Thursday, 28 May 2009

The messages continue to roll in...

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...but I'm not listening.  Get a life, guys!  I mean, come on.  I know some of you think I'm being unfair to these blokes I don't even know, but please.  They can obviously read and write well enough to find me so why can't they just check their latest target is interested in Dating and Serious Relationships before they write!  And Elisabeth, I'm sorry if I came across as mean in my last blog, but doesn't this one sound kind of suspicious to you...

"hello there sweet
i was wondering if you would be interested in earning £200 a day only take up an hour or so of your time i hope your interested and give me a chance to explain myself :) xx"

No way am I giving him a chance to explain himself, desperate for money as I am.  I will jolly well just continue to find things to sell until I have nothing left before I stoop low enough to contact YOU thank you very much!

And then we get the sterotypical Myspace dating message that Bonnie described in her last blog comment...  The guy in question is proudly smoking in his profile pic, by the way, so I'm not surprised someone in a half decent photo looks 'hot' to him.

hey sexi ur lukin hot

where u from"

Um, can guys not even read the caption by my profile photo now?  Yes, I know 'Grottsville' isn't a real place, but it says London and South East.  Does he really think I'm going to tell a loser like him any more than that?!  Only two words I want to say to people like that - p*** off. >.<

End of subject, and let's hope they go away.

Today we went to Woodberry to look at more colours.  Well, my parents looked at colours.  I sat in my bedroom cupboard, wishing I was living there and could attempt some amateur voice acting.  Actually, I'm so tired from getting so little sleep each night I had a half hour nap!

They seem to have made some progress while I snoozed though, Mum proudly proclaiming she's "closer than she's ever been" to having all the colours sorted.  Meanwhile, I noticed a great big lump of blue paint on my purple wall.  That Craig is a useless painter, and yet David overpaid them so we have to wait weeks for them to finish their terrible work.  For instance, Craig has taken another week off this week for half term...and now that David's realised that, he's in no rush to look at colours and is trying to discourage Mum.  After all, we can't be in a situation where he has no excuse to be a wimp around the builders.

Then we walked to a little shop in Ealing Broadway to get some paint sample pots, and were just about to return to Grottsville to paint some boards when David's mobile phone rang.  The tiles for the front path had arrived at Woodberry (even though we were supposed to have received a call the day before they were delivered), so we had to go back to open the front door, since nobody's working there this week.

As usual, David had the wireless at the highest volume possible and wasn't speaking to us, so we misunderstood and thought it was the long-awaited tiling bloke who's supposed to be removing a tile from the fireplace.  Mum doesn't want to be around when her beloved fireplace is broken even further, so she asked if we could walk up to the charity shops around the corner from the house while David saw the man.  So even when we realised who had really rung David we stuck to our plan and walked up to the shops.

The £3 G3 "Tea Party" set rucksack had finally sold, and I was just a little upset, 'cause I'd been hoping the ponies to go with the set would re-surface.  I turned around to the 50p basket to see... A PONY!  But not one of the Tea Party Ponies...  An Easter Toola Roola.  She's in absolutely gorgeous condition with her ears though, so I couldn't bear to leave her.  She's up for re-homing, if anyone's interested.  Otherwise I'm sure one of my nieces will be happy with her.  Just as I was rummaging around for a 50p coin, one of the women who works there came out of the back of the shop with a stack of toys...including two more ponies!  Rarity (the 3-D symbol version) and Secret Wish.  Secret Wish has a bit of wild tinsel but apart from that they're in great condition.  The woman actually dropped Rarity on the floor before she reached the toy basket so I scooped her up.  "You like?" she asked me in broken English, handing Secret Wish to me.  (The charity shop is for a Polish charity and most of the people who work there are very friendly Polish women).  Anyways, before I could answer, Mum starts telling her all about how I love ponies and go around the charity shops looking for them.  We had quite a long conversation and the women who work there (along with a little girl who appeared to be a friend of theirs) were admiring the ponies and brushing their hair while I blushed bright red and Mum continued to embarrass me.

When I finally found the right change they put the ponies in a sweet little gift bag and we set on our way.  Baby Goody Gumdrop is STILL for sale at the smallest charity shop in the street.  I tried scraping at the purple on her face and it did seem to fade a little.  The orange just will not budge though, so I left her there again.  Mum fell in love with a teapot shaped like a church, and I asked her if she wanted me to lift it down off the shelf for her, but she said no.

Nothing at the last shop at all - we didn't even bother to go in, because we could see it was just furniture inside.  They did have a couple of boxes of bric-a-brac outside the door, but nothing of interest.

We had a nice walk back looking in the shop windows etc.  Just as we walked past the Polish charity shop the women who work there start waving at us and calling us back inside.  They've "found another one"!  This time it's Wysteria (the 'Favourite Friends' edition with the cascading symbols down her back leg).  Of course, I had to buy her, even though the pink streaks in her hair are a little faded.

They promised to look out for more ponies for me, so I shall be scared to go up there now.  Goodness knows how many fakies I will be guilted into buying!

I already have all four of the ponies I bought today, so if anybody wants them, I can probably be convinced to sell them, although right now they're giving me that pleading "Don't sell us - we're cute little plastic toys and need a loving home!" look.

On that note, I actually broke my rules and sold Baby Bridesmaid and Sweet Notes, by the way.  Right now, they're on their way to Ringlets from the MLP Arena.  I feel horrid, but I know she'll appreciate them far more than me, because I already have my own, and have nowhere to display them anyway.  And £14 is far more useful to me than a couple of duplicate ponies, I guess...

We walked back down the road to Woodberry, where we met David in the car.  Not before I saw a dead rat on the path covered in bluebottles, screamed, and ran out into the road though!  I wonder if that's what the dreaful smell under the floorboards was?  Those builders are so useless and haven't blocked up all the holes properly, so I guess a rat could have got in there and died.  There are so many rats here in London...

Oh, and just to make my Myspace joy complete, the loonies have come into my real life now too.  Some boy of about my age went jogging past me in the street outside Woodberry as I was about to get in the car (presumably also avoiding the dead rat), and wolf-whistled at me rather loudly and annoyingly.  Again, p*** off and let me get on with my life  - ALONE!!!!!! 

When we got back to Grottsville I found my other My Scene DVD had arrived.  (The Jammin' In Jamaica one came yesterday when I didn't write a blog).  Both work perfectly, so a great deal for 99p each including postage, I think.  This one is 'Masquerade Madness', and I was pleasantly surprised to find Ellis (or rather, Shane Meier) had a few lines in it.  I wasn't expecting that, and only really bought it on the off-chance, knowing I'd get to hear Kelly Sheridan in it anyways.

Okay, I think that's all for now.  Myspace appears to be playing up and has typed the last paragraph in a different font, or maybe just a different size of Verdana?  Either way it won't let me correct it...  Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to see if I can get a bit of sleep on the floor.  Speak to you all tomorrow!  xxx

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