Monday, 29 June 2009

How High is your Bed?

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Forget "How Clean is your House?" - that's so last season!  Especially since we're living in an episode of the show surrounded by insects, mouse droppings and general dirt and grime in this dump.

So I have a new idea for an exciting new TV show - "How High is your Bed?"  All you have to do is send in the measurements of your bed and you may be featured on Desirée Skylark's blog!  Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions: Please comment on Desirée Skylark's blog with the measurements of your bed in order to book a space on the show.  Desirée Skylark cannot be held responsible for disappointment caused by your own laziness.

All right, enough of my jokes.  There is no show, but I am interested to know the average height of a bed in this day and age.  It just seems that every bed we look at is incredibly low, and I'm beginning to wonder if we're all looking at kids' beds.  Basically, it seems that only kids want single beds these days.  As soon as your old enough to want a bed more than 2" off the ground, you are CERTAIN to have a partner and need a double bed.  Well, I'm sorry, but I just want a simple single bed with some storage space beneath.  My TV is to be on a bracket halfway up the wall, and at this rate I'm going to be straining my neck trying to watch it from what is practically a mattress resting straight on the floor!

Measure your beds, please!

Not a lot to say about today really.  Mum and I did a lot of clearing out in the kitchen, and got rid of another two black sacks full of rubbish.  And yet the place looks no better at all.  We discovered that the sink is leaking badly and everything in the cupboard below was totally ruined with mildew and sticky insect poop.  Our resident woodlice have also been feasting on the bac of the cupboard it would appear, and the kitchen countertop is very damp and lumpy...not to mention the underside is quite obviously covered in grey mold.

I also forgot to mention the leak that has sprung up in the bathroom ceiling, didn't I?  We need to get out of here, but things are continuing to go wrong at Woodberry all the time.

The builders had to spend the day trying to correct the mistakes they made yesterday.  The wallpaper still looks an awful mess, but David says he will just accept it in his office, and Mum says she will accept it in the hobby room, IF we can get the money for the wallpaper off of what we owe these builders.

David came back from supervising them around noon to collect a dustpan and brush, and take the latest lot of rubbish to the local refuse centre.  He offered to take us out and drop us somewhere on the way back to the house, but Mum was too tired to go having done so much clearing up and I felt I couldn't go without her, so I only got as far as Woodberry this evening again.

I'm still annoyed about the timer going wrong and stopping halfway through Walker, Texas Ranger yesterday.  And I cannot find out which episodes Bravo shall be showing throughout July anywhere on the internet (and believe me, I've tried today, the best I can with dial-up), so I just don't know how I'll ever catch that one again.

Tomorrow evening we are going to see Neil Sedaka at the Royal Albert Hall.  I wish I could have got some decent clothes beforehand, but never mind.  I love Neil Sedaka's music and really enjoyed the concert we attended back in 2006, so I'm looking forward to going to see him again.

Anyways, I shall go now.  I might not get around to blogging tomorrow night (it depends how late we get back from the concert), but I'll try my best to get up to date with my individual messages to everyone before then.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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