Monday, 11 May 2009

"Accidents happen," he laughed.

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David wasted another lovely sunny spring morning of our lives in the bathroom, finally taking us out at 3.30pm.  We finally convinced David to ring Mr Williams and get him to go around to Woodberry to talk about the smell under the floorboards...on the condition that Mum stayed away, "for everyone's sakes"!  Basically, he thought she'd say something forceful to Mr Williams about our drifting lives and how long the work is taking, which - as we know - is not allowed.  He would also ring the bloke who is supposed to be removing yet another tile from our precious fireplace, because Sickton took the others away and "lost them".  (Yeah, right! )

So Mum and I walked around the local park, but the ducks weren't very hungry because all the schoolkids had already fed them.  And the place was packed due to the time of day, so there weren't that many birds there either.  We decided to make our way back to Woodberry, if only to sit in the car.

We were only about halfway back when David drove past us.  So we never got to Woodberry ourselves.

All the way back to Grottsville, David had the football booming out of the car wireless, but we continued to yell at him and ask him what had happened at Woodberry while he occassionally he shouted an answer at us over the atrocious noise...

The tile man "couldn't make it" again.  This was the fourth day he has promised to come and let us down. (Last saturday, this saturday, yesterday and today).  "Only three days," David defended the bloke.  "I'm sure when he said 'tomorrow' on saturday he forgot that yesterday was a Sunday, and was talking about today."

Mr Williams "hopes to get the picture rails sorted out sometime this week..." and David asked him to look under the floorboards, "As soon as possible - whenever he has a chance."  God, he's got to start giving that man some deadlines!  ASAP is not enough for those builders - they'll try to fit us in three years down the line!

Then came the final insult: Mum asked David if he'd picked up any mail at Woodberry, which seemed to remind him about something.  Something rather trivial since he hadn't mentioned it before, one would guess?

"There was a strange letter there - an envelope with 'David' scrawled on the front," he told us.  Just then Mr Williams had arrived and he'd set it aside.  Williams explained why he had just had to knock on the door, saying that the keys to the house had gone missing!  Casually, David opened the envelope while talking to Mr Williams.  The keys were inside!

Basically, one of the builders must have dropped them on our front path whilst collecting something from the garden for another job. (Probably having been inside to make use of the toilet again! >.<)  Fortunately, the neighbours had seen them and put them through the door for us, but for goodness sake!  ANYBODY could have found them and gone in the house - either homeless people taking advantage of the empty house or vandals, for instance.  And this comes the same week as Mr Williams blaming US for leaving the front window wide open, when it must have been one of the builders, because none of us had been over there.  "Oh, but he's apologised now!" David cried.

"Did you tell him off?" Mum and I said in unison.  David fell silent.  Mum and I were outraged, but David told us to shut up because he wanted to listen to the football.  Basically, all he's been saying ever since is "Accidents happen", and other defensive remarks.  I'm sorry, but you don't leave a huge great FRONT window open (probably overnight) and then drop the key in the middle of the path.

Mum has already stated that she wants the key back from the builders, so that they can't keep letting us down (If we had to drive over there every day they promised to do some work, we would have a real right to complain), but David has handed the key back to Mr Williams without so much as reprimanding him for keep threatening the security of our property.

If only he hadn't kept handing over cash after both Mum and I had told him we were sure he was overpaying them.  I just want to give this lot the sack and get a new lot of builders in to finish the work.  Anything has to be quicker (and safer!) than this.

Not much other news.  I'm hopefully going to get a shopping trip tomorrow without my parents for once, so then I have to stock up on all those "stupid un-necessary things" like hair removal stuff and deodrant.  The problem is I honestly have no idea when we are moving house now, so I have no idea how much of this stuff to buy.  I'm just so sick of having to live like a squirrel, collecting enough nuts and hiding them all away to last through the winter!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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