Thursday, 14 May 2009

Last day of being seventeen...

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I feel like a little old lady.  How can I be eighteen tomorrow?!
Well, we're all set for a typical rotten Desirée Skylark-type birthday.  I dragged Mum around the clothes shops in Hounslow today, but we couldn't find anything for me to wear tomorrow, so I'm stuck in one of my same old t-shirts and these horrid navy blue leggings (meaning I still can't even wear the black zebra t-shirt I bought a few weeks ago, because they would clash).  Ick.  Probably didn't help that she finds the whole idea of me wearing a skirt or a dress utterly hilarious. >.<  I wish I hadn't gone to all the bother of making my legs showable now...

We went to Asda tonight, but I didn't like to get a cake as I felt it would be a waste of money with David out of work and everything.  But while he continues to spend two and a half cakes on Mills & Boon storage every week, I don't know why I declined his offer to buy one really.

Of course, it's his birthday too tomorrow (he'll be 62), and I have nothing to give him - nor does Mum.  So I guess he has good reason not to get me anything.  In fact, I know neither of my parents has even got me a card.  Apparently, David found an old card in the cupboard featuring a guinea pig and asked Mum if she wanted to write it for me - talk about rubbing salt in the wounds, when I'm unable to have guinea pigs of my own!

We're going to Southend-on-Sea...if we get up in time, of course.  And I feel Mum is going to attempt to oversleep, since she's in a bad mood with me for being depressed about not being able to find any nice clothes today.  "You went for a shopping trip earlier this week - why didn't you look for clothes then?  Why do you leave everything to the last minute?" she says.  I didn't leave it until the last minute, I was asking to go shopping for weeks as all of you know.  And until I knew if I was going to be able to shave my legs, how could I go shopping for a (Insert Mum's laughter here) SKIRT for my birthday?  But then she "doesn't know what I had to go buying anyway", does she?  Perhaps things would have been better if I'd been born a boy...but then I guess they'd make me keep a long beard and moustache. 

Ugh, I just feel sick.  It's going to pour with rain, there's another case of Swine Flu right up the road from Southend, and there's not really a lot to do there anyway.  I just want to see the sea on my birthday since I couldn't leave this blasted country as planned.  And at least I have nice memories of the time we took Grandma to Southend back in 1997, so I can reminisce...

Oh, and to top it off, we went to Woodberry, where Craig (the awful painter) was still slowly painting the picture rails which should have been assembled last Thursday.  He says the smell under the floorboards is not a dead rat because (I quote) "his friend is an undertaker and he used to work with him occassionally, meaning he knows what dead bodies smell like".  Um, so he was organising funerals for rats?!

Well, I'm off to have a bath now.  See you all tomorrow, when you can all call me the "Immature grown-up".  Just kidding - I don't even feel 18 months old in myself!  Although if any kind guy over in Canada wants to marry me and get me out of this dump, I'm still single, you know?  And my parents can't do anything to stop me as of tomorrow!  Again, just kidding. 

Best wishes,
 Desirée Skylark  xxx

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