Monday, 22 June 2009

The computer keeps overheating

Current mood:  thirsty

Well, we presume that's what's going on.  Basically, the power keeps cutting out, and part of the grate over the fan has broken from this machine being lifted around so much for almost two years.  Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know in case it packs up completely and I can't write to you guys for a while.

The internet is very slow tonight anyways, due to me looking at all the photos from the MLP Fair in Las Vegas.  I wish I could have gone - it looks like it was so much fun.  And all those Colombian ponies are to die for!

I was going to upload the recording of our loud drunken singing neighbours for you all, but it would appear Putfile is gone?  Certainly the site has changed and they're claiming my username doesn't exist.  If anyone can tell me more, I'd really appreciate it.  Otherwise, I figure I'll just have to find some other place to upload my audio files!

There's more weird stuff going on next door.  The first we knew of it was when Donna, the loud-mouthed busybody from two doors away, started running in and out of their house like a yo-yo.  I know she's always doing dodgy dealings, selling mysterious bags to people in the street.  Anyhow, we caught her running out of the Polish neighbours' house calling over her shoulder, "I can bring some more over for ya anytime.  Just let me know when you need it!"

Well, last night I looked out of the bathroom window and saw one of the men from next door in the alley that runs along behind this parade of houses (the one where we have a locked gate after everyone petitioned to keep the thugs out) talking to another bloke - in Polish, so I didn't understand what they were saying.  The bloke from next door hands the other guy a blue carrier bag (just like the ones Donna is always selling) and received a HUGE wad of cash in return.  I've always thought she was selling simple cigarettes, but having seen this big bunch of notes, I'm not so sure...  Now I'm wondering if the drug dealing we've been suspecting is in the local area for a long time is going on right next door.  Later, I looked out the window again and saw our neighbour selling another bag to an Asian bloke.  I don't really know what to think.

I was wrong about the new builders - they were supposed to be starting work THIS week (tomorrow, in fact), not next.  But now they say they can't start until Wednesday.  Still, better than next week, I guess.
Craig and Rob Williams were working at Woodberry today, and were supposed to leave the keys behind having finished everything off - they didn't.  But then I guess that's because they didn't finish everything.  In fact, they made a right old mess of everything that they did fix. >.<  Oh, and I didn't tell you the latest, greatest thing, did I?!  There's been no light bulb in the loft landing socket, so we decided to put one in ourselves to see what the green wall looked like after dark.  One problem - the light didn't work.  Admittedly, they got it fixed today, but please, they must have known that wasn't working MONTHS ago, hence why it was the only socket in the house without a bulb.  I wonder if they hoped we wouldn't notice until after we moved in to the house?

As we left the house, Mum was moaning about the marks in the wall a few inches in front of the front door where the old porch used to be.  Basically, they'd left old rusty nails in the wall when they removed the they've taken the nails away and the place looks even worse.  "Look at this bl**dy messy wall where all those bl**dy nails were.  Can't they do anything right?" Mum complained.  Just then, I noticed one of the builders (or possibly Mr Williams himself) was in the front garden filling up a big hole.  "Shut up!" I hissed.  "He's behind you!"  Mum continued to curse about the builders.  "He's behind you!" I repeated, barging past her back into the house.  When she realised what she'd done, she followed me, laughing hysterically.

We also went to West Ealing and I tried to set up a bank account.  I was interrogated by a man named Jags for almost two hours before they finally decided I can't get a current account anyway, because I have no credit rating.  So now I have to apply for a different type of bank account and a Visa Electron card or something, which probably won't work with Paypal anyway, but neither us, nor any of the staff at the bank, could figure out the Paypal website!  Jags looked at me as if I was mad when I said I wasn't in full time education and I didn't have a job either.  Then he asked if I just wanted the account "for whatever Daddy gave me" which I thought was a bit of a snide and un-professional remark, especially since I get no money from David now.  I kept my cool and told him about how I've been trying to sell stuff online to make a bit of money from home though, and he seemed to be a bit friendlier after that, telling me how he'd been buying and re-selling Transformers for a while to make a bit of extra cash.

Disappointed about the bank account, Mum and I walked around all the charity shops afterwards.  No ponies, but I did have a nice little find in Oxfam - Watercolour Baby Sea Pony Foamy's frog float!  It cost 39p, which I think is a crazy price for a charity shop considering they have no idea what it is.  But since I already have one, I will probably sell this one.  I just had a look on e-Bay and the later Sea Pony floats seem to be making £4-8 on there, so hopefully I'll make a fiver or so if I'm lucky.  Mum also found a penny on the pavement and gave it to me.  It sounds silly, I know, but she's determined to find enough money to pay for the butterfly necklace I bought in New Look about three months ago.  It cost £4.00 and she's found £1.21 so far!  Well, every little helps!

I went in New Look today and saw some pretty nice stuff in the sale, but most of it was too big for me and I don't see the point of buying nice clothes when I have nowhere to hang them anyway.

Ugh, and I received the filthiest message yet from some weirdo named Jay Thomas here on Myspace.

hey hows you...

could you rate my dick, like from a pic of it?!


He's some sick 25-year-old here in the UK who seems to get a kick out of contacting younger girls and writing dirty messages to them.  His friend list is full of equally filthy-minded girls pulling their scoop necked tops down as low as they possibly can.

I feel like reporting him, but I doubt Myspace would take any notice of me whatsoever.  Opinions, please?  Am I over-reacting?  I just don't want to keep getting dirty messages from these idiots!

I think that's everything.  I've got a sore and very dry throat from sleeping on the floor with all that dust and dirt so I really need to go and get myself a drink.

Speak to you all soon!
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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