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Updating while I can... (aka Very long blog ahead!)

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I'm sick of this new Myspace palava.  At a guess, I'd say 80% of the time I cannot enter a blog now.  The toolbar doesn't show up, and I'm left typing in white text which I cannot read to correct any typing errors.  And Livejournal is no better.  I'm guessing it's a dial-up thing.  The toolbar takes ages to load even when it does show up.  Hence, I'm going to get my blog up to date while I can, so sorry for the long entry...  I am also in a very bad mood right now, because of everything that has happened today, so further apologies for my ranting throughout.

April 25th 2009

Went to Woodberry to look at colours, but Mum is still having trouble making any final decisions.  She wants to move in and figure it all out after we get there, but David won't allow that.  We picked out a couple of possible colours for the kitchen though, and bought smaple pots at B&Q on the way back.

Piss Sickton sent a letter full of lies to Peter Bell, which was when Bell started siding with Sickton.
Thank you.
With regards to the front path I do not have the tiles as I was about to plce the order when the issues regardi ng our empolyment occurred. To order these would have meant this practice purchasing the tiles to acheive the discount which the client could not obtain. I have passed on the details to the contractor but of course time has passed and I am sure that Original tiles will need to provide another proforma.
I will respond in full by letter regarding te other items.
Once again thank you for you acting in a fair proffessional manor in respect of this matter.

I just love his professional spelling mistakes! >.<  I actually have recordings of Sickton LAST YEAR saying the front path tiles were being delivered "next week"  (Sickton threw his fit and left at the end of January this year), but of course we cannot use the audio recording as evidence against Sickton because we didn't have his permission to record his voice in the first place.  I hate the stupid laws of this country.

I've also written in my offline diary that I'm exhausted from not being able to get any proper sleep down on the floor, and I washed the very last of my MLP collection, but I doubt you're very interested in either of those things!

April 26th 2009

Back to Woodberry for more hopeless colour-viewing.  It was ridiculously late by the time David came out of the bathroom and took us over there anyway, so we got pizza on the way back, despite our financial situation.  But Mum was too desperate to wait to get back and cook dinner.  If only David would get out in the mornings!

When we arrived back at the house, I looked out of the bathroom window to see the pretty cat who seems to have taken up residence in our garden staring down a hole.  One of the holes we figure are rat holes, where David has been leaving loads of poison (which has all disappeared - God knows how many rats are living out there!).  Anyways, I came downstairs, and told my parents about this - David likes to think all the rats are gone, so good for him to know the cat is showing a lot of interest in that hole, I thought.  I walked to the back door...and saw the cat carrying something, something with a long earthworm-like tail.

Yeah, you guessed it.  Just as I feared, the cat had got a rat.  In fact, since then she has killed a further four just while I've been looking out the back door.  Of course, I'm grateful that she's getting rid of some of our vermin, but I'm so scared she'll eat a poisoned rat...or some of the poison for that matter.   But we can't stop leaving poison out while they're are obviously so many rats out there, can we?

I had five more sales set up at this point...but as it turned out, only one person ended up buying the stuff.  People are put off by the shipping costs - I wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere as far as the pony world is concerned!

April 27th 2009
Went to Asda, and found another vegetarian canneloni.  They're being labelled as "new" so hopefully that means they've re-launched them.  I love those things, although we can only afford one (with a few extra vegetables) between Mum and I and we're always hungry afterwards!

Mum's e-friend, Jill, sent me a really pretty Avalonia, who she had found at her local car boot sale.  I already have Avalonia in my collection (no need for Jill to know that though!  I have thanked her with a Yahoo e-card - I'm still very embarrassed that she keeps picking up these ponies for me, when I have hardly ever even spoken to her), so according to my New Year resolution I should be aiming to sell this girl.  But...I just can't bring myself to do it!  I guess I haven't totally cured myself of "Rescue Pony-itis" as of yet...

April 28th 2009
Went to Woodberry...and then to Brent Cross shopping centre to look at wallpaper.

That's about all that I have written in my offline diary (well, apart from a detailed description of all the dead rat bodies in the garden, but I doubt you want to hear about that!), and sadly I can't remember much else about what happened that day.

April 29th 2009
Didn't leave the house.  David felt "too ill to do anythink" - he had nosebleeds, watering eyes, and a cracked up voice, all most likely caused by having to sleep on the floor.  We need to get out of this place!  I don't feel much better, and have constantly a sore throat filled with dust and mucus.  Not the best condition for singing and voice acting, I must say!

Not a lot happened all day - I spent most of the afternoon reading old blogs, and getting annoyed about how I was unable to write any more.

I desperately need to get shopping before next Friday.  I don't want to endure my 18th birthday with hairy legs and no deodrant again.  But I won't leave the house in this area, and David won't drive me anywhere, despite endless promises.  And now Mum doesn't want me to go shopping, because she's "scared I'll catch Swine Flu". >.<  At least that's her most recent excuse...but she always gets ridiculously stressed whenever I go anywhere alone, as you all know, so I think she's just trying to put me off as much as anything...although I must admit this whole Swine Flu thing has un-nerved me somewhat over the past couple of weeks.

April 30th 2009

Our Historic Houses membership expired on the last day of David finally got around to taking us to Hatfield House.  Even then, he didn't get us there until 3pm!  We had an interesting guided tour, and walked around the gardens for a little while.  The batteries had run out in my camera, so I'm afraid I don't have ny photos for you all.  It was too late to go to the Galleria shopping centre on the way back as planned though.

I actually fell asleep in the car before we got back to Grottsville.  I'm just not used to the comfort of sitting down, even on a hard car whole life is so ridiculous!

May 1st 2009
Went to Woodberry, and walked down to the charity shops in South Ealing on my own.  The MLP Tea Party bag and Baby Goody Gumdrop are still there, of course (who would want a £3 bag or a baby pony with her face painted pink and orange?!), but nothing else of interest whatsoever.

When I returned, I found my parents opening various windows and doors, and marching around with brooms.  Um...  "The house is full of bl**dy bluebottles!" Mum told me, and soon I could see for myself.  There were hundreds of them, crawling all over every window in the house.  We had no idea where they were coming from, but the stench beneath the floorboards in the cupboard (and toilet) under the stairs might be a clue.  It smells like a dead body to me, but I think it's gone on too long for it to be a rat or something else that could have died under there.  So my bet is that it's the toilet.  Remember how Mr Williams quickly peeped under the floorboards before, told us the smell came from "wet rubbish" and instead of removing it threw bleach down all over the floor to try and disguise the stink?  First off, what were the builders doing throwing rubbish under the floorboards?  Secondly, why is it wet?

My immediate thought is that a pipe must be leaking...we've always suspected there's something wrong with that lavatory.  Surely not everyone who's ever used it can forget to flush?  But that points more towards a blockage than a leak...

Also, the bottom stair (the one that had to be replaced because of "wood worm") is creaking and appears to be coming loose again.  So maybe dry rot or wet rot?  But why would that attract flies and maggots?

I'm just so mad.  We should have been living there for almost eight months now, and instead of that, every time we go in there we have to endure a stench which literally makes me want to puke.  What is going to happen about it all?

Well, there's a lot more to this tale but, despite all my big plans, I'm sick of writing this update blog.  If Myspace will allow it, I will continue later tonight.  Otherwise, I'll see you all as soon as possible.

*Huge hugs to everyone who read this far*
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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