Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pork - The Bain of my Life

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And no, don't worry, this isn't yet another reference to Swine Flu! (Although another nine confirmed cases today just here in the UK are not making me feel any better...)  Nor have I given up being a vegetarian.  I'm talking about David's dinner.

It all started last night.  He came running down the stairs (remarkable in itself, considering we hardly ever see him) halfway through our dinner, and told me to get up and move my drink from the kitchen because he was getting meat to accompany the potatoes Mum had peeled for him.  (I won't leave my drink out there when he gets greasy meat, as he always splatters it EVERYWHERE).

So I got up off the floor where I have to eat and dashed to remove my drink from the kitchen countertop - giving myself even worse indigestion - and then David started cooking his dinner.

Mum and I were almost overwhelmed by the awful smell.  It continued to get worse until David had finally got the meat out of the oven and was eating it upstairs.  Now I know that meat does not smell nice to vegetarians at the best of times, but this was beyond ridiculous.  I couldn't even stand to go out in the kitchen to wash my plate for almost an hour.  Mum asked David what was causing the awful smell.  "It's pork, for God's sake!" he replied in an angry voice.  We left him alone after that.

Having promised to take us out after dinner, he went to sleep on the landing straight after eating it, and didn't get up for three hours.  Then we went out for ice cream at McDonalds, as I said yesterday.  He could hardly eat a small cone though, a rare occurence for him.

He's felt ill ever since and spent HOURS in the bathroom.  We figured it was the pork, and asked him where it came from.  It turns out he bought it cheap at Tesco because it was out of date.  "When?"  Mum asked.  "I can't remember..." David groaned.  "Well, roughly.  Four or five days ago?" Mum continued to question him.  "All of that..." David replied.  What in the world gave him the idea to buy out of date meat and leave it in the fridge for days on end?!  I wondered what that awful smell was every time I opened the fridge the last few days...

So he's spent ALL DAY feeling too ill to take us out, and since we're still stranded in the middle of nowhere, Mum and I have been locked up in Grottsville all day, and we're going mad in here.  If we were at Woodberry, someone else in the family giving themselves food poisoning through their own stupidity wouldn't stop US going out!

Anyways, as you probably guessed, there's not a lot to say about today.  I saw a squirrel on our fence in the back garden.  I very rarely see squirrels in this area, so it was nice to see it - until the TWO rat-catching cats who now seem to have taken up residence in our garden chased it off...

Well, another day is over.  So I'm off to floor-bed.  Speak to you all tomorrow!  xxx

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