Tuesday, 23 June 2009


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Well, I just counted up how much money I've made from the stuff I've sold since January 1st this year, and that is the grand total!  Admittedly, I've not allowed for the money I've spent buying stuff from car boots etc. to sell, but most of it was bought so many years back I can't even remember what we spent.  This year I've only bought a MLP tray for £1 and a couple of ponies for roughly 48p that I've sold on, I think.  So I still feel I'm doing pretty well.  I've definitely brought in more money than either of my parents this year, despite being labelled as a lazy, good-for-nothing, un-educated and unemployed teenager!

David spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the internet cafe for unknown reasons.  Then we went to Woodberry at about 1.45pm.  I walked up to the three charity shops around the corner without much success.  One was shut - apparently it's always shut on Mondays and Tuesdays - and there wasn't even a glimmer of a pony in either of the others.  I was a bit sad to see Baby Goody Gumdrop had finally disappeared, not because I wanted her, but because I noticed the shop seemed to have had a big clear out...and somehow I suspect the poor little thing never found a new home.

When I returned to Woodberry, I found Mum laughing hysterically and David shaking his head sadly.  Emma Renton or one of her men had finally been in there (even though they now have no key?  I guess - or rather, hope - they went around the back alley) and brought the back gate.  One problem.  Even now that the incorrect green gate has finally been painted in silver it is FAR too small.  It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but I mean hilariously small.  A child could probably squeeze through the gap on the left hand side.  Oh, and they've obviously found a problem with the fencepost which we said was leaning at an awkward angle several weeks ago as they've decided to shore it up with a big piece of wood.

I'm despairing of ever moving house now.  Not that I really want to move there anyway - Sickton skipped by wearing a pair of summer shorts, sunglasses and a big smile, and I wanted to kick his teeth out.  Mum started shouting "Boooooo!" and hissing at him automatically.  I hate that man and don't see why he should be enjoying his summer while we're still stuck here.

After leaving the house, we moved on to Ealing Broadway (David needed to pay the fine for the parking ticket he got the other day).  He went to pay the fine and Mum and I walked around together.  It was too hot, but for once she and I weren't fighting and it was really quite enjoyable.  I finally got the chance to have a look around that charity shop where I my pony radar has been telling me to go for weeks.  It had faded a bit, but I still thought there was something in there.  And sure enough we found a Sunny Daze there.  I left her though, because I can't really afford 75p for yet another G3 pony.  Since my pony radar still seems to be working pretty well, I wonder what WAS in there a few weeks back when I was getting all those strong feelings (if anything)?  I hope it wasn't a Mimic!

There weren't any ponies to be seen in the other charity shops so we just went in TKMaxx.  Mum was helping me look through the clothes and found this really nice purple t-shirt with a deer on the front, and then I found a pink cat one in the same style.  They cost £7.82 each, but it's been so long since I bought myself any new clothes and since I've been doing quite well with my sales lately, I thought why not?  So I have two new t-shirts!  So at least I can wear one of those to the Neil Sedaka concert next week if the worst comes to worst.  I'll try and get some photos tomorrow.

I pulled out that same skirt that I mentioned seeing in Hounslow before, but at £17 I really couldn't justify buying it.  It's a pity as I obviously like it - I've pulled it off the rail three or four times now before I even realise what I'm doing - and it's the last one in the shop now, but I know I'd never wear it.

I saw some nice cropped trousers in Apple Snow too at £5 a pair, and thought maybe I'd get a pair just to try and see how well they fitted.  I think even I could get that much of my legs into a showable state?!  And then I could wear a skirt over the top.  Mum embarrassed me by making a huge thing of how I didn't like my clamdiggers before.  No, Mum.  Not the clamdiggers themselves.  But having to wear cropped trousers and not being able to shave your legs at 12-15 is rather embarrassing, you must admit! >.<  Then she started this big conversation about how if I was thinking about wearing cropped trousers or a skirt, my legs must no longer be hairy...which is interesting because all her hair just fell out too.  Why does she have to turn a perfectly nice outing into a weird one?  Luckily, a load of noisy teenagers started bustling around us shouting and laughing, and Mum dropped the subject.

My Malibu bed is in the Argos End Of Catalogue sale, so I hope it isn't about to go out of stock.  Mum is talking about the Jessica bed (apparently she thought I wanted that one) and has made me doubt myself.  Admittedly, the Jessica bed is painted purple and white rather than being wood-coloured, so it wouldn't clash with the dark furniture I'm going to have in my room, but it might clash with my purple walls.  And it's specifically a kids' bed, meaning it's not as high as the Malibu.  Now I don't know what to do...and I can hardly order a bed while we're stuck in this dump anyway!

There's been yet more suspicious behaviour around that bush in our front garden.  The same Asian man came and casually fished out a piece of screwed up paper, went to the street corner and appeared to tip *something* out of the paper and into a tin.  Then he read a hand-written message on the paper and tossed it as far as he could down the side road.  Then he returned and pulled something else out of the bush, which looked a bit like the plastic boxes in which ballpoint pens or coloured party straws are packaged.  But I couldn't see anything inside it...

He doesn't look like the typical nutcases who might go rummaging through our messy garden and pulling out rubbish.  I'm still wondering about cocaine or cannabis since we know at least one drugs factory has been closed down in this road in the last few months, so who's to say there aren't more in the local area?  And the Polish neighbours are definitely up to no good...  I probably sound like I'm over-reacting, but seriously, there IS something going on around here, and I really want to get out before it gets any worse...

Well, Mum is waiting to go to sleep, so I'd better clear out of her patch of floor.  Big apologies to those of you who I STILL haven't contacted.  David will be watching over the new builders the next three days, so I should have more time to catch up with my messages.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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