Saturday, 27 June 2009

Then what is David doing at Woodberry?

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Take back what I said yesterday about the new builders.  Yes, they do work faster than Williams' lot.  Yes, they've done a better job with the building work than Williams' lot.  But it would seem that they are not decorators.  More about that later in the blog.

I have been exhausted all day, due to staying up to watch 'Intelligence' last night.  It froze for fifty seconds around two minutes into the show, so I stayed up to tape the first part of the repeat on Hallmark +1 which didn't help!  I intend on putting the recordings together on another tape if David ever sets up the other VCR machine.  I find it necessary to stress once again what a tragedy it is that it got cancelled after just two seasons.  This series is so much better than the first...I'd love to have seen a third season, and wonder what us viewers missed due to CBC's stupidity?  I still think it's only just building up to its full potential here in season two.  Why do they never give the good shows a chance?

After the show had finished, I went upstairs to use the bathroom.  I was almost at the top of the stairs when a voice shouted, "Desirée!  Don't come in 'ere!"  David was on the loo with the door wide open.  Nice.  "Why do you never close the door?" I asked.  "I thought you were in bed, and it's too 'ot in 'ere!" He yelled back.  So I had to go on bucket duty downstairs at 3.30am again. >.<

David spent another day over at Woodberry supervising them because they decided that they wanted to work today too.  That meant Mum and I couldn't get out again, even though there were several special summer events taking place around Ealing today.  If only we had moved house so that we weren't dependent on David for everything.

So we spent another day upstairs trying to clear stuff out.  Now my allergies are worse than ever.  We discovered the the chest of drawers I'm to have in my bedroom is all cracked and broken inside, so that one of the shelves can't even be pulled out any more. Great.

We threw out another black sack full of stuff and yet there's hardly any difference to be seen!  I felt sad getting rid of my old Pound Puppies wellyboots, but you can't keep these things forever, can you?  One thing I found that I HAVE kept was my duplicate china G1 MLP teaset, so I just need to sell one of them now.

I was right about the woman who contacted me on Craigslist.  She "didn't see any prices" on the stuff.  Um, what?  Does that mean she thought I was giving it all away for free even though my post clearly states that I am SELLING 1980s/90s character toys?

By the time David came in, Mum and I were exhausted from clearing up, and my eyes and nose were streaming.  And all he could say was, "So you STILL 'aven't got on and tidied up UNDER the bed?"  We'd cleared all the rubbish from the two chests of drawers and between the drawers and the bed, but that wasn't enough for him, it seems.

And what had he been doing while we had been so incredibly "lazy"?

Well, apparently the builders have got wallpaper paste all up two of the painted walls, and papered unevenly.  Mum asked David if there were any air bubbles, but he says that he "didn't have time to check it all".  I'm not sure why though, as in the whole nine hours they were over there, they only papered one long wall and two short walls.

I wonder if it's because we keep getting combined building/decorating companies, rather than two specialised groups?  Well, I guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since we have to invite Williams' idiots to come back if and when they feel like it as soon as the Polish lot have left.

So how about painting my shelves?

No, he didn't do any of that either.  "It's too 'ot!" you know?  And he doesn't like doing it when he hasn't got the place to himself!  So is he saying he won't paint them until the autumn now?  Because he said I could move into that house in MARCH whatever state it was in, and yet now he says I can't move until the shelves are painted.  Meanwhile, my breathing problems and chest pains are getting worse and worse.

His answer to that?

He "told me to go and sleep up on the wooden bed months ago!"  The wooden bed is Emma's old bed, by the way.  A wooden fitted bed with no mattress and not even the semi-soft carpet on it.  And in yet another insect-infested room.  So how the heck would it help my breathing?

I'm a little worried about what I presume to be a computer virus which has shown up in one of my Myspace friends' status boxes.  Basically, a row of random letters and characters, and their mood has also been changed.  I'm worried about the virus coming my way, but more importantly, I'm worried the person in question will take his profile down again, meaning I'll lose the messages from him that I've been wanting to print for ages now, but haven't been able to because we never move house where the printer would be set up and connected to the computer.

Oh, and on the subject of computers at Woodberry, did I tell you that the idiotic electricians gave me a phone point instead of a computer point?!  Apparently, "I said I didn't need one now because David was having one in his office" .  Uh...  There's also a broken electric point in my room.  I'm cursed with life-long bad luck, I swear!

Oh, and finally, another Myspace glitch.  I just discovered that Elisabeth commented to me over two days ago, but I never got the little 'New comments' sign, so I didn't see it or reply.  Anyways, if you're reading this, sorry, Liz.  I will write back as soon as I can tomorrow, I promise!

Now I'm off to floor-bed to get some more delightful chest pains and sniffles.  I should consider myself lucky since I'm the one choosing to sleep on this piece of insect-covered carpet rather than the hard insect-covered wooden bed though, eh?!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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