture rails and coving too?  If only David would have read the contract properly rather than staring at the football at this time last year.
Well, he said I could have a replacement put up in my room over there.  After all, we'd "only need to re-decorate above the picture rail" (which kind of contradicts him saying that I was having my whole room re-painted before we moved in due to the mess that lot have made of it).  But now he says that he never said that, and I couldn't have one with my pony shelves anyway.
Oh, well.  I found ten G2 stampers at the other end of the lounge (I think I mentioned them in my last blog?) and have been able to re-home them all now...and got £55 in the process!  So that was a nice surprise.  I wish I could just find some more hiding in a bag somewhere, because there were a lot of people interested and I didn't have enough to go around.
I put some of my sales stuff up in a gallery on Facebook, and now Emma has contacted me wanting to get some stuff for Abigale.  But I can't charge family, can I?!  But I really don't want to deny my niece the stuff, so I'm not sure what to do.  I just really need the money right now and I feel like some greedy nasty aunt for not wanting to hand everything over.  Also, I fear she's going to be disappointed when she finds out G1 Pony Wear doesn't really fit G3s. 
I'm really happy to think Abigale is getting into MLPs though.  Maybe if I find some cheap ponies at Epsom (yep, I'm hoping to go to another car boot on Monday), I'll buy one for her.  I know she loves Sweetie-Belle and Pinkie Pie.  Surely, it wouldn't be too hard to find a cheap Pinkie Pie of some kind?!
Anyways, I think that's all for now.  I'm feeling tired and worrying about Mum.  She's gone to bed on the floor again, and it's just not right that she has to sleep like that when she might be seriously ill.
Goodnight, everyone!  xxx

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