Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"Well, don't go for long - otherwise you'll find more of your stuff out in the rain!"

Current mood:  depressed

Endless arguments here all day.

David didn't go to Woodberry this morning, obviously still annoyed by Mum's outburst last night.

He did finally go to the launderette, then left Mum and I to hang it all up while he went to the internet cafe for unknown reasons.

When he returned, he came in the lounge and lay down on the patch of floor where I have to sleep, me begging him not to drool there too, otherwise I'd have nowhere to sleep.  And that's when the arguments got out of hand.

I put my (broken) headphones on and tried to block them out with this computer keep cutting out on me, but they got louder and louder, arguing about colours.

Mum was in tears with David telling her "All the delays are your fault, because you can't come up with colours." (Never mind the fact that the building work is STILL not finished).  Eventually, he sat up and sneered, "You should have worked with Carolyn!" (Sickton's 'wife').  Mum went mad, since we hate that Sickton family so much, and she never wanted to help us - she just suggested endless 'white with a hint of' colours that Mum and I hated.

So Mum got up and started thumping David again and again.  Then she picked up the big blue notebook where he's been writing all the colours down and started hitting him with that.

He got up and started walking upstairs (Must be nice to have somewhere to retreat to when the fighting gets too bad).  So Mum went to the front door and threw the blue notebook out in the was raining heavily, so the book would obviously soon be ruined.  "There goes your book full of CR*P - it was never any USE to us anyway!  WHERE'S FOXTONS NUMBER?  I WANT FOXTONS NUMBER!" (Foxtons being a UK estate agent, for those who were wondering). Mum yelled down the street.  David came racing back downstairs calling her a "stupid b*tch" and pulling on his coat.

"Where are you going now?" Mum laughed at him.  "Over to see Craigy-boy or for a fast drive up the motorway?"  "Oi don't know where Oi'm going.  I just need to get ou' o' 'ere!"  David said.  "Yes, well, some of us aren't so lucky as to have the opportunity!" I called after him, but Mum blocked me out with the title line to this blog.  "Well, don't go for long - otherwise you'll find more of your stuff out in the rain!"  I don't know what happened after that as I was still attempting to block them out, but I know the door kept opening and closing with Mum keep throwing things out in the front garden...mainly colour boards, I think.

David didn't go out after that, of course.  He wouldn't want any of his precious Mills & Boon books or yellowed newspapers ending up out in a thunderstorm, would he?!  So he marched back upstairs and spent the rest of the day dozing on the end of the old communal bed.

Mum periodically goes upstairs to the bathroom and then I hear banging about and shouting - I think she may have attempted to damage his computer and ripped up some Mills & Boon lists and/or her own family history stuff?  I'm trying not to get involved, otherwise I'll be punished even longer for all their silliness.

Mum is still saying she doesn't want to move house and is going to put the house up for sale since it's her house.  After all, I'll "be leaving soon anyway - I've said that I want to get away from them myself!".  Um, can she really not see that I will not be leaving unless I move house and gain some independence, and somehow catch up with the education I haven't got the last few years?  How does she propose I'm going to get out of this dump when I don't even leave the house alone and have no way of getting anywhere even if I did.  There's no public transport around here!

I'm just about to take someone up on their offer of a spare bed for a while - so be warned, Sarah, Bonnie and Elisabeth!   Nah, only joking.  I don't even know how I'd afford a VISA to get to the US or Canada, let alone living expenses (and that goes for Sweden too) once I got there.  But it would be nice to just have a couple of months away from this madness.

Anyways, I spent most of my day finally working on my Lancer custom - I got all that awful oil paint off of the poor blank pony, and then I attempted to dye his hair.  To be honest, it has turned out awfully.  I don't even know where the dye came from - we've had it in the cupboard for years...probably since I was three or four, or even earlier.  I actually think it may have been food colouring originally, but when I was little I used to use it when I when I went through a phase of loving tie-dye fabrics, and it seems to have held quite well all these years.  The problem is more that it's come up the wrong shade for Lancer's hair and looks kind of blotchy.  (And on top of it all, I got the dye all over my arms and look like I've cut myself up or something.  Not to mention the red splatters on the front of my t-shirt.  Maybe I also murdered somebody? ) Oh well, it'll do for now - maybe I'll re-hair him in the future if I can ever afford the hair.

I also started re-painting him; this time with proper acrylic paint...and I think it's looking quite good so far.  I'll get some photos up when he's finished so that you can have a good laugh at me - hopefully a couple of weeks or less if I set my mind to it.

I also finally got around to starting the transformation process for this little girl.
Remember how I found her at the charity shop around the corner from Woodberry just over a year ago?  She's a little Crayola pony, obviously made to look like a MLP.  But the poor thing had been smothered in splotchy paint.  I got most of it off but she's just been hanging about ever since with me trying to figure out which pony she should become.  I originally thought Lancer, but the ribbon in her tail kind of ruled that out! >.<  Still, I finally have an idea and her hair has been properly 'dyed' (with felt tip pens, which look far better and seem to be holding nicely too) already, so I'll take some photos of her too as soon as she's finished.

Oh, and finally, for your laughing pleasure, I received ANOTHER message from one of the many Myspace idiots currently trying to get a date - Sarah, you'll be pleased to hear this one: it's from dear old Charlie Bubbles...again!

"hi would love to have u as a friend u seem a reli nice person from ur profile :)hi im charlie , i hope u dont mind the add
u deffo have a lot of ponies lol i like it its gdd x
do u like interior designing ? just from ur dream house i looks smashing
im heavy into the interior design i love property developing wid my mum , x
anyway hope to hear from you xx"

Creepy or what?  He's obviously checking my photos trying to get into bigger pictures of me...too bad they're for FRIENDS ONLY and I don't add perverts as friends.  So he could only get the pics of my ponies and the works at Woodberry.  Oh dear, but I *accidentally* set all of those to friends only earlier, so he won't even be able to snoop at those in future.  Poor soul. >.<  Got to give him a prize for persistence though, eh?

I have stopped being angry about it all now though - it was pretty pointless to get worked up over a load of people I don't even know.  So I devised a plan.
First friend request/message = DELETE
Second friend request/message = RESPOND WITH FOLLOWING MESSAGE (I'd like opinions on this, please - I've only had to send it to two of the idiots so far, but I have a bad case of deja vu with one of my other friend requests tonight too! )
"You already sent me a friend request earlier this week, which I also denied - sorry, I only accept people I know, and certainly no strange men from the surrounding area.  Anyone who actually wanted to become a genuine friend and bothered to read my profile before requesting would know that.
I have no interest in inane dating; if I was looking for a man, I'd join a dating site.  Hence, why I'm on Myspace for 'friends and networking' only."

It's not too rude, is it?  Just getting the point across in a clear and rather blunt manner.  Surely they can't misunderstand that?

Third friend request/message (with anything other than an apology) = BLOCK AND REPORT AS SPAM

So how do you like my little plan?

I'm also getting idiots over IM now.  'Dan' decided to contact me this morning, and I can't find a way to block IM contacts without opening the message?

"hi im dan 22 frm watford lookin 4 abit of fun im 5f5 short dark hair slim bulid n hayzle green eyes if u like wot u here giv me a buzz hun"
Um, no?  I don't like what I HEAR?  I told him directly that I had no interest in meeting illiterate online perverts and that he could just p*** off, then I blocked him.  Why the heck WOULD anyone meet some random stranger off the internet anyway, without so much as a photo?  It all seems kind of odd to me.

Anyways, on that note, I shall leave you all alone, and go and do a little copying and pasting to the latest re-appearing creep.  His name's Scott someone-or-other but I don't remember any more than that.  I know he already requested me only three or four days ago though. Can't these idiots get the message?

Thanks for joining me tonight, my dear readers!
Desirée Skylark   xxx

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