Saturday, 4 April 2009

Woodberry stinks!

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No, don't worry, I haven't become a my mum's clone.  I still desperately want to live there.  But it stinks over there.  Basically, the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom seems to be yet another thing those rotten builders messed up.  So not only did they soil our brand new lavatory...we now have to live with the stench of it.  The, um, rubbish isn't being properly flushed away and is re-appearing in the bowl.  Sorry for the disgusting details, but that's the truth of it.
We contacted Mr Williams (the builder) about it a few days ago, but he doesn't appear to have been in there as the smell had only got worse, he hasn't contacted us again, and the mail was still on the hall floor when we went to check the house today.
Then there's the new architect we contacted, Peter Bell.  You know he was going to write to Sickton and try to get the money for all the damage he caused, to avoid us having to go to court?  Well, he drafted out a letter, e-mailed it to us and asked us to make some amendments which we did (he was complimenting Sickton on his work which is apparently "of an excellent standard".  Um, NO.  What excellent work did Sickton ever do, for goodness sake?  The whole place is falling apart already!!!
Anyways, yesterday evening he e-mails us a copy of the message he has SENT Sickton (via E-MAIL, no less - well, we know what Sickton will be claiming went in his junk folder!), having not made any of our amendments, and added a notice on the end saying he's going away for two weeks (aka there's no hurry to get back to us).
Why is everyone we employ so incompetent?!
And there IS a hurry.  We can't afford to keep running two houses, and my arm is killing me from sleeping on the floor for two months now.  I couldn't even carry my bag today.
Oh, and I desperately need to go on a shopping trip, which is near impossible from this place where I have to get my parents to agree to take me somewhere.  But just the other day my mascara actually BROKE.  Yes, I know what you're saying.  How did clumsy Desirée manage THAT one?  Well, I don't know.  It seems a bit of mascara had got between the lid and the tube, meaning when I went to withdraw the wand part of the tube just snapped off.  Hence, I'm now having to brush it off on the snapped edge of the tube myself each day, and of course I lose quite a lot in doing so.  And I have only one cartridge left for my razor, and I was hoping to be able to wear a skirt or cropped trousers this summer (too much to ask at eighteen?!).  So I really need to get shopping again.
Oh, well.  Sorry about the long ranting blog.  And sorry to hear about all your troubles, Caroline.  This stupid computer won't let me comment on your blogs OR send a new message.   Drop me a line via e-mail or on MSN if you want to vent to someone.  And Connecticut or not, I'll make it to your wedding somehow.  I promise!  *Hugs*
(Well, unless you don't want me anymore...  I wouldn't want to intrude on a wedding where I wasn't welcome. )
On a lighter note, I spent all day listening to Bratz (they're having a marathon weekend on Boomerang, and much as I hate Bratz, I cannot resist a bit of Vancouver-based voice acting, no matter how awful the show is!  And at least it's not like I'm having to pay for the DVDs!).  I also taped another episode of "The Outer Limits" on Virgin 1, this time because Janyse was in it.  I thought she would only have a voice role in it, but she was on screen even if it was only for two or three minutes at the start.
Anyhow, I will sign off now.  I'm going car booting tomorrow.  My first boot sale of the year!  Wish me luck!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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