Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ick, I'm sick of all these insects!

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I finally convinced Mum to try clearing up some of the stuff that we brought here from my grandparents house back in 2005 and dumped in the kitchen, where it has stood ever since.  So all of a sudden she went running out in the kitchen, ranting at me that I was still "tapping away on the computer" (well, I'm afraid I can't switch it off that fast!) and returned with a huge yellow carrier bag on which she proceeded to dump a pile of Grandad's old collection ties.  In total, I would guess the three of us spent about four hours sorting ties, picking off literally thousands of insects, both alive and dead, folding them up, throwing out two huge black sacks of other stuff we uncovered when we removed the ties, and hoovering...and yet the place looks no different.

Alas, the rather sad collection of ties.  The carpet beetles and moths had enjoyed a feast - and I would estimate most of the damage had been done in the last six months, long AFTER we should have moved house anyway.  Mum is heartbroken, as she had to throw away the remains of some of her dad's favourite ties, and some that her grandad had passed down to him.

She had intended on keeping them in the huge wardrobe that her Great Great Uncle (Ron's father) made and is going in her bedroom at Woodberry.  But there's not a whole lot of point keeping things that look like this, is there?

And these are the horrible bugs who committed this awful crime.  (Look away now if you have any kind of fear of insects)

Now most of you know how I love most insects and even used to keep tanks full of the things up until about four years ago, but these little larvae make me feel so sick - both physically and mentally.  And these are the things that are crawling around in my 'bed' on the floor.  My nose and throat are so clogged up with muck now, which I think just about proves that these things that have been causing my breathing troubles every morning.  Just look at all that dust around the monster above; that's a combination of fibres off of the half-eaten ties and - to be rather blunt - insect poop.  That cannot be healthy to inhale every night on the floor, can it?

And, of course, they eat absolutely EVERYTHING.  I just hope my ponies - some of which were packed up over 18 months ago for the move that never happened - are okay in the library.

I'm just dreading getting into the suitcase that was BENEATH all of these ties, which was full of all Mum's stuffed toys from when she was a kid.  I wonder what state those poor things are in now?  We were just in time to save Mum's old hobby horse, 'Nobbin', thank goodness.  He's had a paper bag over his head most of the time for forty years to try and keep the dust off of his felt face.  Since he was kicked out of my grandparents' house, he's been propped up against the kitchen wall.  I ripped the paper bag off of his head, and found the first lot of carpet beetle larvae were just hatching out ready to start feasting! o_0  So we've cleaned him up and now he's in the lounge at the bottom of my 'bed'.  No doubt he'll fall on top of me in the night!

And then we went to Woodberry this evening, where they've replaced the picture rails with the correct style and at least they're straight this time.  But Craig has painted the ceiling in David's office a pale blue-green...  Um, yeah.  We have a very vague memory of mentioning we *might* paint the ceiling in that room a certain colour, but this has got to have been about five months ago.  That was one of the most random mistakes I've seen so far.

My room looks a lot better with the dropped ceiling down to the picture rail, because at least now the purple walls aren't reflecting off of the blue ceiling.  We sorted out a few more colours too.  Maybe we'll actually move by this Christmas?!  On second thoughts, maybe not.

We saw the Sickton family entering their house on the way down the street, and it just irritated me to see them grinning and having a good time.  I'm worried Mum and I will end up in prison if we finally move there actually.  Both of us start hissing and booing at them through the window as we pass, and I'm sure she'll have a shouting match with them before she's done, even if I manage to control myself.  I know it sounds awful of me, but I can't help but wish something horrible would happen to the whole family.  Why the heck should they be happy with beds and an area where they can go for a walk in a park whenever they want, while we're here, and I can't even leave the house when I want to or wear what I want at eighteen?  I can't have surgery to correct my orthodontic problems until I have a bed to come back to (we had to cancel ANOTHER appointment today, in fact - now we've been putting it off for an entire year, and David still won't tell them the truthful reason, so I know they're going to give me hell when I do get back there), or get an education.  Meanwhile, Sickton's daughter (who is about my age) has perfectly straight teeth, a choice of several beds at his house or one at her mother's house, and was provided with any education she wanted but failed, I suspect due to not studying enough.

I know what you're all saying; None of this matters, I'm just being a typical jealous immature teenager, but for goodness sake, I just don't want to wait one more moment for my life to start!

Hmm, "Good Morning Baltimore" reference there - I've been listening to too much Hairspray! 

And now the touchpad has packed up on me, so I'm having to use the mouse off of David's computer, and I just can't control it here on the carpet!  So I shall sign off now, and speak to you all soon.

Desirée Skylark  xxx

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