Sunday, 7 June 2009

What was that noise?

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I should have started writing this blog twenty minutes ago, but heard a massive crash right outside.  Mum reckons it was in the front garden, and I think it may have been in our side alley.  It sounded like either smashing glass or maybe a large metal object being thrown around.

I dashed upstairs to alert David who was sitting in the front bedroom with the curtains wide open and lights shining brightly so as to alert any drunks to his presence.  "Didn't you hear that?", I asked.  "Yeah, I was just trying to see what it was." David replied, straining to look out the window over his computer.  I switched the light out but there's no way I could battle across the bed to look out the window.

So I switched the light off here in the lounge, and took a peek out of the window, the best I could without any obvious curtain-twitching.  There was a gang of 15-20 black yobs on the street corner, with about three white (Polish?) guys and a young woman who kept screaming.  I figure the gang might have smashed their car?  The yobs have since sauntered off wearing colour co-ordinated hoodies, and the Polish girl is standing on the street corner crying, looking very cold, and phoning someone on her mobile.

I don't know what's going on.  I'm a bit worried it was the hire car or something in our alley...  But I don't dare look again or switch the lights back on, because I can still hear the yobs shouting and fighting (probably on the other side of the road).  I hate it here.

On this note, I'm kind of wondering if we have some kind of drug trade going on in our front garden.  There are a few old-ish Asian men who keep returning to our garden and hiding *something* in an overgrown bush by our front wall.  Then others come and pick it up.  The only time I managed to see what it was in detail, I watched a bloke carrying away a half-eaten lollipop which I'm pretty sure he himself had left there earlier.   But I wonder if that was just the beginning, or some kind of test to see if we'd notice/clear up after them.  Since then, I've been seeing shiny bags dropped and retrieved from the bush.  I have no idea what substance might be in those bags, but I can take a pretty good guess.  I daren't look though, in case one of the druggies catches me and stabs me to death for finding their secret stash.  This area is just getting worse...

Right, so back to the blog I should have been writing!

David stayed in the lounge watching football on TV really late last night, finally allowing me to go to floor-bed at 1.30am.  So I only had four hours before I had to get up for 'Saved' at 5.30 (it started at 6am, but I don't trust myself with alarm clocks!)  Poor Mum had to move to the other end of the room to snooze for an extra hour, while I sat up and taped the show.

It seems like quite a good show actually...I wish I'd known it was on before so that I could have seen the rest of the series.  Actually, take that back.  I'm exhausted, and I have an awful headache from getting so little sleep last night.  I don't think I could stand to do it every night!

To those who haven't seen 'Saved', Shane only has a couple of scenes (one at the very start, and one about two minutes from the end), but it's still a pretty good role.  Rather amusingly, just as the second scene came on, there was a huge crash and a big thunderstorm started up, the like of which I haven't seen for years - I honestly thought the window was going to fall in on me!  So the TV ariel must have got messed up with static, and when I played the tape back, everyone sounded rather like the daleks from Doctor Who on my recording!   Oh, well.  Strangely, it seems a little better now.  So perhaps it was the TV rather than the video.  Although I don't see how a static-y televison would affect a VHS...

David still didn't emerge from the bathroom until noon, so we didn't leave the house again...well, we couldn't really have gone to the planned Chiswick boot sale or the local Dogs' Trust Shelter Open Day in a thunderstorm anyway, I guess.  But I was still depressed because we know we won't leave the house all this week with David supervising the invisible builders.

We went to Woodberry tonight actually to have a look at the awful lighting in there.  David changed the light bulb to a stronger one in my bedroom...and burnt his hand on the old bulb, despite the fact the light had only been switched on for about five minutes.  So it looks as though Sickton's electricians used the wrong kind of cabling.  They've just messed up the entire house.

Oh, and as promised, here is a photo of the big scratch on the side of our irreplaceable kitchen cupboards (ringed in red).

It doesn't look as bad in the photo as it does in real life, but the wood has basically been gouged away all along the edge of the cupboard behind the door. >.<

I'm just seriously wondering when we are going to move house now.  I hate this place, and Mum was literally in tears earlier because she hates the other house, and it's too late to move there now anyway for all the stuff she wanted to do with me (free entry into Kew Garden for up to 17-year-olds/free public transport up to 16 etc.) and God only knows where I can get an education now.

To be honest, I'm actually dreading living there.  Whenever Mum or I see any of the Sickton family, we automatically start shouting and swearing and feel like killing them.  Sickton walked past just the other day with his typical smug grin, and Mum yelled "B*****D!" out the window at the top of her voice.  But I don't see why he should win and we should never move house just because of his horrible family living right opposite us.

There's not really a lot else to say.  Just to finish this blog off in a trivial way, I've been trying to re-record my MLP music tapes since someone uploaded some more of the old G1 commercials on Youtube.  I just finished recording all the Pony Tales songs today, and Mum and I were puzzling over the lyrics of 'Think Again!' once more.  So we have the lyrics as follows:

If you think that you can beat us, think again!
If you think you can defeat us, think again!
Just when you think you've got us licked,
You'll find out that you've been tricked,
If rosy futures you're predicting, think again!
If you think that you can match us, think again!
Though you'll try you'll never catch us, think again!
Just when you're sure you're out in front,
We'll pull off some clever stunt...

(And then the missing line)

If someone wants to tell me those darn lyrics once and for all, I'll send you a reward of $1,000,000! *sorry, I mean, a computer virus*!  Oh dear, no, that's one of those chain letters, isn't it?!  Oh well, I would send you $1,000,000 if only I could afford it, because I've been puzzling over the words since I was about six years old.   Will my eternal gratitue suffice?  Mum's latest suggestion is "Searchers luck, Happy Hunting, Think again!" ,  but that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.  Other suggestions have been, "Best of luck, Happy Hunting, Think again!" and "So good luck, Happy Hunting, Think again!" but I'm inclined to think it's not even "THINK again!" at the end of the line - it sounds more like there's an 'A' in there somewhere...

Ooh, almost forgot - it's just over seven minutes into this *Youtube video* .  The quality isn't too good, but it's pretty muffled even in the original to be honest.

Well, I'm going now.  The computer screen is hurting my eyes here in the dark lounge, the thugs seem to have finally shut up and Mum is snoring on the sofa, so I think it's time for floor-bed.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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