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I am silenced no longer!

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Myspace blogging is back on dial-up once again.  Thank goodness, I've had so much to tell you all about this last week and no way of saying it!

Don't worry, I won't attempt to write about everything, so I'll just pick out a few highlights and try not to turn this entry into one of my b-ore-logs!

First off, I was extremely excited to finally find and buy myself a belated 18th birthday gift in the form of two new ponies for my herd...

Teeny Tiny Rattles and Tattles!  I've been looking for these girls for about three years now.  I bought them from Fairyheart on the Arena, and they set me back about £15 including shipping, so I'm feeling a bit guilty for "wasting" money.  But they do complete my entire Tenth Anniversary Pony collection which is quite a pony collecting achievement in my mind!  I wish I could get the others out and do a photo shoot...

In Woodberry news...well, I'm just feeling pretty lost right now.  David is delaying things again.  He keeps going over there all day and every day (meaning we are locked up indoors over here in Grottsville), chattering away to Craig.  Well, now it appears that Rob Williams has the hump that David has been trying to get Craig to take orders directly from him, rather than telling Williams so that he can pass on the messages himself.

For instance, earlier in the week, David finally caught him for long enough to enquire about the awful smell that is still drifting out from under the floorboards.  Williams says that he can't smell anything except "Empty house".  WTH?  It smells like a hamster cage that hasn't been cleaned out for a few rodent urine on sawdust.  Well, perhaps it's a leaking toilet on top of all the rubbish they've thrown beneath the floorboards, but it definitely smells like waste of some kind.

Then Mum wrote to him last night (as David, of course!), basically asking why Craig hadn't returned to Woodberry as he had promised to do so that David could finally take the key back off of him (so as to stop them going in and out of the house whenever they feel like it!), to which Williams responded:

You need to send me list before I allow craig in to do more work
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Okay, try to ignore his awful grammar.  Basically, HE wants a list of jobs before he'll allow Craig to go back there.  So Mum and I wanted to go to Woodberry today to make the list and e-mail it to him.

David quite successfully kept us in all day, meaning we didn't get there until about 8pm, by which time it was too dark to make a thorough list.

How did he spin out the day so well, you ask?

Firstly, we discovered a nail had been hammered into one of the tyres of the hire car...we guess outside Woodberry.  Now that sort of thing just does not happen in that area (at least not regularly) so I'm wondering if certain people may be to blame - *CoughSicktonCough*.

So the car had to be replaced this morning...and when David returned he went in the bathroom for hours, of course, saying I was "being difficult" when I wanted to pop in there for a couple of minutes before him!

Then he spent ages lying on the ex-communal bed and refused to do anything or even speak to us for several hours.  A girl in Norway was interested in a video I had up for sale, but since I won't leave the house alone in this area, I needed him to walk down to the post office and weigh it for me.  Mum very politely asked him if he would do so to which he answered rudely, "Is it ready to be weighed?!" as though I hadn't bothered to even pack it up myself or something.  When she said that it was all packed up and ready to go he asked, "Why hasn't she walked down there then?"  Um...hello?  You keep delaying moving house, otherwise I WOULD walk to the post office on my own!  As it happened, he made me wait until 4.55pm to know if he would take the parcel to the PO so that I could answer the poor girl on the Arena!

Then when we finally did get him to take us out, he insisted that he must finally help me to pack up some Glo Friends stuff for a Canadian lady who wrote to me a few weeks back.  I've been unable to get the stuff weighed for her because I have no box the right size...  So he took us to look at Homebase, and then made us go to B&Q despite Mum and I telling him they do not give away boxes in that store!  We were right, of course.  But he walked right the way around the shop before he'd admit it and finally go to Woodberry.

Oh, and when we finally did get to the house, this was the sight that met our eyes...
It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but somebody had lined up a whole load of rocks and pebbles along our front wall.
Again, that kind of thing does not happen over there - I'm sure I'm not being paranoid in saying we already have enemies in the area.  Idiots.  It's THEM who've messed up OUR lives the last few months, not vice versa!

Somebody has also drawn a load of faces in the dust on the inside of the hobby room window.  Well, I guess that must have been whoever had removed their ladders from our house for another more important job.  They hadn't done any of our work - just used the lavatory, lined pebbles up all over the place and drawn silly faces on the windows.  They've got no respect for our property and I'm getting really sick of it.

We need to move house.  Everything in this house is being eaten to bits by carpet beetles and house moths among other creepy-crawly things, and all the muck on the carpet is really making me sick now.  I woke up with chest pains every time I took a deep breath this morning, but it went away after a couple of hours.  I'm sure it's just severe allergies but I see no reason why I should have to put up with all of this - we should have moved nine months ago, for goodness sake!

Then we have prizes to award for my parents' silliest/weirdest comments this week.

As we drove through Ealing Broadway on the way to Woodberry a few days ago, observing all the happy people enjoying summer.

Me: I'm sick of being stuck in Grottsville.  WHEN are we going to get this job finished so that I can get my education, or simply go shopping for some decent clothes?  I just want a bed and some freedom at eighteen years old.
David: You are as free as you want to be.

Well, okay, maybe it is my fault that I won't leave the house alone in this dump.  But where am I supposed to go?  WE don't have a shopping centre or college within walking distance and I could hardly afford public transport on a daily basis!

And then today, while trying to talk to Mum about Sarah's offer to let me go and stay over at her place in Coquitlam for a while.  She's kindly said she'd help me sort everything out for the trip and would meet me at the airport the other end if they'd agree to let me go.  She even said she'd pay for the flights if it would help me to get a break from all this madness!   Sarah was also looking into whether there was any way I could get a student permit for a couple of years and go and study over in Vancouver...she found a couple of good drama schools and everything.  (Thank you again for all your kindness!)  Anyways, I didn't even think Mum was really listening to me (she's usually too addled and doesn't hear my words), but she obviously was, as she suddenly spoke.

Mum: But you wouldn't come back, would you?
Me: Eh?
Mum: Well, if that's where you want to live and work, why would you come back here?
Me: ... (Absolutely speechless)Mum: Where would you find work over here, if you want to be a voice actress.Me: I...I...I...  Don't be ridiculous.  I'll never be good enough at voice acting to do it professionally. *Sobs*  It would be a nice experience to learn the trade, but with no 'ordinary' education I'd have to come back here and try to get into college anyway.  That's half the reason I can't take off for two years to do it; I've got too much catching up to do...and then there's the financial side of things.

Just then David walked in the room.  Mum kind of shrugged and looked at me as though I was mad...and then no more was said on the subject.  Weird of what?  Still, at least it proves she DOES know exactly what I want to do with my life.  So what's with all the claiming that she doesn't know what I'm talking about?  I think she should be the professional actress!

And finally, since I didn't get the chance to remind you all last week, the next episode of Season two of Intelligence is airing on Hallmark 2am Friday night/Saturday morning.  Last week I sat up to watch it so that I could edit out the adverts and fit more onto my video (luckily, Mum didn't even stir despite the fact she's sleeping in front of the TV!) - such a terrible shame there's no third season.  I get totally sucked into the show every time I watch it, which is something I can say for very few TV shows these days.  I'd like to watch Da Vinci's Inquest now too, just out of curiosity, but they were only showing the re-runs just before Christmas so I think I'll have to wait a while!

Anyways, 2am Friday nights/Saturday mornings!  Don't forget!

Now I really must go and get some more breathing problems and chest pains down on the floor.  I hope I can keep in touch via this blog for a few days now, at least!  Much love to you all for reading my bore-log!

Desirée Skylark  xxx

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