Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Summer has arrived...

Current mood:  restless

It's so hot, I could hardly bring myself to do anything today.  I need to get some new sunglasses but can't find anything about the kite marks and which give you the most protection.  I don't want expensive designer glasses that aren't going to save my eyes from the sun.  I've also got to get some sun screen...can anyone recommend me a cheap one that works decently?

David went to Woodberry at 7.30am, so as to be able to let the builders in at 8am.  Guess what?  The boss showed up and told us they now can't make it until tomorrow!  So yet more wasted petrol, and yet another wasted Wednesday when we could have gone to the car boot sale in Hayling Island.  I hope these builders aren't going to turn out to be as bad as Sickton's lot.

We went to Richmond this afternoon to get some paint from Laura Ashley.  We also had a little wander around the shops, but everything is ridiculously expensive there, so I couldn't afford anything.

We came straight back and got chips for dinner - then I got another headache and started feeling dizzy.  It seems to have become a real thing that my body just can't take salt.  We don't even have much salt on our chips, but I feel awful for hours afterwards and have to drink three or four bottles of water before the headache finally goes away, so it must be a dehydration thing.  Then of course I feel sick from drinking too much!

David spent most of the afternoon and evening watching the tennis on TV.  Usually, I'd settle down and watch Wimbledon too, but I'm just too stressed and decided to do some tidying up instead.  I got upset when I found a carpet beetle's body inside the  taped down bag inside the box inside the sealed freezer bag that my 2007 MLP Fair Pony came in.  I was just coming round to the idea of selling my totally sealed one, but how can I when I don't know what might be inside?  And yet if I un-tape the box she'll no longer technically be MIB. >.<  I also found a load of MOC G2s (including Copper Glow) which had been crushed under piles of my parents' junk.

I managed to get rid of three carrier bags of old papers of mine from around 2006/2007.  Mainly dreadful songs I'd written and transcriptions of e-mails I wrote out when I was still limited to an hour at the internet cafe every week and wanted something to copy so as to get more done with my time!  And yet the place looks no better for my efforts.

I keep finding more sale-worthy items, and yet I cannot get an e-Bay account as you all know.  But then the fees would probably swallow up the small amounts I'd be making on any of this stuff.  I found a brand new keyboard (I don't think it's very good, mind you.  It was an unwanted Christmas gift a few years back, and I suspect someone got it as a free gift - or at least at a very cheap price - in a mail order catalogue), and a brand new kit for making Christmas crackers (again, not much, but I feel bad getting rid of unopened stuff), among other things.  I just don't know the best place to get rid of it all since we'll never get David to agree to do a car boot sale.

I think that's about everything really.  I pulled Mum's bird clock down off the wall and cleaned it up a little (there were even moth larvae and spiders INSIDE the clock!), and actually got it working again this evening.  So now we have American bird song to let us know the time again after about six years of silence!  It stops 'overnight', but I think it's going to drive me mad when the dawn chorus begins in the kitchen (right the other side of the lounge wall) at about 5am!

And with that, I must see if I can get any sleep before I am awoken by a mechanical Blue Jay.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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