Monday, 29 June 2009

How High is your Bed?

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Forget "How Clean is your House?" - that's so last season!  Especially since we're living in an episode of the show surrounded by insects, mouse droppings and general dirt and grime in this dump.

So I have a new idea for an exciting new TV show - "How High is your Bed?"  All you have to do is send in the measurements of your bed and you may be featured on Desirée Skylark's blog!  Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions: Please comment on Desirée Skylark's blog with the measurements of your bed in order to book a space on the show.  Desirée Skylark cannot be held responsible for disappointment caused by your own laziness.

All right, enough of my jokes.  There is no show, but I am interested to know the average height of a bed in this day and age.  It just seems that every bed we look at is incredibly low, and I'm beginning to wonder if we're all looking at kids' beds.  Basically, it seems that only kids want single beds these days.  As soon as your old enough to want a bed more than 2" off the ground, you are CERTAIN to have a partner and need a double bed.  Well, I'm sorry, but I just want a simple single bed with some storage space beneath.  My TV is to be on a bracket halfway up the wall, and at this rate I'm going to be straining my neck trying to watch it from what is practically a mattress resting straight on the floor!

Measure your beds, please!

Not a lot to say about today really.  Mum and I did a lot of clearing out in the kitchen, and got rid of another two black sacks full of rubbish.  And yet the place looks no better at all.  We discovered that the sink is leaking badly and everything in the cupboard below was totally ruined with mildew and sticky insect poop.  Our resident woodlice have also been feasting on the bac of the cupboard it would appear, and the kitchen countertop is very damp and lumpy...not to mention the underside is quite obviously covered in grey mold.

I also forgot to mention the leak that has sprung up in the bathroom ceiling, didn't I?  We need to get out of here, but things are continuing to go wrong at Woodberry all the time.

The builders had to spend the day trying to correct the mistakes they made yesterday.  The wallpaper still looks an awful mess, but David says he will just accept it in his office, and Mum says she will accept it in the hobby room, IF we can get the money for the wallpaper off of what we owe these builders.

David came back from supervising them around noon to collect a dustpan and brush, and take the latest lot of rubbish to the local refuse centre.  He offered to take us out and drop us somewhere on the way back to the house, but Mum was too tired to go having done so much clearing up and I felt I couldn't go without her, so I only got as far as Woodberry this evening again.

I'm still annoyed about the timer going wrong and stopping halfway through Walker, Texas Ranger yesterday.  And I cannot find out which episodes Bravo shall be showing throughout July anywhere on the internet (and believe me, I've tried today, the best I can with dial-up), so I just don't know how I'll ever catch that one again.

Tomorrow evening we are going to see Neil Sedaka at the Royal Albert Hall.  I wish I could have got some decent clothes beforehand, but never mind.  I love Neil Sedaka's music and really enjoyed the concert we attended back in 2006, so I'm looking forward to going to see him again.

Anyways, I shall go now.  I might not get around to blogging tomorrow night (it depends how late we get back from the concert), but I'll try my best to get up to date with my individual messages to everyone before then.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Current mood:annoyed
That was the cry that rang out around the house when we arrived back here today.  Okay, so maybe I was over-reacting...anyways, back to that in a moment.

Went to Woodberry - it was my first chance to leave the house during the daytime for several days, so I could hardly turn it down.  But it meant setting the timer to record Walker, Texas Ranger.  Bravo were supposed to be airing both parts of Sons Of Thunder at 1-3pm, so I decided to tape both so that they'd be on the tape together, even though I already recorded the first part a few months ago.

More disasters at Woodberry.  The wallpaper looks really terrible.  It isn't even touching the wall in places where the idiots have cut it too short, and they've actually torn a piece of paper and stuck it back together in David's office!

We spent several hours there (longer than I had expected) with my parents arguing about colours as ever, and then had pizza in West Ealing on the way back.  While they were preparing the pizza, we took a little stroll, and Mum and I went in BHS.  I fell in love with a gorgeous necklace and earrings set which is currently reduced to £7.50 (I still have a £10.00 BHS voucher that somebody gave me for Christmas, so it would have been totally free to me).  Too bad we still haven't moved house so that I can get my ears pierced.  I would have bought it anyway, and saved it until a time when I could wear the set, but we didn't have time to queue up.  I still intend on going back there though.  They had some nice clothes in the sale too.  I particularly liked a floral-print dress-type shirt but Mum didn't like it saying it was too low-cut or something...although it wasn't really low-cut at all (I don't even LIKE low-cut clothes, as you know).   I think she just doesn't like clothes that look even the slightest bit feminine.

By the time we got back, it was about 5pm.  I went straight to the TV...and the timer had switched off mid-way through the recording, meaning I have a second copy of the whole first part, and precisely FIVE MINUTES AND EIGHTEEN SECONDS of the second part.  I'm so mad at myself for not staying here and taping it myself now. >.<  The online TV guide I use isn't even listing which episodes Bravo will be showing after July 1st, so I'm going to have to start watching the show every day.  (No hardship since I actually do enjoy WTR, but Mum can't stand "annoying fiction" on television, and the only TV in this dump is right opposite the sofa!)

I'm just pretty disappointed right now, and angry with myself for going out.  David says I'm stupid and must have set the timer wrong, but I know I didn't.  It's just another case of nothing working properly in this house.

Well, I think I'll go now.  Otherwise, I'll be running around in circles in my annoyance for the rest of the night!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Then what is David doing at Woodberry?

Current mood:  tired
Take back what I said yesterday about the new builders.  Yes, they do work faster than Williams' lot.  Yes, they've done a better job with the building work than Williams' lot.  But it would seem that they are not decorators.  More about that later in the blog.

I have been exhausted all day, due to staying up to watch 'Intelligence' last night.  It froze for fifty seconds around two minutes into the show, so I stayed up to tape the first part of the repeat on Hallmark +1 which didn't help!  I intend on putting the recordings together on another tape if David ever sets up the other VCR machine.  I find it necessary to stress once again what a tragedy it is that it got cancelled after just two seasons.  This series is so much better than the first...I'd love to have seen a third season, and wonder what us viewers missed due to CBC's stupidity?  I still think it's only just building up to its full potential here in season two.  Why do they never give the good shows a chance?

After the show had finished, I went upstairs to use the bathroom.  I was almost at the top of the stairs when a voice shouted, "Desirée!  Don't come in 'ere!"  David was on the loo with the door wide open.  Nice.  "Why do you never close the door?" I asked.  "I thought you were in bed, and it's too 'ot in 'ere!" He yelled back.  So I had to go on bucket duty downstairs at 3.30am again. >.<

David spent another day over at Woodberry supervising them because they decided that they wanted to work today too.  That meant Mum and I couldn't get out again, even though there were several special summer events taking place around Ealing today.  If only we had moved house so that we weren't dependent on David for everything.

So we spent another day upstairs trying to clear stuff out.  Now my allergies are worse than ever.  We discovered the the chest of drawers I'm to have in my bedroom is all cracked and broken inside, so that one of the shelves can't even be pulled out any more. Great.

We threw out another black sack full of stuff and yet there's hardly any difference to be seen!  I felt sad getting rid of my old Pound Puppies wellyboots, but you can't keep these things forever, can you?  One thing I found that I HAVE kept was my duplicate china G1 MLP teaset, so I just need to sell one of them now.

I was right about the woman who contacted me on Craigslist.  She "didn't see any prices" on the stuff.  Um, what?  Does that mean she thought I was giving it all away for free even though my post clearly states that I am SELLING 1980s/90s character toys?

By the time David came in, Mum and I were exhausted from clearing up, and my eyes and nose were streaming.  And all he could say was, "So you STILL 'aven't got on and tidied up UNDER the bed?"  We'd cleared all the rubbish from the two chests of drawers and between the drawers and the bed, but that wasn't enough for him, it seems.

And what had he been doing while we had been so incredibly "lazy"?

Well, apparently the builders have got wallpaper paste all up two of the painted walls, and papered unevenly.  Mum asked David if there were any air bubbles, but he says that he "didn't have time to check it all".  I'm not sure why though, as in the whole nine hours they were over there, they only papered one long wall and two short walls.

I wonder if it's because we keep getting combined building/decorating companies, rather than two specialised groups?  Well, I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since we have to invite Williams' idiots to come back if and when they feel like it as soon as the Polish lot have left.

So how about painting my shelves?

No, he didn't do any of that either.  "It's too 'ot!" you know?  And he doesn't like doing it when he hasn't got the place to himself!  So is he saying he won't paint them until the autumn now?  Because he said I could move into that house in MARCH whatever state it was in, and yet now he says I can't move until the shelves are painted.  Meanwhile, my breathing problems and chest pains are getting worse and worse.

His answer to that?

He "told me to go and sleep up on the wooden bed months ago!"  The wooden bed is Emma's old bed, by the way.  A wooden fitted bed with no mattress and not even the semi-soft carpet on it.  And in yet another insect-infested room.  So how the heck would it help my breathing?

I'm a little worried about what I presume to be a computer virus which has shown up in one of my Myspace friends' status boxes.  Basically, a row of random letters and characters, and their mood has also been changed.  I'm worried about the virus coming my way, but more importantly, I'm worried the person in question will take his profile down again, meaning I'll lose the messages from him that I've been wanting to print for ages now, but haven't been able to because we never move house where the printer would be set up and connected to the computer.

Oh, and on the subject of computers at Woodberry, did I tell you that the idiotic electricians gave me a phone point instead of a computer point?!  Apparently, "I said I didn't need one now because David was having one in his office" .  Uh...  There's also a broken electric point in my room.  I'm cursed with life-long bad luck, I swear!

Oh, and finally, another Myspace glitch.  I just discovered that Elisabeth commented to me over two days ago, but I never got the little 'New comments' sign, so I didn't see it or reply.  Anyways, if you're reading this, sorry, Liz.  I will write back as soon as I can tomorrow, I promise!

Now I'm off to floor-bed to get some more delightful chest pains and sniffles.  I should consider myself lucky since I'm the one choosing to sleep on this piece of insect-covered carpet rather than the hard insect-covered wooden bed though, eh?!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Friday, 26 June 2009


Current mood:  excited

Ugh, my allergies are worse than ever.  My eyes are streaming, I keep coughing and sneezing every few minutes, and I'm finding it terribly hard to breathe.  I'm pretty sure I figured out the cause now though - carpet beetle larvae's skins.  We've been trying to do some clearing up the last couple of days and every time we come across a crop of them, my allergies get so much worse.  Admittedly, large quantities of ordinary dust seem to be setting it off too, but nothing like this.  I wish we could get out of here.

On the subject of Woodberry, the new Polish builders actually did show up yesterday and have been working incredibly hard.  They stayed over there from 8am 'til sunset, and did so much good work.  If only we had found them at the very start rather than Sickton's idiots, I'm sure we'd have been moved months ago.  But of course, even now they're unable to do what they want, because Williams' men haven't finished their side of the work, and we can't get the Polish lot doing it because David has overpaid Williams.

Today the builders were over there from 7.30am to late afternoon.  They didn't want to leave then, but there was nothing else for them to do.  In the last two days, they've dropped the two beams between the extension, kitchen and family history room, re-hung the doors to the cupboard and bathroom under the stairs, added a 'tongue and groove' design to the doors, ripped out the cupboard that Mum disliked in the extension, lined the hobby room and David's office ready for wallpapering...and all without damaging anything.  In fact, they've put plastic sheeting over the kitchen units, and took great care removing the radiator from David's office and placing it down in the middle of the hobby room floor (rather than leaning it against one of the walls and scratching it like the Sickton brigade would have done).  I'm just so sick of it.  They would have done the wallpapering today too, but David didn't think they'd be ready to do it, so hadn't taken it over there.  And they can't do the shower room wallpapering anyway, because Craig hasn't finished the painting and has scratched the walls to pieces.

While David has been supervising them, Mum and I have been trying to clear up the front bedroom in this house (the old communal bedroom, that is).  And that's why I've got so ill with my allergies again, because we keep digging up more and more insects.  We disposed of a lot of junk though, including the large double duvet Mum and I were using the last few months of sleeping up there, much to my delight.

When we put it out in the front garden for the dustmen, I joked that someone would probably steal it.  Well, guess what?  By dawn, it had gone.  And the other rubbish bags were still there, so it certainly wasn't the dustmen who had taken it!  God knows who wanted our dirty old torn-up duvet - I hope they're making good use of it anyway!

We emptied the broken ottoman at the bottom of the bed, which was mostly filled with Mum's tapestry and Grandma's cross stitching.  The ottoman itself was crawling with insects, but luckily the stuff inside was fine.

When David came back, he and I put the ottoman in two black sacks and carried out into the front garden.  He's going to take it to the refuse centre tomorrow morning...unless someone comes and claims it beforehand, of course!  It seems we have our very own recycling service out in our front garden!

With the ottoman out of the way, Mum and I can get to the drawers under the bed (which are filled with all her old teddy bears).  I'm dreading what we'll find in there, as we already found the little teddy who used to hang on the wardrobe door in that room down on the floor - his hanging hook must have broken.  Anyways, the poor little thing had hardly any fur left after the carpet beetles had enjoyed their feast.  It was horrible, as I used to love that little bear when I was a kid.

I'm worried about the swine flu again.  It's obviously getting a lot worse, with so many more cases every single day.  My sister told us she's just been working at a school where there's now a confirmed case!  And I don't know what would happen if I got it, considering I'm still sleeping on the floor and having such awful breathing trouble anyway...

Someone contacted me through Craigslist about a load of stuff I have for sale, worth a total of £94.00!  Much as I'd love to be able to make that kind of money with one transaction, I have a feeling she hasn't checked the individual prices and thinks everything is a lot cheaper.  I also have a feeling I know her from somewhere - probably the MLP Arena or Trading Post - and yet I'm not anywhere near certain enough to say something to her.  Her name definitely sounds familiar though...  It's all very odd.

Well, I must go and have my bath now.  Episode three of Intelligence is due to air in two hours and twenty four minutes precisely!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer has arrived...

Current mood:  restless

It's so hot, I could hardly bring myself to do anything today.  I need to get some new sunglasses but can't find anything about the kite marks and which give you the most protection.  I don't want expensive designer glasses that aren't going to save my eyes from the sun.  I've also got to get some sun screen...can anyone recommend me a cheap one that works decently?

David went to Woodberry at 7.30am, so as to be able to let the builders in at 8am.  Guess what?  The boss showed up and told us they now can't make it until tomorrow!  So yet more wasted petrol, and yet another wasted Wednesday when we could have gone to the car boot sale in Hayling Island.  I hope these builders aren't going to turn out to be as bad as Sickton's lot.

We went to Richmond this afternoon to get some paint from Laura Ashley.  We also had a little wander around the shops, but everything is ridiculously expensive there, so I couldn't afford anything.

We came straight back and got chips for dinner - then I got another headache and started feeling dizzy.  It seems to have become a real thing that my body just can't take salt.  We don't even have much salt on our chips, but I feel awful for hours afterwards and have to drink three or four bottles of water before the headache finally goes away, so it must be a dehydration thing.  Then of course I feel sick from drinking too much!

David spent most of the afternoon and evening watching the tennis on TV.  Usually, I'd settle down and watch Wimbledon too, but I'm just too stressed and decided to do some tidying up instead.  I got upset when I found a carpet beetle's body inside the  taped down bag inside the box inside the sealed freezer bag that my 2007 MLP Fair Pony came in.  I was just coming round to the idea of selling my totally sealed one, but how can I when I don't know what might be inside?  And yet if I un-tape the box she'll no longer technically be MIB. >.<  I also found a load of MOC G2s (including Copper Glow) which had been crushed under piles of my parents' junk.

I managed to get rid of three carrier bags of old papers of mine from around 2006/2007.  Mainly dreadful songs I'd written and transcriptions of e-mails I wrote out when I was still limited to an hour at the internet cafe every week and wanted something to copy so as to get more done with my time!  And yet the place looks no better for my efforts.

I keep finding more sale-worthy items, and yet I cannot get an e-Bay account as you all know.  But then the fees would probably swallow up the small amounts I'd be making on any of this stuff.  I found a brand new keyboard (I don't think it's very good, mind you.  It was an unwanted Christmas gift a few years back, and I suspect someone got it as a free gift - or at least at a very cheap price - in a mail order catalogue), and a brand new kit for making Christmas crackers (again, not much, but I feel bad getting rid of unopened stuff), among other things.  I just don't know the best place to get rid of it all since we'll never get David to agree to do a car boot sale.

I think that's about everything really.  I pulled Mum's bird clock down off the wall and cleaned it up a little (there were even moth larvae and spiders INSIDE the clock!), and actually got it working again this evening.  So now we have American bird song to let us know the time again after about six years of silence!  It stops 'overnight', but I think it's going to drive me mad when the dawn chorus begins in the kitchen (right the other side of the lounge wall) at about 5am!

And with that, I must see if I can get any sleep before I am awoken by a mechanical Blue Jay.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Current mood:  thoughtful

Well, I just counted up how much money I've made from the stuff I've sold since January 1st this year, and that is the grand total!  Admittedly, I've not allowed for the money I've spent buying stuff from car boots etc. to sell, but most of it was bought so many years back I can't even remember what we spent.  This year I've only bought a MLP tray for £1 and a couple of ponies for roughly 48p that I've sold on, I think.  So I still feel I'm doing pretty well.  I've definitely brought in more money than either of my parents this year, despite being labelled as a lazy, good-for-nothing, un-educated and unemployed teenager!

David spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the internet cafe for unknown reasons.  Then we went to Woodberry at about 1.45pm.  I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner without much success.  One was shut - apparently it's always shut on Mondays and Tuesdays - and there wasn't even a glimmer of a pony in either of the others.  I was a bit sad to see Baby Goody Gumdrop had finally disappeared, not because I wanted her, but because I noticed the shop seemed to have had a big clear out...and somehow I suspect the poor little thing never found a new home.

When I returned to Woodberry, I found Mum laughing hysterically and David shaking his head sadly.  Emma Renton or one of her men had finally been in there (even though they now have no key?  I guess - or rather, hope - they went around the back alley) and brought the back gate.  One problem.  Even now that the incorrect green gate has finally been painted in silver it is FAR too small.  It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but I mean hilariously small.  A child could probably squeeze through the gap on the left hand side.  Oh, and they've obviously found a problem with the fencepost which we said was leaning at an awkward angle several weeks ago as they've decided to shore it up with a big piece of wood.

I'm despairing of ever moving house now.  Not that I really want to move there anyway - Sickton skipped by wearing a pair of summer shorts, sunglasses and a big smile, and I wanted to kick his teeth out.  Mum started shouting "Boooooo!" and hissing at him automatically.  I hate that man and don't see why he should be enjoying his summer while we're still stuck here.

After leaving the house, we moved on to Ealing Broadway (David needed to pay the fine for the parking ticket he got the other day).  He went to pay the fine and Mum and I walked around together.  It was too hot, but for once she and I weren't fighting and it was really quite enjoyable.  I finally got the chance to have a look around that charity shop where I my pony radar has been telling me to go for weeks.  It had faded a bit, but I still thought there was something in there.  And sure enough we found a Sunny Daze there.  I left her though, because I can't really afford 75p for yet another G3 pony.  Since my pony radar still seems to be working pretty well, I wonder what WAS in there a few weeks back when I was getting all those strong feelings (if anything)?  I hope it wasn't a Mimic!

There weren't any ponies to be seen in the other charity shops so we just went in TKMaxx.  Mum was helping me look through the clothes and found this really nice purple t-shirt with a deer on the front, and then I found a pink cat one in the same style.  They cost £7.82 each, but it's been so long since I bought myself any new clothes and since I've been doing quite well with my sales lately, I thought why not?  So I have two new t-shirts!  So at least I can wear one of those to the Neil Sedaka concert next week if the worst comes to worst.  I'll try and get some photos tomorrow.

I pulled out that same skirt that I mentioned seeing in Hounslow before, but at £17 I really couldn't justify buying it.  It's a pity as I obviously like it - I've pulled it off the rail three or four times now before I even realise what I'm doing - and it's the last one in the shop now, but I know I'd never wear it.

I saw some nice cropped trousers in Apple Snow too at £5 a pair, and thought maybe I'd get a pair just to try and see how well they fitted.  I think even I could get that much of my legs into a showable state?!  And then I could wear a skirt over the top.  Mum embarrassed me by making a huge thing of how I didn't like my clamdiggers before.  No, Mum.  Not the clamdiggers themselves.  But having to wear cropped trousers and not being able to shave your legs at 12-15 is rather embarrassing, you must admit! >.<  Then she started this big conversation about how if I was thinking about wearing cropped trousers or a skirt, my legs must no longer be hairy...which is interesting because all her hair just fell out too.  Why does she have to turn a perfectly nice outing into a weird one?  Luckily, a load of noisy teenagers started bustling around us shouting and laughing, and Mum dropped the subject.

My Malibu bed is in the Argos End Of Catalogue sale, so I hope it isn't about to go out of stock.  Mum is talking about the Jessica bed (apparently she thought I wanted that one) and has made me doubt myself.  Admittedly, the Jessica bed is painted purple and white rather than being wood-coloured, so it wouldn't clash with the dark furniture I'm going to have in my room, but it might clash with my purple walls.  And it's specifically a kids' bed, meaning it's not as high as the Malibu.  Now I don't know what to do...and I can hardly order a bed while we're stuck in this dump anyway!

There's been yet more suspicious behaviour around that bush in our front garden.  The same Asian man came and casually fished out a piece of screwed up paper, went to the street corner and appeared to tip *something* out of the paper and into a tin.  Then he read a hand-written message on the paper and tossed it as far as he could down the side road.  Then he returned and pulled something else out of the bush, which looked a bit like the plastic boxes in which ballpoint pens or coloured party straws are packaged.  But I couldn't see anything inside it...

He doesn't look like the typical nutcases who might go rummaging through our messy garden and pulling out rubbish.  I'm still wondering about cocaine or cannabis since we know at least one drugs factory has been closed down in this road in the last few months, so who's to say there aren't more in the local area?  And the Polish neighbours are definitely up to no good...  I probably sound like I'm over-reacting, but seriously, there IS something going on around here, and I really want to get out before it gets any worse...

Well, Mum is waiting to go to sleep, so I'd better clear out of her patch of floor.  Big apologies to those of you who I STILL haven't contacted.  David will be watching over the new builders the next three days, so I should have more time to catch up with my messages.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Monday, 22 June 2009

The computer keeps overheating

Current mood:  thirsty

Well, we presume that's what's going on.  Basically, the power keeps cutting out, and part of the grate over the fan has broken from this machine being lifted around so much for almost two years.  Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know in case it packs up completely and I can't write to you guys for a while.

The internet is very slow tonight anyways, due to me looking at all the photos from the MLP Fair in Las Vegas.  I wish I could have gone - it looks like it was so much fun.  And all those Colombian ponies are to die for!

I was going to upload the recording of our loud drunken singing neighbours for you all, but it would appear Putfile is gone?  Certainly the site has changed and they're claiming my username doesn't exist.  If anyone can tell me more, I'd really appreciate it.  Otherwise, I figure I'll just have to find some other place to upload my audio files!

There's more weird stuff going on next door.  The first we knew of it was when Donna, the loud-mouthed busybody from two doors away, started running in and out of their house like a yo-yo.  I know she's always doing dodgy dealings, selling mysterious bags to people in the street.  Anyhow, we caught her running out of the Polish neighbours' house calling over her shoulder, "I can bring some more over for ya anytime.  Just let me know when you need it!"

Well, last night I looked out of the bathroom window and saw one of the men from next door in the alley that runs along behind this parade of houses (the one where we have a locked gate after everyone petitioned to keep the thugs out) talking to another bloke - in Polish, so I didn't understand what they were saying.  The bloke from next door hands the other guy a blue carrier bag (just like the ones Donna is always selling) and received a HUGE wad of cash in return.  I've always thought she was selling simple cigarettes, but having seen this big bunch of notes, I'm not so sure...  Now I'm wondering if the drug dealing we've been suspecting is in the local area for a long time is going on right next door.  Later, I looked out the window again and saw our neighbour selling another bag to an Asian bloke.  I don't really know what to think.

I was wrong about the new builders - they were supposed to be starting work THIS week (tomorrow, in fact), not next.  But now they say they can't start until Wednesday.  Still, better than next week, I guess.
Craig and Rob Williams were working at Woodberry today, and were supposed to leave the keys behind having finished everything off - they didn't.  But then I guess that's because they didn't finish everything.  In fact, they made a right old mess of everything that they did fix. >.<  Oh, and I didn't tell you the latest, greatest thing, did I?!  There's been no light bulb in the loft landing socket, so we decided to put one in ourselves to see what the green wall looked like after dark.  One problem - the light didn't work.  Admittedly, they got it fixed today, but please, they must have known that wasn't working MONTHS ago, hence why it was the only socket in the house without a bulb.  I wonder if they hoped we wouldn't notice until after we moved in to the house?

As we left the house, Mum was moaning about the marks in the wall a few inches in front of the front door where the old porch used to be.  Basically, they'd left old rusty nails in the wall when they removed the they've taken the nails away and the place looks even worse.  "Look at this bl**dy messy wall where all those bl**dy nails were.  Can't they do anything right?" Mum complained.  Just then, I noticed one of the builders (or possibly Mr Williams himself) was in the front garden filling up a big hole.  "Shut up!" I hissed.  "He's behind you!"  Mum continued to curse about the builders.  "He's behind you!" I repeated, barging past her back into the house.  When she realised what she'd done, she followed me, laughing hysterically.

We also went to West Ealing and I tried to set up a bank account.  I was interrogated by a man named Jags for almost two hours before they finally decided I can't get a current account anyway, because I have no credit rating.  So now I have to apply for a different type of bank account and a Visa Electron card or something, which probably won't work with Paypal anyway, but neither us, nor any of the staff at the bank, could figure out the Paypal website!  Jags looked at me as if I was mad when I said I wasn't in full time education and I didn't have a job either.  Then he asked if I just wanted the account "for whatever Daddy gave me" which I thought was a bit of a snide and un-professional remark, especially since I get no money from David now.  I kept my cool and told him about how I've been trying to sell stuff online to make a bit of money from home though, and he seemed to be a bit friendlier after that, telling me how he'd been buying and re-selling Transformers for a while to make a bit of extra cash.

Disappointed about the bank account, Mum and I walked around all the charity shops afterwards.  No ponies, but I did have a nice little find in Oxfam - Watercolour Baby Sea Pony Foamy's frog float!  It cost 39p, which I think is a crazy price for a charity shop considering they have no idea what it is.  But since I already have one, I will probably sell this one.  I just had a look on e-Bay and the later Sea Pony floats seem to be making £4-8 on there, so hopefully I'll make a fiver or so if I'm lucky.  Mum also found a penny on the pavement and gave it to me.  It sounds silly, I know, but she's determined to find enough money to pay for the butterfly necklace I bought in New Look about three months ago.  It cost £4.00 and she's found £1.21 so far!  Well, every little helps!

I went in New Look today and saw some pretty nice stuff in the sale, but most of it was too big for me and I don't see the point of buying nice clothes when I have nowhere to hang them anyway.

Ugh, and I received the filthiest message yet from some weirdo named Jay Thomas here on Myspace.

hey hows you...

could you rate my dick, like from a pic of it?!


He's some sick 25-year-old here in the UK who seems to get a kick out of contacting younger girls and writing dirty messages to them.  His friend list is full of equally filthy-minded girls pulling their scoop necked tops down as low as they possibly can.

I feel like reporting him, but I doubt Myspace would take any notice of me whatsoever.  Opinions, please?  Am I over-reacting?  I just don't want to keep getting dirty messages from these idiots!

I think that's everything.  I've got a sore and very dry throat from sleeping on the floor with all that dust and dirt so I really need to go and get myself a drink.

Speak to you all soon!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

I can't hear myself think!

Current mood:  annoyed

And for once, it's not my own fault for trying to listen to a CD while I write my blog.  The neighbours are playing ridiculously loud music and singing together in drunken voices, while dancing and screaming in the street and out in their back garden.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're enjoying their summer.  Actually, I'm pretty jealous.  I thought I'd have moved house by now and be enjoying this summer (although I wouldn't really want a drunken party anyway), so I'm sick that tomorrow's the longest day and I'm still locked up here in Grottsville with a blinding headache caused by someone else's music.  But I still don't think they should be making such a racket right by the neighbours' wall at midnight!  I don't wish to rant about them too much really as I'm kind of attracted to one of the guys who lives there...although that sounds ridiculous, considering I don't even think he speaks English, and I have no interest in men in this dump anyway!

Agh, one of the girls is screaming now and everybody's laughing at her...but they've started playing the music again already.  Even the drunks passing by in the street are glaring up at their house!  I did make a recording of them so that you could all have a good giggle, but I don't feel like waiting for it to upload now, so I'll put it up on my blog for you all tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll try my best to write about today.

Well, actually let's start last night.  I sat up and taped 'Intelligence' as planned - it started three minutes early, so thank goodness I didn't trust the timer (I always set that with just two minutes to spare), and then they stuffed a NINE MINUTE commercial break right in the middle of the show.  It didn't spoil the effect though - in fact, I think this was probably the best episode so far.  No spoilers for those who still need to see this show...and yes, I mean need.  Best. Show. Ever.  Blast CBC cancelling it! >.<
Mum wanted to attend West End LIVE at Leicester Square this morning, but David wouldn't come out of the bathroom.  Then he said we "could go anyway".  Why would we want to go after our favourite shows had been and gone?

So we just went to Elthorne Park for Hanwell Carnival.  It's the oldest carnival in London, so it's sad to see it's no more than a badly-dressed carnival queen and a few kids with hand-made umbrellas advertising a local school.  Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  I think there were eight different organisations marching, but when you consider there used to be literally hundreds even within my lifetime, that doesn't sound so good.

We wandered around the tables, but there were no ponies to be found.  Well, one fakie and a McDonalds pony on the Salvation Army stall, but that was it.  I had one of my strange psychic type feelings and was drawn to a box of kids' videos.  But I guess my radar is slightly off.  There was a Bucky O' Hare video there, but it was the one I picked up in Boston last year.  There was a Road To Avonlea tape too (not the right episode, of course - I wouldn't be that lucky, would I?) but it's interesting to know they released at least part of the series on VHS over here.

I came away with a 1980s Poochie plushie for 50p.  She's in gorgeous clean condition but I think part of her back has been re-stitched at some point.  They seem to be selling on e-Bay for £5-6 in that sort of condition though, so hopefully I'll be able to find her a new home.

Throughout the short carnival procession some young teenage girl kept pushing her bag (clearly proclaiming it had been bought at a tourist information centre in Vancouver) in my face which annoyed me somewhat of course.  Then she and her pals set off for the funfair, which I wasn't even allowed to go near. (Why would my parents be interested in that?)  I just feel sad that I lost all my youth locked up in this house, waiting for freedom.  I fear I'm going to be one of those embarrassing old ladies dressing like a teenager and trying to ride all the rollercoasters.  Ah well, you're only as old as you feel, eh?

Later, when Mum and I were eating our dinner, David went over to Woodberry to meet the new Polish builder who says he can start work the week after next.  But Williams won't have finished his part of the job by then, will he?  This bloke wants to finish everything off, but we can't dump Williams because David overpaid him.

Anyways, while David was out (actually when he popped into Tesco on the way back), this really odd man appeared in our garden.  He was standing on the doorstep talking animatedly to himself, pressing his nose up against all the windows and front door, and rattling our already broken sidegate.  Then he went out into the street and kept looking up at the house, talking madly and pointing at all our upstairs windows.  He really freaked Mum and I so we rang David and told him to come back ASAP.

The freaky bloke disappeared before David got back here.  And then, in his rush to reverse into the garden, he smashed the car into a car behind him, so now we have to pay another bill to fix the dents.

So David started yelling at US for ringing him.  "Why didn't we just answer the doorbell, for God's sake?!"  Um...because the creep didn't ring the doorbell?  He just appeared in our garden and hung around outside our property for about twenty minutes, seemingly trying to figure out a way to get inside?

I just wish we could get out of this area.  The weirdos are definitely closing in on us.  Now I'm just waiting for that idiot to come back...

I can't really think of anything else to say without getting more depressing and miserable.  I know I owe a lot of messages to people, so I'll get on top of that tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me - again.  Dial-up really seems to hate me at times. >.<

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Friday, 19 June 2009

Trying to keep myself awake...

Current mood:  tired

I'm so tired, but determined to stay up until 2am to watch Intelligence.  If I don't see it live, goodness only knows when I'll get the chance.  I wish I had my own corner in this house where I could retreat and watch the TV privately at a sensible time of day occasionally!

I'm going to have a bath if David ever comes out of the bathroom.  That should keep me awake for the final hour or so.  In the meantime, I thought I'd do some blogging, but I haven't got a whole lot of news regarding today, so hope you don't mind me bringing up a rather embarrassing topic (At least embarrassing to me).  If it's going to make you feel awkward, don't bother to read it.  I know certain nosy people are probably going to start laughing at me and reporting back to my entire family...

So you know Mum would never discuss hair removal with me so I've literally been having to hoard stuff on my rare solo shopping trips and if I run out of stuff before I get another trip, tough luck.

Anyways, I just cannot find anything that works well enough for me.  I guess my main problem is that I have quite pale skin and dark hair on my arms and legs, which is so horribly noticeable.  The skin on my arms and underarms seems fine with shaving, but my legs are the real problem.

I feel I neglected my legs for so many years that I'll never be able to bare them again.  They're horribly pale from too many years covered up, I created huge muscles (and stretch-marks) in my calves from running around the garden thousands of times a day when I was little because I had no other way of exercising, I've had nasty dry skin (eczema) especially on my knees since I was only two or three years old, I've got marks from evil ingrowing hairs which I would pick at ever since I was about eleven and unable to exfoliate...and this damn modern hair will just not budge.

If I shave, the roots are still noticeable in the skin because it's a dark colour.  Waxing is expensive, never removes all the hair anyway, hurts like heck, and the hair seems to grow back faster than ever.  Creams bring me out in rashes and leave my skin tingling for hours.  I'm tempted to get one of those sandpaper mitt things, but I think that'd kill my sensitive skin too...

Has anyone tried one of these home laser hair removal treatments?  I've read so many varying reviews from the overly positive to extremely negative and my mind is utterly boggled.  From what I've figured out, it's totally pointless unless you can scan many hairs at once, and that means buying a far more expensive scanner.  Bearing in mind I have no regular income, to splash out on some big machine that's going to cost me about £300 seems rather ridiculous, but if it would even cut down the amount of hair I was having to deal with on a daily basis, I think it would be worth it to me.

Anyways, all opinions appreciated.  There's one in Argos at the moment which is about £6.50 cheaper due to the current VAT exemption, but I guess it'll go back to full price in the next catalogue.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot in the scheme of things, but better a tiny saving than none at all!  So I really need to decide by this time next month.  I'm just so sick of having to cover myself up all the time while other women are able to wear a skirt if they wish to do so, and have such perfectly smooth legs.  I feel like I'm incompetent or something.

Well, thanks for listening to my ridiculous moaning.  David just left the bathroom, so I'm going to run my bath, otherwise I'll risk missing the start of Intelligence, and that would never do, would it now?!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

I am silenced no longer!

Current mood:  content

Myspace blogging is back on dial-up once again.  Thank goodness, I've had so much to tell you all about this last week and no way of saying it!

Don't worry, I won't attempt to write about everything, so I'll just pick out a few highlights and try not to turn this entry into one of my b-ore-logs!

First off, I was extremely excited to finally find and buy myself a belated 18th birthday gift in the form of two new ponies for my herd...

Teeny Tiny Rattles and Tattles!  I've been looking for these girls for about three years now.  I bought them from Fairyheart on the Arena, and they set me back about £15 including shipping, so I'm feeling a bit guilty for "wasting" money.  But they do complete my entire Tenth Anniversary Pony collection which is quite a pony collecting achievement in my mind!  I wish I could get the others out and do a photo shoot...

In Woodberry news...well, I'm just feeling pretty lost right now.  David is delaying things again.  He keeps going over there all day and every day (meaning we are locked up indoors over here in Grottsville), chattering away to Craig.  Well, now it appears that Rob Williams has the hump that David has been trying to get Craig to take orders directly from him, rather than telling Williams so that he can pass on the messages himself.

For instance, earlier in the week, David finally caught him for long enough to enquire about the awful smell that is still drifting out from under the floorboards.  Williams says that he can't smell anything except "Empty house".  WTH?  It smells like a hamster cage that hasn't been cleaned out for a few rodent urine on sawdust.  Well, perhaps it's a leaking toilet on top of all the rubbish they've thrown beneath the floorboards, but it definitely smells like waste of some kind.

Then Mum wrote to him last night (as David, of course!), basically asking why Craig hadn't returned to Woodberry as he had promised to do so that David could finally take the key back off of him (so as to stop them going in and out of the house whenever they feel like it!), to which Williams responded:

You need to send me list before I allow craig in to do more work
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Okay, try to ignore his awful grammar.  Basically, HE wants a list of jobs before he'll allow Craig to go back there.  So Mum and I wanted to go to Woodberry today to make the list and e-mail it to him.

David quite successfully kept us in all day, meaning we didn't get there until about 8pm, by which time it was too dark to make a thorough list.

How did he spin out the day so well, you ask?

Firstly, we discovered a nail had been hammered into one of the tyres of the hire car...we guess outside Woodberry.  Now that sort of thing just does not happen in that area (at least not regularly) so I'm wondering if certain people may be to blame - *CoughSicktonCough*.

So the car had to be replaced this morning...and when David returned he went in the bathroom for hours, of course, saying I was "being difficult" when I wanted to pop in there for a couple of minutes before him!

Then he spent ages lying on the ex-communal bed and refused to do anything or even speak to us for several hours.  A girl in Norway was interested in a video I had up for sale, but since I won't leave the house alone in this area, I needed him to walk down to the post office and weigh it for me.  Mum very politely asked him if he would do so to which he answered rudely, "Is it ready to be weighed?!" as though I hadn't bothered to even pack it up myself or something.  When she said that it was all packed up and ready to go he asked, "Why hasn't she walked down there then?"  Um...hello?  You keep delaying moving house, otherwise I WOULD walk to the post office on my own!  As it happened, he made me wait until 4.55pm to know if he would take the parcel to the PO so that I could answer the poor girl on the Arena!

Then when we finally did get him to take us out, he insisted that he must finally help me to pack up some Glo Friends stuff for a Canadian lady who wrote to me a few weeks back.  I've been unable to get the stuff weighed for her because I have no box the right size...  So he took us to look at Homebase, and then made us go to B&Q despite Mum and I telling him they do not give away boxes in that store!  We were right, of course.  But he walked right the way around the shop before he'd admit it and finally go to Woodberry.

Oh, and when we finally did get to the house, this was the sight that met our eyes...
It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but somebody had lined up a whole load of rocks and pebbles along our front wall.
Again, that kind of thing does not happen over there - I'm sure I'm not being paranoid in saying we already have enemies in the area.  Idiots.  It's THEM who've messed up OUR lives the last few months, not vice versa!

Somebody has also drawn a load of faces in the dust on the inside of the hobby room window.  Well, I guess that must have been whoever had removed their ladders from our house for another more important job.  They hadn't done any of our work - just used the lavatory, lined pebbles up all over the place and drawn silly faces on the windows.  They've got no respect for our property and I'm getting really sick of it.

We need to move house.  Everything in this house is being eaten to bits by carpet beetles and house moths among other creepy-crawly things, and all the muck on the carpet is really making me sick now.  I woke up with chest pains every time I took a deep breath this morning, but it went away after a couple of hours.  I'm sure it's just severe allergies but I see no reason why I should have to put up with all of this - we should have moved nine months ago, for goodness sake!

Then we have prizes to award for my parents' silliest/weirdest comments this week.

As we drove through Ealing Broadway on the way to Woodberry a few days ago, observing all the happy people enjoying summer.

Me: I'm sick of being stuck in Grottsville.  WHEN are we going to get this job finished so that I can get my education, or simply go shopping for some decent clothes?  I just want a bed and some freedom at eighteen years old.
David: You are as free as you want to be.

Well, okay, maybe it is my fault that I won't leave the house alone in this dump.  But where am I supposed to go?  WE don't have a shopping centre or college within walking distance and I could hardly afford public transport on a daily basis!

And then today, while trying to talk to Mum about Sarah's offer to let me go and stay over at her place in Coquitlam for a while.  She's kindly said she'd help me sort everything out for the trip and would meet me at the airport the other end if they'd agree to let me go.  She even said she'd pay for the flights if it would help me to get a break from all this madness!   Sarah was also looking into whether there was any way I could get a student permit for a couple of years and go and study over in Vancouver...she found a couple of good drama schools and everything.  (Thank you again for all your kindness!)  Anyways, I didn't even think Mum was really listening to me (she's usually too addled and doesn't hear my words), but she obviously was, as she suddenly spoke.

Mum: But you wouldn't come back, would you?
Me: Eh?
Mum: Well, if that's where you want to live and work, why would you come back here?
Me: ... (Absolutely speechless)Mum: Where would you find work over here, if you want to be a voice actress.Me: I...I...I...  Don't be ridiculous.  I'll never be good enough at voice acting to do it professionally. *Sobs*  It would be a nice experience to learn the trade, but with no 'ordinary' education I'd have to come back here and try to get into college anyway.  That's half the reason I can't take off for two years to do it; I've got too much catching up to do...and then there's the financial side of things.

Just then David walked in the room.  Mum kind of shrugged and looked at me as though I was mad...and then no more was said on the subject.  Weird of what?  Still, at least it proves she DOES know exactly what I want to do with my life.  So what's with all the claiming that she doesn't know what I'm talking about?  I think she should be the professional actress!

And finally, since I didn't get the chance to remind you all last week, the next episode of Season two of Intelligence is airing on Hallmark 2am Friday night/Saturday morning.  Last week I sat up to watch it so that I could edit out the adverts and fit more onto my video (luckily, Mum didn't even stir despite the fact she's sleeping in front of the TV!) - such a terrible shame there's no third season.  I get totally sucked into the show every time I watch it, which is something I can say for very few TV shows these days.  I'd like to watch Da Vinci's Inquest now too, just out of curiosity, but they were only showing the re-runs just before Christmas so I think I'll have to wait a while!

Anyways, 2am Friday nights/Saturday mornings!  Don't forget!

Now I really must go and get some more breathing problems and chest pains down on the floor.  I hope I can keep in touch via this blog for a few days now, at least!  Much love to you all for reading my bore-log!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"Well, don't go for long - otherwise you'll find more of your stuff out in the rain!"

Current mood:  depressed

Endless arguments here all day.

David didn't go to Woodberry this morning, obviously still annoyed by Mum's outburst last night.

He did finally go to the launderette, then left Mum and I to hang it all up while he went to the internet cafe for unknown reasons.

When he returned, he came in the lounge and lay down on the patch of floor where I have to sleep, me begging him not to drool there too, otherwise I'd have nowhere to sleep.  And that's when the arguments got out of hand.

I put my (broken) headphones on and tried to block them out with this computer keep cutting out on me, but they got louder and louder, arguing about colours.

Mum was in tears with David telling her "All the delays are your fault, because you can't come up with colours." (Never mind the fact that the building work is STILL not finished).  Eventually, he sat up and sneered, "You should have worked with Carolyn!" (Sickton's 'wife').  Mum went mad, since we hate that Sickton family so much, and she never wanted to help us - she just suggested endless 'white with a hint of' colours that Mum and I hated.

So Mum got up and started thumping David again and again.  Then she picked up the big blue notebook where he's been writing all the colours down and started hitting him with that.

He got up and started walking upstairs (Must be nice to have somewhere to retreat to when the fighting gets too bad).  So Mum went to the front door and threw the blue notebook out in the was raining heavily, so the book would obviously soon be ruined.  "There goes your book full of CR*P - it was never any USE to us anyway!  WHERE'S FOXTONS NUMBER?  I WANT FOXTONS NUMBER!" (Foxtons being a UK estate agent, for those who were wondering). Mum yelled down the street.  David came racing back downstairs calling her a "stupid b*tch" and pulling on his coat.

"Where are you going now?" Mum laughed at him.  "Over to see Craigy-boy or for a fast drive up the motorway?"  "Oi don't know where Oi'm going.  I just need to get ou' o' 'ere!"  David said.  "Yes, well, some of us aren't so lucky as to have the opportunity!" I called after him, but Mum blocked me out with the title line to this blog.  "Well, don't go for long - otherwise you'll find more of your stuff out in the rain!"  I don't know what happened after that as I was still attempting to block them out, but I know the door kept opening and closing with Mum keep throwing things out in the front garden...mainly colour boards, I think.

David didn't go out after that, of course.  He wouldn't want any of his precious Mills & Boon books or yellowed newspapers ending up out in a thunderstorm, would he?!  So he marched back upstairs and spent the rest of the day dozing on the end of the old communal bed.

Mum periodically goes upstairs to the bathroom and then I hear banging about and shouting - I think she may have attempted to damage his computer and ripped up some Mills & Boon lists and/or her own family history stuff?  I'm trying not to get involved, otherwise I'll be punished even longer for all their silliness.

Mum is still saying she doesn't want to move house and is going to put the house up for sale since it's her house.  After all, I'll "be leaving soon anyway - I've said that I want to get away from them myself!".  Um, can she really not see that I will not be leaving unless I move house and gain some independence, and somehow catch up with the education I haven't got the last few years?  How does she propose I'm going to get out of this dump when I don't even leave the house alone and have no way of getting anywhere even if I did.  There's no public transport around here!

I'm just about to take someone up on their offer of a spare bed for a while - so be warned, Sarah, Bonnie and Elisabeth!   Nah, only joking.  I don't even know how I'd afford a VISA to get to the US or Canada, let alone living expenses (and that goes for Sweden too) once I got there.  But it would be nice to just have a couple of months away from this madness.

Anyways, I spent most of my day finally working on my Lancer custom - I got all that awful oil paint off of the poor blank pony, and then I attempted to dye his hair.  To be honest, it has turned out awfully.  I don't even know where the dye came from - we've had it in the cupboard for years...probably since I was three or four, or even earlier.  I actually think it may have been food colouring originally, but when I was little I used to use it when I when I went through a phase of loving tie-dye fabrics, and it seems to have held quite well all these years.  The problem is more that it's come up the wrong shade for Lancer's hair and looks kind of blotchy.  (And on top of it all, I got the dye all over my arms and look like I've cut myself up or something.  Not to mention the red splatters on the front of my t-shirt.  Maybe I also murdered somebody? ) Oh well, it'll do for now - maybe I'll re-hair him in the future if I can ever afford the hair.

I also started re-painting him; this time with proper acrylic paint...and I think it's looking quite good so far.  I'll get some photos up when he's finished so that you can have a good laugh at me - hopefully a couple of weeks or less if I set my mind to it.

I also finally got around to starting the transformation process for this little girl.
Remember how I found her at the charity shop around the corner from Woodberry just over a year ago?  She's a little Crayola pony, obviously made to look like a MLP.  But the poor thing had been smothered in splotchy paint.  I got most of it off but she's just been hanging about ever since with me trying to figure out which pony she should become.  I originally thought Lancer, but the ribbon in her tail kind of ruled that out! >.<  Still, I finally have an idea and her hair has been properly 'dyed' (with felt tip pens, which look far better and seem to be holding nicely too) already, so I'll take some photos of her too as soon as she's finished.

Oh, and finally, for your laughing pleasure, I received ANOTHER message from one of the many Myspace idiots currently trying to get a date - Sarah, you'll be pleased to hear this one: it's from dear old Charlie Bubbles...again!

"hi would love to have u as a friend u seem a reli nice person from ur profile :)hi im charlie , i hope u dont mind the add
u deffo have a lot of ponies lol i like it its gdd x
do u like interior designing ? just from ur dream house i looks smashing
im heavy into the interior design i love property developing wid my mum , x
anyway hope to hear from you xx"

Creepy or what?  He's obviously checking my photos trying to get into bigger pictures of me...too bad they're for FRIENDS ONLY and I don't add perverts as friends.  So he could only get the pics of my ponies and the works at Woodberry.  Oh dear, but I *accidentally* set all of those to friends only earlier, so he won't even be able to snoop at those in future.  Poor soul. >.<  Got to give him a prize for persistence though, eh?

I have stopped being angry about it all now though - it was pretty pointless to get worked up over a load of people I don't even know.  So I devised a plan.
First friend request/message = DELETE
Second friend request/message = RESPOND WITH FOLLOWING MESSAGE (I'd like opinions on this, please - I've only had to send it to two of the idiots so far, but I have a bad case of deja vu with one of my other friend requests tonight too! )
"You already sent me a friend request earlier this week, which I also denied - sorry, I only accept people I know, and certainly no strange men from the surrounding area.  Anyone who actually wanted to become a genuine friend and bothered to read my profile before requesting would know that.
I have no interest in inane dating; if I was looking for a man, I'd join a dating site.  Hence, why I'm on Myspace for 'friends and networking' only."

It's not too rude, is it?  Just getting the point across in a clear and rather blunt manner.  Surely they can't misunderstand that?

Third friend request/message (with anything other than an apology) = BLOCK AND REPORT AS SPAM

So how do you like my little plan?

I'm also getting idiots over IM now.  'Dan' decided to contact me this morning, and I can't find a way to block IM contacts without opening the message?

"hi im dan 22 frm watford lookin 4 abit of fun im 5f5 short dark hair slim bulid n hayzle green eyes if u like wot u here giv me a buzz hun"
Um, no?  I don't like what I HEAR?  I told him directly that I had no interest in meeting illiterate online perverts and that he could just p*** off, then I blocked him.  Why the heck WOULD anyone meet some random stranger off the internet anyway, without so much as a photo?  It all seems kind of odd to me.

Anyways, on that note, I shall leave you all alone, and go and do a little copying and pasting to the latest re-appearing creep.  His name's Scott someone-or-other but I don't remember any more than that.  I know he already requested me only three or four days ago though. Can't these idiots get the message?

Thanks for joining me tonight, my dear readers!
Desirée Skylark   xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A parking ticket, a chipped door, a possible thrombosis, a 'broken' TV...

Current mood:angry

Basically, a typical day in my life!

David arrived at Woodberry at about 9.30am, and was shocked to find the builders already at work in the kitchen...doing the exact work they had been instructed NOT to do unless we were present.  He got so flustered by all of this that he forgot to move the car around the corner at 10am (there are some really funny parking restrictions around that area), and by the time Mum rang at 10.20am, he had a parking ticket.  So that's another £50 down the drain, which we just can't afford.  Although, I guess it's only the same as two and a half weeks Mills & Boon storage.

I don't think much of the work that "they" (David and his friends - the builders - it would appear) did today anyway.  All right, so the holes beneath the cupboards have finally been filled, and they won't be on show anyway...  But honestly, couldn't they have put a little bit of effort into making the finished result slightly neater than this?

All right, more Woodberry pictures in a moment.  Back at Grottsville...

I woke up with my worst allergies ever.  I literally couldn't breathe or speak this morning.  Mum was certain that I'd got the swine flu, but I assured her it was just the carpet beetle dung I'd been breathing all night, and was proved right when it drifted away during the day.

Never mind though, despite my lack of a fatal strain of flu, Mum has a new health concern of her own.  She's had weak ankles for a couple of weeks now, and today she keeps getting a 'pins and needles' sensation in her lower legs...and also in her fingers when she picked up a bucket to flush the non-working downstairs loo later today.  She's convinced that she's getting thrombosis from sitting still for too long.  I know she just sit on her legs a lot of the time and is always huddled up with a hot water bottle, so I do feel a bit worried myself, I must admit.  But she won't go to see a doctor, and insists she will just have to put her feet up for a couple of hours a day, and move about more often...which we both know is impossible while we're stuck in this dump.

I did a bit more clearing upstairs in the front bedroom (Mum was too tired to do anything today).  I got rid of a couple of carrier bags full of stuff; mainly old Lucozade bottles with best before dates in 2007 and earlier, old tissues, Olbas oil bottles and goodness knows what else from when we've had rotten colds and shared the communal bed in the past.  I also found a really cute little pony outfit I must have made when I was a kid - it was like a fancy dress costume, so that they could dress up as Ahhg (the witches' friend, a giant one-eyed spider in the Movie and 'The End of Flutter Valley').  Basically it was just a piece of black cloth taped in the middle - to go around a pony's 'waist' - with a big eye painted on the front.  The carpet beetles had feasted on it though, so I had to throw it out.

David came in relatively early, but then he went in the bathroom until it was almost dark.  When he finally came downstairs, he offered us the wonderful chance to go to B&Q to buy the towel rails and toilet roll holder while they're still in the 3 for 2 offer.

But when we got there, we discovered that the towel rail he wants up in the loft is not part of the offer, so he decided to leave our first floor bathroom's toilet roll holder and towel rail there "until later on". (What?  You mean after they go out of stock?)

We went to Woodberry on the way back to observe the work that had been done in the kitchen (see above), and the green that Craig had painted on the wall leading up the stairs to the loft.
Mum doesn't like it.  I do.  I don't know David's real opinion as he says he likes everything because Craig is "a great painter who does really good work" - no, I kid you not.

Suddenly, Mum noticed that the bathroom door has been damaged.  It's kind of hard to see in this photo, as the camera didn't want to co-operate, but there's a big chip at the bottom of the door and all the wood around it has splintered.

David says we're "being ridiculous" to want it replaced, and "we'll make it good with plaster" (Ooh, "we" - David and the builders - are all friends together again!)

Mum went mad, ran into the hobby room, picked up a volvic bottle and splashed water all up the newly-painted perisian blue walls.  Oh, I didn't post a photo of those walls yesterday, did I?  Well, here's one of the pics I took (Sorry that David ended up in the photo):
And here's one with the water splashed up the wall today:
And as the final insult, as Mum stomped out of the hobby room and back to the car, she tore the sample of 'summer palace' (the wallpaper we're having at the top of the loft stairs), screwed it up into a tiny ball and stuffed it in a can of green paint!
Later on, I switched the TV on in order to play a CD...and found that the freeview box had locked on Hallmark, showing a still picture from a show that aired earlier today with a loud buzzing noise.  Of course, I was distraught with Intelligence coming up in just three days, and having waited so very long for it to be repeated.

I was getting more and more distressed while I listened to my CD...then I remembered that the last time it packed up, we called Virgin and they had us unplug the box and re-start it.  And it worked!  A bit of un-necessary stress there though.

And now, here comes the best bit.  I am totally sick of Myspace.  I just received a message on here from some guy, and thought it was going to be another of those ridiculous messages from the local creeps that I kept getting the last few weeks.  But no, this guy lives in California, and wrote me a very polite, if a little confusing, message regarding the friend request that I had sent to him!

Huh?  But I haven't sent ANYBODY a friend request lately!  At least, that's what I thought!  I decided to check my pending sent friend requests, and found that I had FORTY ONE of the things!  Mainly people from my Hotmail contacts list from what I can make out, but possibly some friends of friends and just random people.  For instance, I have no clue why this bloke in California would have been on my friends list as I'm sure we've never spoken before.

I am so mad right now.  Obviously I'll have to write to him and apologise, and I have cancelled all the other friend requests, but WHY WERE THEY SENT?  Last night, when I signed into Myspace to respond to a couple of comments, it wouldn't allow me to get to my comment page, and kept asking me to invite my e-mail and IM friends.  I declined - several times.  But it seems they somehow got my password and invited everyone anyway?!  I'd write to Myspace and complain, but they'll just send me another of their typical automated responses, won't they?

I'm sorry if I've caused any trouble, especially with the friends of friends.  It was not me who invited anybody, but the stupid Myspace system.  I will write individual messages to those I believe may be involved asap tomorrow.  Thank you for understanding.

Well, I need to get to bed before I explode with my annoyance.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx