Tuesday, 14 April 2009

There's *something* in the back room...

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Ugh, another of my ranting blogs coming up, I think.  Stop reading now if you're one of those people who can't stand any more of my moaning.
Well, let's start with some semi-cheerful blogging; Easter was a bit better than I expected.  I actually did get some Easter eggs from David (Mum bought me that MLP bag on e-Bay, as I mentioned in my last blog).  To be precise two small Cadbury's eggs; Mini Eggs and Buttons, a Lindtt gold bunny, a six-pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs and a bar of my favourite Tesco white chocolate.  I feel bad though, considering we have no money coming in and I had nothing to give to either of them in return.
We went to Woodberry on Sunday afternoon but David started yet another argument so nothing got done again.
On Monday morning, David and I went to the big boot sale in Epsom.  Mum was too scared to come because of her "heart problems".  If only the stupid NHS didn't make everyone wait so long...
It wasn't so big as usual, probably because it had been raining on and off all weekend, and the field was muddy and miserable.  There wasn't much there at all pony-wise.  The regular dealer was there with a few G1s and G2s priced at £2.50-£3.00 each.  I can't remember all the G2s, but I know she had Secret Tale and Sky Skimmer...  As for G1s, she had Moonstone, Kiss Curl and Bright Night.  I've never seen Bright Night at a car boot before, but I bought her from a German collector at Ponycon 2005 for £4.00.  In much better condition.  Sorry, but I just don't think £3.00 is a "boot sale price" for a pony with frizzy hair and rubbed symbols!  David and I were looking through them, and he commented on never having seen Bright Night before.  He actually thought she was a fakie.  I told him she wasn't but pointed out another pony with a massive haircut, and rubbed symbols.  A fakie pony I recently saw at 99p stores in a set with a little doll and lots of hair accessories.  "That, on the other hand, IS a fakie."  I said.  The dealer overheard me and raced over to us.  "Yes, I know they're not all originals.  Hence the prices.  I could get a lot more on e-Bay!"  I looked at the price tag on the poor mangled fakie ~ £2.00!  I put it back in the box, laughed, shook my head sadly at the dealer and walked off.  I'd like to see her try to get those prices on e-Bay!  Believe me, those ponies will be right back at that car boot next time it's held.
I was determined to find a couple of ponies for Abigale and Kizzy, and I obviously wasn't paying those kinds of prices for ponies that weren't even in nice condition!  So I continued my search...
I eventually found a VERY scruffy Triple Treat on a table for 50p with Cadbury's Creme Eggs and discount make-up of all things...  The old woman behind the table attempted to sell David some "moisturiser for his face" while I was fumbling around for 50p (I kid you not).  I think everyone's gone a bit mad lately!
I found another box of ponies, mostly fakies, on a different table.  These were priced at 50p each.  But I didn't want to get one of the kids a fake pony when I'd already got a G3.  And the only MLP on the table was Blossom Forth, one of the only TWO MLPs Abigale already owns!  Admittedly, this one had all her accessories and instructions, and *only* cost £2.00(!), but I didn't think a duplicate would be very much appreciated either...
Finally, on the VERY LAST TABLE, I found a box of toys including some ponies.  A young girl had just bought one (fortunately, I didn't see who it was - most likely some rare Colombian pony, knowing my luck!), but there were still some left over.  Again, mostly fakies, but also a NSS Shady.  Her forelock had been cut off, and she had puncture mark in her back leg like a dog had got ahold of her at one point, but I picked her up in desperation.  She cost me 60p.
As well as them, I also found some G1 MLP earmuffs for £2.00 each pair.  The woman had five pairs (they were brand new - I don't know where she got them), and we got three for a fiver.  One of the pink ones will be an upgrade for mine which I bought about nine years ago in a charity shop in very worn condition.  But one pink and one purple will be up for sale if anyone wants to make me an offer.
And I also bought three fakies for £1.00 because I thought they were cute.  I know, I said I wouldn't buy any more fakies!  But I've never seen these before, and they are so adorable.
Anyways, these were my buys of the day...

(Sorry for the terrible quality of the picture - I just snapped it in the car on my way back as we had to dash off to Emma's house as soon as we got back, and I'd given the ponies a quick clean).
On the way back to the car, I also picked up two toy cars and a helicopter for Allan (I gave one to him yesterday when I gave the girls the ponies, and I'm saving the others for another time).  Also, some velvet art pictures and stickers for the kids, and a few mouse ornaments for one of Mum's collections for a combined belated Mother's Day/Easter gift.  I'll have to get a photo of them because I'm not sure what they're called, but they're basically cheeky-looking mice inside various objects (ranging from cars and tractors, to cheese and apples, to hats and pianos).  They were made in the 40s and 50s and most of them seem to be cocktail stick holders or something.  I found a salt and pepper one yesterday, which I thought Mum would like because it combines two of her collections.  But she's just annoyed that she doesn't know which collection to display it with!
I enjoyed spending the late afternoon and evening at Emma's house.  The kids calm me down and let me forget my stress for a while.  I spent most of the time upstairs with Abigale acting out The Little Mermaid and playing Mummies and Daddies (she was the mummy and I was the baby.  Oh, and Kizzy was "Little Nan" [Nick's grandmother] - don't ask!).  I think they liked their ponies.  Kizzy kept kissing Triple Treat, and Abigale liked having a G1 pony "like mine".  Allan definitely liked his toy land rover.  It was nice to have something to give them for once.  I felt bad not having anything for Gabriella though.  But it's very hard to get something small for such a little girl.  She kept crawling up to me,  pulling herself up on my leg into a standing position and outstretching one arm so that I'd pick her up!
They're all so cute - I wish I'd had the camera, but the batteries were dead.
Emma cooked yet another delicious big roast dinner for us.  The only embarrassing thing was that there were cranberries in the veggie bake thing she'd got for us, which made me feel a bit ill after eating everything else (I don't mind cranberries, they're just a bit strong when your stomach's already full!).  I left a couple on my plate, and Emma was just commenting on how we'd cleaned our plates when they rolled out from under my knife and fork...
We had a lovely strawberry "Eton Mess" for dessert.  Oh, and Rice Krispie cakes made by the kids.  Emma sent the remainder of the Eton Mess back with us, and we ate it today despite the fact it was slopping about in water.  It was still delicious, but Mum has felt sick ever since eating it.
David was his normal horrible self, asked for a different dessert to everyone else ("I don't really like strawberries, DO I?"), wanted a big can of Pepsi, shouted at Allan about four times and kept gawping at the TV with his mouth still full of food.  He's so rude and arrogant and kept putting Mum and I down every time we spoke too.
Emma gave us each an Easter egg too - Roses for Mum, Mars for David and Mini Eggs for me.  (Bigger than the Mini Eggs one I got from David.  I can't believe I'm noting all of this - can you tell I'm a choc-a-holic yet? )
All right, it's late, so I'm going to dash through today - I'm trying to keep this upbeat anyway, and today's where it gets miserable again. First off, my MLP bag arrived.  This is the pic from e-Bay; I'll try and get some of my own tomorrow...

Image deleted before I had the sense to upload it elsewhere.  Sorry for any inconvenience caused!
The picture is a bit scratched, but overall it's in nice clean condition.  It's the first time I've ever seen this one, and I LOVE IT!  I just have to collect everything that has that rainbow with the yellow stripe at the top (the rainbow they used in the Pony Tales logo), because it reminds me of the ponies in the shops when I was really small.  This particular bag dates from 1993, for instance, the year I got my very first ponies from The Entertainer.
I didn't leave the house.  David stayed in the bathroom all day, and wanted to take us out at dinnertime again, so Mum put her foot down.  I'm sick of being in this area where I can't walk out my own front door when I want to.  It's like being in prison, except I don't even get taken for exercise.
David went to Tesco on his own, so I spent the time trying to make some more recordings.  I only have the smashed camera and a tape recorder which keeps mangling all my cassettes to make audio recordings, and nowhere to go to do my singing and voice acting.  I literally have to stand up and lean over a load of files to record anything, as you already know.  I tried to make a better recording of the MLP song, "Try a New Colour on for Size" for my Myspace profile, and I thought I'd done relatively well for my standards, considering my recording situation.  But Mum listened to it, and says my singing is far worse than six months ago.  My voices have improved though.  "Well, isn't that what you want?  You want to substitute singing for voices, right?"  WTH?  Where did she get that idea?  I want to do both!  Anyways, I got upset because she's the only person I can ask for opinions in real life, and if even she says it's bad, it must be.  Perhaps I'm damaging my voice further by singing when I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  But I'm never going to afford acting OR singing classes now, am I?
There have been further arguments all evening with her saying I'm selfish to consider emigrating when she's moving to a house where she doesn't want to live in just for my benefit.  I'm almost 18 years old, for goodness sake!  It's too late really for me to do anything now, thanks to Sickton and his minions.  I don't know what's going to happen to me.  I'm certainly never going to have the happy, carefree teenage years full of friends, fashion and fun that I had hoped for all through my lonely childhood.  Oh, well.
We got yet more bills we can't pay in the post, mainly for the storage depot where all the furniture (which should now be at Woodberry) is being held.  Oh, and David's Mills & Boon collection, of course.  And he finally told us what he's paying to store those books.  TWENTY QUID A WEEK!  Mum and I almost fainted.  How can he justify paying that much to keep his collection of filthy books when we have no clothes, are about to lose both houses because we can't pay the mortgages and necessary bills (we're only managing to pay from the loans that he told lies in order to get - so we can't even pay those off), and most days we can't even afford anything more to eat than soup?!  And then I'm told that I'm naive and immature????  Sorry, but at least I don't spend all our money on ponies, much as I'd love to buy from some of the people selling their collections on the Arena!  Talking of selling ponies, anybody want to buy something from my sales album?  I fear I'll be buying our food next week...  We can't eat purple paperbacks filled with romantic stories!
And finally, I did some "exercise" indoors (just simple running on the spot - I'm trying to slowly work up my fitness levels even though I'm in this prison), staggered out into the kitchen for a drink, stumbled over to the utility room where there's a bit of light...and heard rustling noises in the back room.  I stopped.  The noise started again.  I tried to convince myself I was imagining it.  I moved.  There was another loud clatter.  I ran, screaming, and the noise continued.
It was far too loud to be a mouse.  It could have been some kind of landlside in  amongst all the clutter, but it sounded like some kind of animal was running about in there.  I'm thinking RATS.  And here we are, sleeping on the floor, listening to the scratching noises we already guessed were rats between our wall and the neighbours...  I bet they're running all over us in our sleep.  Whatever can we do?  David tried to ring the builder once today, and just got the answerphone again.  He wouldn't try a second time because he "didn't want to make a nuisance of himself".  God, what's wrong with that man?  We should have moved SEVEN MONTHS AGO!  And he doesn't want to push anyone even now.  I'd be banging on Mr William's door now that Easter's over if it were me.  But of course I don't drive, won't leave this house alone by foot, and I'm not the one paying anyway.  But then who is paying?
I think David's putting the whole thing off because he knows we can't really afford to get the job done now.  But we wouldn't be in such an awkward financial situation if he had got on and done something before, would we?!  Ugh, I just feel so stressed right now.
Sorry if this has made absolutely no sense at all, and for all the ranting.  I have my CD turned up practically as loud as it goes over the headphones to try and block out the world.  But now it's time to go to bed with the rats, so I must say farewell to you all again.
Many thanks to anyone who actually read this blog,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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