Saturday, 20 June 2009

I can't hear myself think!

Current mood:  annoyed

And for once, it's not my own fault for trying to listen to a CD while I write my blog.  The neighbours are playing ridiculously loud music and singing together in drunken voices, while dancing and screaming in the street and out in their back garden.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're enjoying their summer.  Actually, I'm pretty jealous.  I thought I'd have moved house by now and be enjoying this summer (although I wouldn't really want a drunken party anyway), so I'm sick that tomorrow's the longest day and I'm still locked up here in Grottsville with a blinding headache caused by someone else's music.  But I still don't think they should be making such a racket right by the neighbours' wall at midnight!  I don't wish to rant about them too much really as I'm kind of attracted to one of the guys who lives there...although that sounds ridiculous, considering I don't even think he speaks English, and I have no interest in men in this dump anyway!

Agh, one of the girls is screaming now and everybody's laughing at her...but they've started playing the music again already.  Even the drunks passing by in the street are glaring up at their house!  I did make a recording of them so that you could all have a good giggle, but I don't feel like waiting for it to upload now, so I'll put it up on my blog for you all tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll try my best to write about today.

Well, actually let's start last night.  I sat up and taped 'Intelligence' as planned - it started three minutes early, so thank goodness I didn't trust the timer (I always set that with just two minutes to spare), and then they stuffed a NINE MINUTE commercial break right in the middle of the show.  It didn't spoil the effect though - in fact, I think this was probably the best episode so far.  No spoilers for those who still need to see this show...and yes, I mean need.  Best. Show. Ever.  Blast CBC cancelling it! >.<
Mum wanted to attend West End LIVE at Leicester Square this morning, but David wouldn't come out of the bathroom.  Then he said we "could go anyway".  Why would we want to go after our favourite shows had been and gone?

So we just went to Elthorne Park for Hanwell Carnival.  It's the oldest carnival in London, so it's sad to see it's no more than a badly-dressed carnival queen and a few kids with hand-made umbrellas advertising a local school.  Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  I think there were eight different organisations marching, but when you consider there used to be literally hundreds even within my lifetime, that doesn't sound so good.

We wandered around the tables, but there were no ponies to be found.  Well, one fakie and a McDonalds pony on the Salvation Army stall, but that was it.  I had one of my strange psychic type feelings and was drawn to a box of kids' videos.  But I guess my radar is slightly off.  There was a Bucky O' Hare video there, but it was the one I picked up in Boston last year.  There was a Road To Avonlea tape too (not the right episode, of course - I wouldn't be that lucky, would I?) but it's interesting to know they released at least part of the series on VHS over here.

I came away with a 1980s Poochie plushie for 50p.  She's in gorgeous clean condition but I think part of her back has been re-stitched at some point.  They seem to be selling on e-Bay for £5-6 in that sort of condition though, so hopefully I'll be able to find her a new home.

Throughout the short carnival procession some young teenage girl kept pushing her bag (clearly proclaiming it had been bought at a tourist information centre in Vancouver) in my face which annoyed me somewhat of course.  Then she and her pals set off for the funfair, which I wasn't even allowed to go near. (Why would my parents be interested in that?)  I just feel sad that I lost all my youth locked up in this house, waiting for freedom.  I fear I'm going to be one of those embarrassing old ladies dressing like a teenager and trying to ride all the rollercoasters.  Ah well, you're only as old as you feel, eh?

Later, when Mum and I were eating our dinner, David went over to Woodberry to meet the new Polish builder who says he can start work the week after next.  But Williams won't have finished his part of the job by then, will he?  This bloke wants to finish everything off, but we can't dump Williams because David overpaid him.

Anyways, while David was out (actually when he popped into Tesco on the way back), this really odd man appeared in our garden.  He was standing on the doorstep talking animatedly to himself, pressing his nose up against all the windows and front door, and rattling our already broken sidegate.  Then he went out into the street and kept looking up at the house, talking madly and pointing at all our upstairs windows.  He really freaked Mum and I so we rang David and told him to come back ASAP.

The freaky bloke disappeared before David got back here.  And then, in his rush to reverse into the garden, he smashed the car into a car behind him, so now we have to pay another bill to fix the dents.

So David started yelling at US for ringing him.  "Why didn't we just answer the doorbell, for God's sake?!"  Um...because the creep didn't ring the doorbell?  He just appeared in our garden and hung around outside our property for about twenty minutes, seemingly trying to figure out a way to get inside?

I just wish we could get out of this area.  The weirdos are definitely closing in on us.  Now I'm just waiting for that idiot to come back...

I can't really think of anything else to say without getting more depressing and miserable.  I know I owe a lot of messages to people, so I'll get on top of that tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me - again.  Dial-up really seems to hate me at times. >.<

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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