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An update on my life.

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Well, 11pm is already long gone, so I'm not sure how much of this I'll get (re)written before I have to struggle to get some sleep on the floor, but since I haven't written a proper blog since April 21st, I thought I'd give you a quick(ish) update on some of what's been going on since Myspace stopped my blogging addiction.  Since you're all so interested in my life, that is...not!

April 22nd 2009

Went to Woodberry to see the electricians, who were supposed to be completing their part of the work.  They didn't.  On top of that, Mr Williams admitted that the shower attachment for our bath has "gone missing" (or rather, has been stolen by one of the hard working building folk >.<).  Don't worry though, he's offered to pay to replace it.  Interesting, considering this one was being sold off as 'end of line' last September!

We also went to a tile shop, but couldn't see anything we liked.  A bloke who worked there approached us and asked if he could be of assistance.  David's reply?  "Oh no, we're just looking around and doing preliminary stuff."  I couldn't help but recall that's what he was saying THREE YEARS AGO!  When is this nightmare going to end?

April 23rd 2009

My parents went to Kew Archives to do more 1911 census research, while I stayed here and made some cassette recordings.  Or at least, I tried to do so.  But Youtube videos take so long to load on dial-up, so I'm sad to say that my recording session was not very successful.

Then we went to Woodberry to see the electricians' final work.  As already mentioned, they hadn't finished the job.  In fact, judging by the amount of work they'd done, I'm guessing they scarpered as soon as we drove out of sight.

The only real signs we could see that they'd been in there whatsoever?  The lavatory was filthy again (and I swore the smell under the floorboards had got even worse...although my parents reckoned it was just the fact that the electricians still don't seem to have got the hang of the word "flush"), all the doors to the painted rooms (which we keep shut to avoid excess dust) were wide open, lights had been left switched on in the shower room and David's bedroom window was wide open!  It's a Velux roof light positioned right above his bookshelves, so thank goodness it hadn't rained overnight!

I got into one of my depressions (can't really remember why - I think I saw Sickton's so-called "wife" running around happily outside the house where we should be living if not for them, and then came back to this dump attempting to make recordings in a dark room, one foot either side of a rubbish bag, leaning over a pile of yellowed newspapers...and wondering why I sound so awful!), and I had a really argument with Mum in the evening.

Anyways, David went to Tesco and found the Dolly Mix Ponies.  He got four boxes of them, and proudly presented them to me when he got back...and I started shouting at him and crying all at the same time.  I have no idea why, but I felt horrid afterwards, especially when he said he'd pay for them.  Of course, that put Mum in an even worse mood considering our current financial situation.  I just don't know what's going to happen about it all.

April 24th 2009

Opened the Dolly Mix Ponies.  So who did I get?  Well, you can guess my luck, can't you?  Remember how I got Star Song from Seahorse on the Trading Post...and then her sealed Dolly Mix box turned out to be a second Star Song?  Well, I now had a grand total of four of the things!  And two Scootaloo!  Ugh.  And it's not like we can afford to keep throwing £2 down the drain for a box of sweets I can't eat because they contain gelatine, and a little tiny plastic pony!

Despite that, we went to Tesco, and I bought the four remaining boxes.  Which ponies this time?  Well, I got Rainbow Dash and Sweetie-Belle...and yet another Star Song and Scootaloo pair!   So now I desperately need to re-home three Star Songs and two Scootaloos.  I was hoping to get £3 for them, to help cover the money for my own ponies as well, but right now I'd probably take less because they're annoying me by sitting on the lounge floor, seemingly laughing at me because nobody wants them.  They're still mint in their little bags, and I'll include the sweets (although I'm not sure about laws shipping edible goods overseas?), box and colouring sheet too.  Please, just take these demon ponies away from me before they attract more of their identical siblings to come and join them!

We saw a sparrowhawk in the garden.  Nice as it is to see birds of prey through your own back door, the only reason they ever show up is to cause some kind of mayhem, of course.  This time, it was one of our resident blackbirds that met his doom.  I was kind of sad, since that blackbird kept me company, looking through the back door whenever I was doing jobs out in the kitchen...

We went to McDonalds in the evening, where I was pleasantly surprised to find they still has the Cadburys Creme Egg McFlurrys.  Mum still wasn't feeling right though, so she just had a cone, meaning she never got to have her favourite McFlurry this year.

I need to get to sleep now, but I'll certainly try to get this up to date tomorrow.  There's not a whole lot to say about the following days anyhow.

Hope everyone is well.  To those I STILL haven't written to, my sincerest apologies.  I need to sit down and force myself to answer all those messages.  I just never seem to have a chance.  Why is it that the less you have going on in your life, the less time you have to do anything?  That just...doesn't make sense. o_0

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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