Friday, 26 June 2009


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Ugh, my allergies are worse than ever.  My eyes are streaming, I keep coughing and sneezing every few minutes, and I'm finding it terribly hard to breathe.  I'm pretty sure I figured out the cause now though - carpet beetle larvae's skins.  We've been trying to do some clearing up the last couple of days and every time we come across a crop of them, my allergies get so much worse.  Admittedly, large quantities of ordinary dust seem to be setting it off too, but nothing like this.  I wish we could get out of here.

On the subject of Woodberry, the new Polish builders actually did show up yesterday and have been working incredibly hard.  They stayed over there from 8am 'til sunset, and did so much good work.  If only we had found them at the very start rather than Sickton's idiots, I'm sure we'd have been moved months ago.  But of course, even now they're unable to do what they want, because Williams' men haven't finished their side of the work, and we can't get the Polish lot doing it because David has overpaid Williams.

Today the builders were over there from 7.30am to late afternoon.  They didn't want to leave then, but there was nothing else for them to do.  In the last two days, they've dropped the two beams between the extension, kitchen and family history room, re-hung the doors to the cupboard and bathroom under the stairs, added a 'tongue and groove' design to the doors, ripped out the cupboard that Mum disliked in the extension, lined the hobby room and David's office ready for wallpapering...and all without damaging anything.  In fact, they've put plastic sheeting over the kitchen units, and took great care removing the radiator from David's office and placing it down in the middle of the hobby room floor (rather than leaning it against one of the walls and scratching it like the Sickton brigade would have done).  I'm just so sick of it.  They would have done the wallpapering today too, but David didn't think they'd be ready to do it, so hadn't taken it over there.  And they can't do the shower room wallpapering anyway, because Craig hasn't finished the painting and has scratched the walls to pieces.

While David has been supervising them, Mum and I have been trying to clear up the front bedroom in this house (the old communal bedroom, that is).  And that's why I've got so ill with my allergies again, because we keep digging up more and more insects.  We disposed of a lot of junk though, including the large double duvet Mum and I were using the last few months of sleeping up there, much to my delight.

When we put it out in the front garden for the dustmen, I joked that someone would probably steal it.  Well, guess what?  By dawn, it had gone.  And the other rubbish bags were still there, so it certainly wasn't the dustmen who had taken it!  God knows who wanted our dirty old torn-up duvet - I hope they're making good use of it anyway!

We emptied the broken ottoman at the bottom of the bed, which was mostly filled with Mum's tapestry and Grandma's cross stitching.  The ottoman itself was crawling with insects, but luckily the stuff inside was fine.

When David came back, he and I put the ottoman in two black sacks and carried out into the front garden.  He's going to take it to the refuse centre tomorrow morning...unless someone comes and claims it beforehand, of course!  It seems we have our very own recycling service out in our front garden!

With the ottoman out of the way, Mum and I can get to the drawers under the bed (which are filled with all her old teddy bears).  I'm dreading what we'll find in there, as we already found the little teddy who used to hang on the wardrobe door in that room down on the floor - his hanging hook must have broken.  Anyways, the poor little thing had hardly any fur left after the carpet beetles had enjoyed their feast.  It was horrible, as I used to love that little bear when I was a kid.

I'm worried about the swine flu again.  It's obviously getting a lot worse, with so many more cases every single day.  My sister told us she's just been working at a school where there's now a confirmed case!  And I don't know what would happen if I got it, considering I'm still sleeping on the floor and having such awful breathing trouble anyway...

Someone contacted me through Craigslist about a load of stuff I have for sale, worth a total of £94.00!  Much as I'd love to be able to make that kind of money with one transaction, I have a feeling she hasn't checked the individual prices and thinks everything is a lot cheaper.  I also have a feeling I know her from somewhere - probably the MLP Arena or Trading Post - and yet I'm not anywhere near certain enough to say something to her.  Her name definitely sounds familiar though...  It's all very odd.

Well, I must go and have my bath now.  Episode three of Intelligence is due to air in two hours and twenty four minutes precisely!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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