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Myspace has returned - again!

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Some of you may have wondered where I've been the last few days.  Well, Myspace has been refusing to co-opearate on dial-up again and wouldn't let me post blogs or comment on my friends' blogs.  It's probably just as well though as I've been going through another depressed period, so you're probably better off having not heard too many of my tales of woe!

There's no way I can go over everything that's happened since I last posted on here, so I'll just tell you the latest as far as Woodberry is concerned.

David went to see Mr Williams at Woodberry on Thursday, not allowing Mum or I to go because we "can't behave ourselves".  Mum begged him to get the key back because we're sick of the builders being able to go in and out of the house as they please, never doing any actual work, and instead collecting tools which they have stored in our house without ever using to do the remaining jobs at our property.

Of course, he didn't, saying Mum was "absurd" and "he just wants to get the house finished".  Well, don't we all?  But the way to get the house finished is not to give them colours and tell them to start painting before the building work has been completed, and politely ask them to do the work "as soon as they have a chance"...which is exactly what he's done.

So Mum has told David that HE has to go over there from 8am every morning to make sure he's there when the builders decide to do the work in order to supervise them.  Now this may seem slightly crazy, but perhaps I should point out the massive chip on the side of our irreplaceable kitchen from MFI (the company that went out of business in the recession).  I don't have a photo, but I will get one next time we visit Woodberry.  It's absolutely enormous and we have no idea how it got there, since the builders haven't even done any work out in the kitchen.  However, there's a stepladder out there, so presumably someone was messing about out there.

Then there's the vaccuum cleaner that they were storing in my bedroom.  It disappeared early last week - I guess for another job, even though they haven't hoovered in OUR house! - and now one large section of the dado rail up the stairs is hanging off the wall!  I figure they bashed it on their way down the stairs with the hoover. >.<  The whole thing is a shambles.

The one thing David did do that we asked him to was tell them they weren't to do any further work in the kitchen (sealing the cupboards etc.) unless one of us was there.  At least he claims he told them that.  But then he popped off to Homebase and returned to the find they'd removed the base of all the cupboards and tossed it haphazardly on the kitchen countertops!

So yesterday David did as he was told and went over to Woodberry at 8am, since he was so certain work would commence.  A bloke was already there, sweeping the floors.  We don't know who had sent him, because he didn't speak any English, but he spent FOUR HOURS sweeping the place.  And it still looks no cleaner.  We need the vaccuum cleaner back to get rid of all the plaster dust from the picture rail job, but of course, they won't actually use it in our house.

David spent the whole day yesterday priming my pony shelves, so that he can bvegin rubbing them down and painting.  Well, considering he spent three years rubbing down a patch of wall in what should have been my bedroom here in Grottsville, before giving up completely, I wonder how long this job will take him?  I just hope the builders don't start climbing on my shelves again, after they've been painted!  David quickly rubbed away the footprints when I pointed them out, so that we had no evidence in order to complain to Mr Williams.

Nobody showed up all day apart from that one sweeping boy.  What a surprise.  And yet, since David wouldn't take the key back, we have to stay indoors all next week while he 'supervises them' in all their invisibility. >.<

Our other problem is that the second team of builders (the Polish lot who are connected to Peter Bell) want to come in and drop the beams out in the extension at the same time as wallpapering.  It's all quite hard to describe on here with no photos, but we've got two opening into the extension which Mum hates because they're too big and make the back three rooms open-plan (she dislikes open-plan houses, and wants the place to look Edwardian).  Anyways, they're supposed to be dropping the ceiling and building up a bit of wall to make the openings slightly smaller.  Well, how do they expect the walls to be painted in time for wallpapering, when part of the wall isn't even there yet?!

I'm in despair and have no clue when we'll be moving now.  I just wanted my summer, with freedom and nice clothes etc., but there's no way I'm going to even get the end of it now, I don't think.  I've been saving for clothes, but what's the point of buying the when I have no wardrobe and they're just screwed up in front of the airing cupboard in the bathroom?

Sorry, I'm going into depressing talk again, and I promised myself I'd write this blog with a happy tone.  I need to turn CBC Radio One Vancouver on, but they've switched their podcasts to an MP3 stream, making them impossible to hear on dial-up!  Now I can't get more than three minutes at a time, let alone listening to live radio.  So where do I get my fix of that anti-depressive Vacouverite accent now?   I actually caught Steve Lus on there last night though - first time I've heard him in over a year, since I caught him on OUR radio on the way back from Paris.  Now that's the kind of accent that makes me melt...

Okay, I feel a bit better now...  Um, what other jolly news do I have?

Ooh, I bought my first ponies from the Arena since last August!  I'm buying Teeny Tiny Twins Rattles and Tattles from Fairyheart.  Hopefully they'll be here in a week or so.  And they will complete my entire Tenth Anniversary set; something I've been trying to achieve for two and a half years.  It might sound silly to most of you, but I'm just so excited to finally get ahold of those two!  Now I just hope they don't get lost in the post.

Of course, I'm now feeling guilty about spending money on ponies again (they cost just over £15 with shipping), but I did sell some old MOC Puppy/Pony/Teddy In My Pockets for £46 last week, and another couple of smaller parcels in the last few days.  I actually re-homed the first of the duplicate Dolly Mix Ponies!  I still have two Star Songs and two Scootaloos though.  Anybody want them?  I'm asking £3.00 for each of them now.  Oh, and if people want some sealed boxes I can get them from Tesco or The Entertainer now.

And finally, here's something a little odd for you.  Remember how I found out "Bratz: Fashion Pixiez" was going to be on TV just half an hour before it aired?  And how pleased I was because I'd wanted to record Janyse as Cymbeline?  Well, I decided to flip over to Hallmark today to see if they were advertising Intelligence (I have this fear the online TV guide will have got the dates wrong or something), and happened to notice 'Saved' is currently airing on the channel.

There are about three shows by that name currently airing in this country, and I guess I hadn't taken too much notice.  But since it was Hallmark, I thought I'd take a look at my regular online TV guide, and by total chance, Shane's episode is on tomorrow at 6am!  So I guess I ought to get to sleep now, since it's going to be an early morning.  We could go to Chiswick boot sale...but I don't think they'll be much there, since it's been raining all day here in London.

Well, I'm going now anyway.  To those I STILL haven't written to, my sincerest apologies.  I will definitely write to you in the next couple of days, and try my hardest to keep in happy mode!

Best wishes,
Desiréee Skylark  xxx

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