Saturday, 23 May 2009

"You are bad children, and so you will be punished!" said the little boy.

Current mood:  anxious

David (the little boy in question) has sulked all day, keeping us locked up indoors and blocking us from the bathroom, as though both Mum and I have wronged him.  He's severely depressed, don't you know?  So he's been lying in the bathroom doorway ever since he came out of there this morning (or was it this afternoon - he sulked in there 'til about noon).

He knew the laundry needed to be taken down the road after I splashed Mum's coat with apple juice yesterday.  Mum and I cleared the airer, packed the laundry bag and placed it in front of the loo, figuring David would see it when he went back in the bathroom - he spends hours in there every day, as you know - and remember he'd promised to go to the launderette.  He isn't talking to us and is pretending not to hear us when we speak to him so we couldn't ask him to go like any normal person would.

Well, would you believe it?  David didn't go back in the bathroom until 6PM!  That's a miracle for his standards.  The launderette shuts at 7.30 - last wash at 7pm.  As it happened, he came downstairs just in time...but it was too dark in the kitchen for us to do the ironing, so I had to lift the ironing board over all the junk into the lounge so we could do the job by the window.

He made his next appearance at 9.54pm to go to Tesco (which shuts at 10pm).  Of course it was too late so he came and shouted at us - yes, he can still open his mouth when he wishes to do so, he's not too "depressed" for that  - that we should have "told him the time; he doesn't have a clock".  He has a mobile phone and an alarm clock up there actually...  But that's not the point.  How were we supposed to tell him anything when he was refusing to listen to us all day?

During his 6pm-7pm bathroom session, the doorbell rang.  Mum hid behind the computer on the sofa, and I hid behind the lounge door.  I watched the bloke behind the door muttering "Nuisance!  Nuisance!" in a thick Irish accent while he wrote a note to stick through the letterbox.  I figured it was the bloke who smashed our gatepost a couple of weeks ago while driving out of our neighbours' garden.  He's already been back to the door a couple of times to discuss compensation, but David always ignores him.  But as I watched him I realised that he was too slim.  Mum joked that maybe it was the police finally arriving after yesterday's incident.

Anyhow, the man walked back to his car and three kids and drove away, and I went to pick up the note.  Ironically, there was a "News from your local police" pamphlet in the porch (we get one every couple of months - this one details how they've shut down both a cannabis factory and a brothel in this street in the last few weeks!  Pretty tame for Grottsville!), and I seriously wondered if Mum was right.

But no, the envelope came from Mark, David's brother, asking him to ring him back some time this week.  Kind of sad that my family are all so estranged that I don't recognise my own uncle and cousins, eh?  The Irish accent threw me though.  I know he married an Irish lady, and is obviously half Irish himself, but he always had a very deep English voice!

David always gets in a worse mood when he's spoken to Mark (his brother was "lucky to have two sons, while David only got a daughter", you see?) so this couldn't have come at a worse time.  Mum and I were also hoping to move house before Mark came pestering us again, so as to lose contact with him for good.  *Sighs*

On a lighter topic, I happened to notice Boomerang are having another Bratz weekend, so I actually taped "Fashion Pixiez" this time.  Janyse played Cymbeline in that movie, and I regretted not recording it before, so I was lucky to find out it was coming on just thirty minutes before it started!

Speaking of voices, I was devestated to find part of the Youtube videos of My Scene's "Jammin' In Jamaica" that I found have had the audio removed for copyright reasons, before I ever got the chance to audio record them.   So I decided to take a look on e-Bay and found a DVD for 99p with free postage!  So I bid on it and won!  I also got a My Scene "Masquerade Madness" DVD for the same price.  I'm not sure if Shane even starred in that one (Ellis's name is on the box, so I figured it was worth a 99p gamble).  Oh, well.  Even if he's not on there, I should get a bit of Kelly Sheridan's voice.  Possibly Mark Hildreth?  Oh, who cares?  As long as there's someone from Ocean or any other voice actor from Vancouver on there, it's well worth 99p in my opinion.

We also won a competition in 'Pretty Pony Club' comic yesterday - in case you're wondering why we had a kids' comic, I love those little fakie ponies (I had them when I was a kid, and couldn't get MLPs in shops), and sometimes buy the magazine when I can afford it if I like the free gift pony! - a Barbie gift pack.  Apparently, we'll be getting a Barbie Thumbelina doll, ballerina doll and two Barbie Petites Club.  Unless anyone here wants them (I know a couple of Barbie collectors, but not sure these modern types, are really their kind of thing?), I'll be giving them to Mum as extra Christmas gifts for Emma's kids.  The dolls haven't arrived yet; we just got a letter to say they were coming, along with the best bit of the package (as far as I'm concerned), and the reason I entered the competition...a Barbie Thumbelina DVD!  I hardly ever get to hear the Barbie movies, and Tabitha St Germain was in that movie (as well as several of my other favourite VAs).  It won't work on our DVD machine for some reason, so I need to wait for David to calm down and lend me his computer for an hour.  My disk drive is still not working properly, and only plays Region 1 DVDs anyway.

Oh gosh, and here's the worst bit about today.  With all this talk of Barbie movies, I finally decided to write something on Kelly Sheridan's page on Facebook.  I've been putting off doing so because I figured people might get some story on their news feed like "Desiree Skylark Alder wrote on Kelly Sheridan's wall", so I was kind of embarrassed in case anybody looked at my horrid fangirly message.  Instead of that, I find the WHOLE DARN MESSAGE shows up on everyone's news feed page.  So, in a blind panic, I deleted a load of people from my friends' list before they got a good laugh at me, and now I don't know what to say to them all!

Ugh, and finally, for those of you who want a good laugh at my idiocy, last night I made cheese sandwiches for Mum and myself.  So I'm there grating cheese in the dark kitchen, and can't really see what I'm doing.  You can guess what's coming, can't you?  Yeah, I flavoured our sandwiches with a load of skin off a knuckle on my right hand.  Ow, it hurts even now!  I've got two deep cuts, and I don't know if I should keep a plaster on to keep it clean (it's kind of hard not to use your right hand!) or to let the air get to it.  It is healing, but ugh, I hate these kinds of things.

Oh God, now I'm in a mess.  David's gone in the bathroom, so I can't get undressed or brush my teeth to go to floor-bed.  Mum's already asleep, so I'm getting no support from her.  She just grunted something about how she "told me to go to bed when the coast was clear".  Very helpful, Mum.  Not.  Now what am I going to do?

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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