Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A parking ticket, a chipped door, a possible thrombosis, a 'broken' TV...

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Basically, a typical day in my life!

David arrived at Woodberry at about 9.30am, and was shocked to find the builders already at work in the kitchen...doing the exact work they had been instructed NOT to do unless we were present.  He got so flustered by all of this that he forgot to move the car around the corner at 10am (there are some really funny parking restrictions around that area), and by the time Mum rang at 10.20am, he had a parking ticket.  So that's another £50 down the drain, which we just can't afford.  Although, I guess it's only the same as two and a half weeks Mills & Boon storage.

I don't think much of the work that "they" (David and his friends - the builders - it would appear) did today anyway.  All right, so the holes beneath the cupboards have finally been filled, and they won't be on show anyway...  But honestly, couldn't they have put a little bit of effort into making the finished result slightly neater than this?

All right, more Woodberry pictures in a moment.  Back at Grottsville...

I woke up with my worst allergies ever.  I literally couldn't breathe or speak this morning.  Mum was certain that I'd got the swine flu, but I assured her it was just the carpet beetle dung I'd been breathing all night, and was proved right when it drifted away during the day.

Never mind though, despite my lack of a fatal strain of flu, Mum has a new health concern of her own.  She's had weak ankles for a couple of weeks now, and today she keeps getting a 'pins and needles' sensation in her lower legs...and also in her fingers when she picked up a bucket to flush the non-working downstairs loo later today.  She's convinced that she's getting thrombosis from sitting still for too long.  I know she just sit on her legs a lot of the time and is always huddled up with a hot water bottle, so I do feel a bit worried myself, I must admit.  But she won't go to see a doctor, and insists she will just have to put her feet up for a couple of hours a day, and move about more often...which we both know is impossible while we're stuck in this dump.

I did a bit more clearing upstairs in the front bedroom (Mum was too tired to do anything today).  I got rid of a couple of carrier bags full of stuff; mainly old Lucozade bottles with best before dates in 2007 and earlier, old tissues, Olbas oil bottles and goodness knows what else from when we've had rotten colds and shared the communal bed in the past.  I also found a really cute little pony outfit I must have made when I was a kid - it was like a fancy dress costume, so that they could dress up as Ahhg (the witches' friend, a giant one-eyed spider in the Movie and 'The End of Flutter Valley').  Basically it was just a piece of black cloth taped in the middle - to go around a pony's 'waist' - with a big eye painted on the front.  The carpet beetles had feasted on it though, so I had to throw it out.

David came in relatively early, but then he went in the bathroom until it was almost dark.  When he finally came downstairs, he offered us the wonderful chance to go to B&Q to buy the towel rails and toilet roll holder while they're still in the 3 for 2 offer.

But when we got there, we discovered that the towel rail he wants up in the loft is not part of the offer, so he decided to leave our first floor bathroom's toilet roll holder and towel rail there "until later on". (What?  You mean after they go out of stock?)

We went to Woodberry on the way back to observe the work that had been done in the kitchen (see above), and the green that Craig had painted on the wall leading up the stairs to the loft.
Mum doesn't like it.  I do.  I don't know David's real opinion as he says he likes everything because Craig is "a great painter who does really good work" - no, I kid you not.

Suddenly, Mum noticed that the bathroom door has been damaged.  It's kind of hard to see in this photo, as the camera didn't want to co-operate, but there's a big chip at the bottom of the door and all the wood around it has splintered.

David says we're "being ridiculous" to want it replaced, and "we'll make it good with plaster" (Ooh, "we" - David and the builders - are all friends together again!)

Mum went mad, ran into the hobby room, picked up a volvic bottle and splashed water all up the newly-painted perisian blue walls.  Oh, I didn't post a photo of those walls yesterday, did I?  Well, here's one of the pics I took (Sorry that David ended up in the photo):
And here's one with the water splashed up the wall today:
And as the final insult, as Mum stomped out of the hobby room and back to the car, she tore the sample of 'summer palace' (the wallpaper we're having at the top of the loft stairs), screwed it up into a tiny ball and stuffed it in a can of green paint!
Later on, I switched the TV on in order to play a CD...and found that the freeview box had locked on Hallmark, showing a still picture from a show that aired earlier today with a loud buzzing noise.  Of course, I was distraught with Intelligence coming up in just three days, and having waited so very long for it to be repeated.

I was getting more and more distressed while I listened to my CD...then I remembered that the last time it packed up, we called Virgin and they had us unplug the box and re-start it.  And it worked!  A bit of un-necessary stress there though.

And now, here comes the best bit.  I am totally sick of Myspace.  I just received a message on here from some guy, and thought it was going to be another of those ridiculous messages from the local creeps that I kept getting the last few weeks.  But no, this guy lives in California, and wrote me a very polite, if a little confusing, message regarding the friend request that I had sent to him!

Huh?  But I haven't sent ANYBODY a friend request lately!  At least, that's what I thought!  I decided to check my pending sent friend requests, and found that I had FORTY ONE of the things!  Mainly people from my Hotmail contacts list from what I can make out, but possibly some friends of friends and just random people.  For instance, I have no clue why this bloke in California would have been on my friends list as I'm sure we've never spoken before.

I am so mad right now.  Obviously I'll have to write to him and apologise, and I have cancelled all the other friend requests, but WHY WERE THEY SENT?  Last night, when I signed into Myspace to respond to a couple of comments, it wouldn't allow me to get to my comment page, and kept asking me to invite my e-mail and IM friends.  I declined - several times.  But it seems they somehow got my password and invited everyone anyway?!  I'd write to Myspace and complain, but they'll just send me another of their typical automated responses, won't they?

I'm sorry if I've caused any trouble, especially with the friends of friends.  It was not me who invited anybody, but the stupid Myspace system.  I will write individual messages to those I believe may be involved asap tomorrow.  Thank you for understanding.

Well, I need to get to bed before I explode with my annoyance.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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