Thursday, 30 July 2009

Colour changes, cream carpets, embarrassing outbursts, freezing televisions...

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Got twenty minutes to kill?  Read on, as we have more catching up to do!

July 21st 2009

We went to Woodberry where Mum decided she wants to make more colour changes, so David got angry.  She hates the Dulux mint crisp wall leading up the stairs to the loft (my favourite wall in the house outside of my room, that is) and wants to replace it with a very dreary Laura Ashley colour called Eau De Nil.  I just know it's going to look horribly dark on such large walls!

Another swine flu death in Scotland.  The goverment announced that they will only be releasing information on the latest swine flu figures in England on Thursdays from now on.  Goodness knows why - it's made Mum even worse, as now she's convinced there's a whole load of deaths building up over the weeks now, so she refuses to leave the house most of the time because "she has no idea how bad the pandemic is now that they're hiding the numbers".  I'm just sick of being stuck here with no bed.  I hope we can get out before the flu gets to us.

July 22nd 2009

I woke up with two massive scratches on my left arm.  I have no idea what caused them - it looked like I was attacked by a crazy feral cat and they're only just fading now!  I guess I scratched myself on all the junk surrounded my floor-bed - we have to get out of here!

To get ourselves a stage nearer to being able to move into Woodberry (since David's latest estimated date was "by the end of July") We went to two carpet shops and ordered my bedroom carpet - a gorgeous and very soft cream one.  Mum kept on at me about how "impractical" I was being by having such a light coloured carpet.  She's probably right, but it goes nicely with my wall colours and cream was the colour most people suggested when asked, so I thought I'd use all your advice for once!  So, who's going to pay to get it professionally cleaned when it gets covered in waterpaints and make-up?!

We stopped at Pizza Hut on the way back, and got double cheese at no extra cost which was a nice surprise!

July 23rd 2009

Spent the day clearing up in the back room.  I threw out two black sacks full of old drawings/things I'd made when I was little etc., but the place looked no better for it at all.

The back room is falling off of the house.  No, seriously.  There are huge cracks in the wall up by the ceiling at the end of this lounge and on the other side in the back room.  The coving is falling down from where water gushed in through our roof about ten years ago, and there's even a big crack right through the ceiling halfway across.  Not to mention the large chunks of plaster missing from the walls!  I hope we get out of here before anything major happens - we still have so much stuff stored in that room!

That evening, we went to Tesco to get some much-needed shopping, but Mum was still stressed about swine flu, and rushed us around the place like a mad thing.  Then we and David split up so as to get the shopping done in half the time.  One problem: David is terrible when it comes to finding people again.  We raced up and down the central aisle, searching for him, carrying groceries under our arms because he had the trolley, but couldn't find him for about fifteen minutes with Mum getting more and more panicked and bad tempered about walking around the "potential swine flu victims" by the second.

Suddenly, I saw him at the other end of the vegetable aisle...walking past us!  I grabbed Mum's shoulder to try to stop her racing past him, so that we could give chase...but as it turned out, we didn't need to, since he heard us.

Mum screamed.  I mean, she literally screamed.  It was this awfully loud high pitched wail, like a dog or cat in some serious pain.  Then she turned on me "B*TCH!" she yelled across the store.  Uh...what?!  "What are you talking about?" I asked, as all the "swine flu victims" stared at the 'evil mother-abuser'.  "You PUSHED ME.  You don't know your own bl**dy strength - you've hurt my leg!"  WTH?  She limped up the aisle towards David like a thunderclap with everyone staring at us, me totally bewildered by the whole episode.  Then she started yelling at David, who claimed he had been "standing in one spot the whole time".  Well, there's another lie.  We'd been all round the shop three times, and not found him.  And how come he'd been walking up from the other end of the shop to where he should have been shopping when we did finally find him?

David spent the day at Woodberry painting my pony shelves, by the way.  Rob Williams was supposed to be doing a day's work, but only showed up for twenty minutes.  David was actually surprised this time, but still refused to sack them and attempt to get his money back so that we could employ the far more efficient Polish builders to finish the work. >.<

July 24th 2009

Another day of clearing up in the back room.  I found three chalk 'eggs' with small toy dinosaurs inside and stupidly decided to 'rescue' the dinosaurs for my nephew by breaking pieces off with my thumbnail under running hot water.  Not such a smart idea.  I got a small piece of green chalk stuck deep down under my thumb nail, and had to cut it short to try and get it out.  I ended up bending the nail right back, where it promptly snapped off (far too short, weakened by the hot water, I guess) and ripping the skin beneath the nail that did still remain.  Might sound trivial, but believe me, it hurt like crazy - I couldn't even press the buttons on the remote control for about four days!

Speaking of the remote control, I attempted to tape Shane's episode of 'Mysterious Ways' on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Not too successful really.  A huge thunderstorm decided to start randomly during the hour the show was airing, and the TV froze on not one, but two, of Shane's main scenes.  By the time the TV returned, I'd missed about four minutes of the show!  Such terrible timing.  Stupid thunderstorms!

In the evening, we went to Woodberry and to McDonalds for ice cream on the way back.  We even have to go through the drive-thru there now for fear of catching swine flu.  Although I see no reason the staff couldn't give it to us through the window when they hand over our order anyway!

Last, but certainly not least, I received my package from Posy646, who was kind enough to send these girls to me for less than the cost of shipping.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

She included Star Swirl, Ivy and the combs as a surprise.  I'm so pleased to have them all, since we've had no McDonalds ponies here in the UK since the start of 2005, hence I missed out on all of these.  Thank you, Posy!!!   The 2008 Minty and Pinkie Pie are so adorable!  Now I shall be seeking the others from the set...

Anyways, I must go and run my bath now.  Only two hours until Intelligence! <3

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Back in business!

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Blogging business, that is.  I see that my blog entry last night submitted okay (all right, there were a few formatting mistakes, but I can work on those), so next time Myspace decides to show its hatred for dial-up, I will try writing my entries via Livejournal.

Thanks for the comment, Bonnie.  I can see it, but can't reply here on Myspace.  I'll e-mail you soon though.  Enjoy the concert tomorrow!

I couldn't get online earlier due to clearing up this dump all day (My allergies are AWFUL now - my right eye is streaming, and I just cannot stop my sneezing and this dreadful itching nose!) and Mum is quite tired now, so I'm not going to be able to catch up in one go as I had hoped.  But I'll see how far I can get, just noting down the important bits...along with those annoying trivial notes that I know you all love so much!

July 16th 2009

I realised my last post was made after midnight on the 16th, and actually spoke about the 15th, so I figured I ought to start after we woke up the next day.  Confused yet?

We went to Woodberry and then had ice cream at McDonalds on the way back.  I've gone back to having the ordinary Dairy Milk McFlurries now, since I can't stand those Cornetto ones.  I'd actually forgotten how much I liked Dairy Milk since I've been having all these limited edition it's 20p cheaper, which is a bonus, of course!

Packed up my Ponyville ponies - it was a sad job, as they were the very last ponies I had out on display, but I figured they were going to get damaged with stuff being piled up higher than the little table they were standing on.  When I went to get a relatively empty crate out of Emma's old bedroom cupboard upstairs to clear out for the Ponyville ponies, I found another one which was packed with Lotta Littles and Snubbies.  I forgot I even had those things!  I never played with them - I was probably twelve or thirteen when I got them as birthday and Christmas gifts etc., but that was the stage at which my parents were having troubles getting to grips with me being "too old" for toys...not that you can ever be too old to collect and appreciate childhood playthings in my opinion!  Anyways, they're all in mint condition with all accessories and some original boxes etc.  So it was nice to see that they're actually selling quite well on e-Bay.  Maybe if I can get a bank account I might make a few quid...and a bit of space!

July 17th 2009

Mum won tickets to see "Friday Night is Music Night" being recorded live for BBC Radio Two, but was too scared of swine flu to go to the concert.  So it became "Friday Night is Driving Night" with us going on yet another boring drive around the streets.  We actually went a little further afield down some pretty country lanes and villages, and listened to the show on the radio.  It didn't sound as good as previous weeks, so I'm not too disappointed.  I'm just annoyed that we're still in this state sleeping on the floor in Grottsivilee so that Mum is too scared of catching swine flu to go anywhere!

July 18th 2009

David spent the day at Woodberry painting my pony shelves, while Mum and I worked in the back room, with me getting sicker and sicker with my allergies.  We started work on the back room, and found yet more heartbreaking carpet beetle damage.  A whole load of Mum's old toys were in a bag in the doorway (we didn't realise this) and of course they were mainly destroyed.

'Little Orange', a toy dog knitted for her by her grandma, was COVERED in live insects, skins and poo.  He has big holes in his neck now, and they've eaten his eyebrows.  I'm going to try and sew him up for her, but he'll never be the same.

And her Sooty and Sweep hand puppets (which are worth quite a bit of money as well as having sentimental value) are very bald...all their fur was all over the floor.  It's so sad because she was such a careful child and still had Sooty's wand and everything.

Then we found Grandad's saxaphone case missing half the felt lining and some of his old band uniforms with huge holes.  And all of this damage has been caused in the past few months, thanks to that *BEEP* Sickton and his lazy *BEEP* builders with all their delaying tactics.  I could just about kill those idiots.

We all went to Tesco in the evening, and walked around holding our breath "to avoid swine flu".  I found a little dolly mix Toola Roola that someone must have dropped by the checkouts.  She's been taken out of her bag and is missing her comb but her hair is still tied up and everything...I'm guessing some little kid must have been rather impatient to open the box, or perhaps someone had stolen her, knowing this area.  Either way, she's sitting on my mantlepiece now.  If anyone in this area dropped her and wants to claim her back, speak now!  Otherwise, she will be joining my Rescue Home herd.

July 19th 2009

Mum's 52nd birthday.  I was able to find the one gift I had got for her in the end (a CD of music from the year she was born) was still in the bag of books that I bought David on his birthday - when I also bought her gift.  He must have really wanted those books, mustn't he?

Mum was upset that nobody remembered her and that we were still stuck in Grottsville.  She got a purse and card from her uncle and aunt, a card from my grandparents' old neighbours (saying they'd found thirteen MLPs for ME!  Great gift for her, eh? ), a card from her old friend Aubrey and two cards from Emma's aunt, Karen.  Nobody else gave her anything.  When I woke up, she was so upset that she was ripping up the few cards she did get - "it wasn't her birthday anyway".  I made her a card with a little comic strip story inside, which seemed to cheer her up a bit.  At least she's kept that one on the box in front of the sofa where she can see it.

I was very upset that I couldn't get out of the house to get her anything else, or even buy her a card.  David gave her nothing at all (even if he is "broke", he could have given her a tenner - after all, he's still buying zillions of newspapers every week!) and nor did Emma.  Of course, she sent cards but Nick claims to have posted them in the post box at the bottom of the road where they always post our cards and they always mysteriously go missing.  That's if they ever make it out from under the bed.  Honestly, there's so few people in this family now, I do think the those two could do better for her.  If only we had moved house, even with the little bit of money I make by selling things online, I would have got her a couple of gifts.  And a cheap card costs next to nothing.  You don't have to get a £20 boxed card and massive bouquet of flowers delivered by the royal family's courier, guys - it's the thought that counts!

David actually spent the day at Woodberry painting my shelves again, so we didn't even leave the house until the evening when we went to Woodberry, and had a little drive while we played Mum's new CD (she seemed to enjoy that, at least), then more ice cream at McDonalds on the way back.

She didn't even get a cake or strawberries, like she usually has.  Admittedly, she didn't want to hang around in Tesco the night before catching swine flu, but David was all too happy to let her go without.

July 20th 2009

Didn't leave the house - wonderful summer, considering I was going to have moved house and finally be free this year.

I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to download videos from Youtube.  I finally found a good downloading site but the videos are all in FLV format, and I cannot find a safe, free way to convert them to MP3 (or any other format for that matter).  If anybody knows more about converting videos, I'd love to hear, as I really want to save a few old commercials from the site before they get taken down.

David was in a fowl mood and kept making Mum cry, saying we "won't get rid of anythink" which is so unfair and untrue when both of us have been working so hard to clear out what must be approximately 40-50 black sacks of junk over the past few weeks.  Possibly more.  What has HE got rid of, by the way?  He just spends days on end reading a small pile of magazines, tearing out pages he wants to keep.  He calls THAT clearing up?  And at least our stuff is (mainly) collectables etc.  What does he hoard?  Yellow newspapers and badly-written romantic fiction.

Then he came in from Tesco (having not even offered us the chance to go), and announced "Well, that's it then - I have swine flu.  Some bl**dy bloke sneezed on me as I went through the checkout".  What a nasty thing to say to Mum late at night!  She could not get to sleep until about 4am.

I started getting bad anxiety attacks again, brought on by David's bad temper, I think.  Neither of my parents understand though, and think I'm putting it on.  I just get gripped with panic to a point where I can't breathe and my heart is racing and racing.  I almost think I'm going to have a heart attack.  If I set my mind to something, it eases off, but now I'm getting these attacks where I'm kind of paralysed, frozen to the spot.  I guess I'm just very disappointed about this year passing by like all the others, but what can I do about any of my problems while I'm stuck here in Grottsville?

Anyways, I need to go to floor-bed now, despite all my allergies.  Mum is snoring and really needs me to clear out of her patch of floor.  I hope Myspace allows me to post more tomorrow, as so much has happened in the last week, and it would be a pity not to get such important tales written up on here after two and half years of blogging!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Testing, testing...

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Testing, testing...
Myspace refuses to co-operate with dial-up these days, meaning I've been unable to write a blog entry since July 16th, as some of you may have noticed. Oh well, you've probably been enjoying relaxing without my moanings to shatter the peace and quiet.
Unluckily for you, one of my dear friends has been asking when my blogs will be returning, and helped me to figure out a way I may be able to post a new entry... So now I'm busily typing this blog on LiveJournal with no intention of posting here, BUT hopefully I can paste the HTML code straight into the Myspace blog entry box (I can still get the box on dial-up, but all the text shows up in white so I can't see what I'm typing!)
I have such a lot to say about the past couple of weeks but I want to test this first, just to see if it will work...then hopefully I can start blogging properly again tomorrow night. See you all then!

I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!  I just came over to Myspace and my blog is finally working again, so I needn't have even involved LJ.  Oh, well, it'll be good to see if it works anyways, I guess...  Speak to you all tomorrow!  xxx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"I offer to take ya out time and again!" (aka "Driving to Nowhere...")

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It's Mum's birthday on Sunday.  Yes, again.  I can't believe we're STILL in this dump!  I haven't got so much as a card for her, since I simply cannot get to the shops.  Well, actually I lie.  I bought her a CD on MY birthday, which David promptly took upstairs and lost.  So I may as well not have bought it for her.

Anyways, Mum is trying to stop any of us going out because of the swine flu.  Basically, if I so much as mention going to the shops to buy some decent clothes for the summer I'm "being selfish and stupid by risking all our lives for what I'm bl**dy wearing".  And yet come Sunday she'll be moaning to Emma and all her family history friends that I "haven't bothered" to get her anything, just like her birthday last year, and Mother's Day this year.  I just feel so guilty about it all.

So today David asked her for the date.  He knew perfectly well what the date was, believe me.  He was just winding me up because he knows how depressed I am about the summer passing by while I'm stuck in Grottsville yet again.  But that's besides the point.  She replied, "It's the 15th," before adding, "It'll be my birthday soon."  I got upset and told her how I didn't even have a card for her, and started shouting at David for losing my one and only birthday gift for her.  First he starts asking me what it was (in front of her) and got angry when I wouldn't tell him.  Then he snapped at me that I should buy her another gift - "I offer to take ya out time and again!"  Yes, but Mum doesn't want me to go, in case I bring the swine flu back with me.  Never mind the fact I don't have the money to simply keep losing gifts in the mess of newspapers upstairs!

I'm going crazy cooped up in here.  I've always been the kind of person who needs to get out in the fresh air every day, and I don't believe staying in this place is doing us any favours healthwise anyway.  David is continuing to go to the internet cafe and supermarket all the time, and is just as likely to get the flu and pass it on to us.

And meanwhile my allergies get worse and worse.  I really can't breathe in this house anymore, and my voice is cracking up every time I speak which is distressing me further.

This is quite possibly the worst summer I have ever experienced.  This house is so hot with all the windows and doors shut for fear of rats coming in, and the only time I leave the house is when Mum decides to get David to "take us out for some fresh air".  This entails us getting in the car late at night (after it gets dark, so I'm not seeing any of the light evenings), and driving aimlessly around wonderful rundown areas like Shepherd's Bush and Wembley, before looping round and driving through Ealing Broadway on our way back here...which is kind of rubbing salt in the wounds, considering I'm not living there!  And all the time we have the car windows shut (David "can't drive safely" when they're open and he can hear the noise of other traffic), the radio up as loud as it goes (apparently, that doesn't put him off!) and the HEATER switched on (Mum is constantly "cold" and hugging a hot water bottle - she says that David and I are ill if we're warm enough not to wear our coats!).  The car heater has always given me a headache and other congestion-related problems, so obviously it's a lot worse combined with my allergies.  But still Mum can't understand why my nose doesn't clear in the "fresh air", and keeps telling me to go to see a doctor.  Uh...and I'm less likely to catch swine flu at the doctors' surgery with all the sick people than I am just generally walking around the shops?!  I told you my entire family were crazy! 

David has a sore throat, and Mum is convinced it's the start of swine flu.  I think it's a milder form of my allergy.  This house is just so dusty, dirty and insect-filled, and it can't be healthy to sleep on the floor in all this muck like we do.  At the end of the day, they say that 1/3 of us are going to have had swine flu by the end of the year anyway, and I doubt now that we will be out of this house in I expect we will have to endure it on the floor.  I'll get through it somehow though...I hope.  Mum's kind of made me nervous again now!

I see a young child died in Vancouver last night - the first swine flu fatality in British Columbia.  I knew I shouldn't have posted about their being no fatal H1N1 cases over there a couple of blogs back!  There have now been 17 deaths in England, but I think one has been proved not to have been caused by the swine flu or something.  Still, there have been a whole lot more cases where people have recovered.

Well, something a bit lighter now, I think.  Yesterday I finally convinced Mum to brave TRU and Asda.  We went VERY late at night so as to avoid too many crowds of people, and almost didn't get in TRU at all.  But fortunately we did, and I blew all the cash that I have been putting aside for ponies from the stuff I've been selling lately!

(Excuse the rough photo - I cut out as much of the background mess as I possibly could!)

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

All of the ponies were 33% off marked price (so £3.33 for the MLPs and £6.66 for the Ponyville double packs)...but one of the Ponyville sets didn't get scanned when she had to check them all through again after the reduced price didn't come up the first time.  So we got one set for free!  Then the Anthro Ponyvilles were only £2.50 each in Asda!  I hadn't intended on buying them, but at that price I couldn't resist!

I also ordered three of the North American McDonalds ponies from Posypeepers on the MLP Trading Post, which she was kindly offering for the cost of shipping.  I can't wait for them to arrive!

The clearing up procedure continues - we've thrown out a further ten or eleven bags over the past few days and yet the place looks no emptier at all.  The insect problem is far worse than we had feared.  Mum put one of her beloved trolls, 'Mary', on the sofa for 90 minutes while she did some clearing up in front of the sofa where Mary usually lives...and when she went to put her back she discovered three large holes in Mary's sleeve!  And a little toy horse I had since I was eleven has had all the glue beneath his mane eaten, so that I when I picked him up all his hair fell out.  Not to mention the bag of fur we had as a keepsake of my grandparents' old dog, Argus, has mysteriously turned to a pile of insect poop.  They've also had a go at munching through a lock of my mum's grandma's hair.  I just can't stand to think about all my ponies in boxes in the library, packed up because we were "moving soon".

David is supposed to be seeing Mr Williams at Woodberry tomorrow morning, as agreed in a phonecall yesterday  (Yes, Williams is back.  I don't think David ever did get rid of him as he told us).  Mum overheard the conversation, and shouted "Why not tomorrow (today)?  We've waited fourteen bl**dy months for a twenty week job already!" to which Williams apparently said to David, "Fine language on the phone!" and David APOLOGISED.  Well, I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Mum here.  So many of our possessions, probably including my pony collection (which is currently worth the best part of £35,000) have been destroyed thanks to all these delays.  I think we should be getting compensation, not apologising to the lazy *BEEP*!

Well, Mum has gone to floor-bed, and keeps kicking me, so I guess I'd better try to get some sleep myself.  Although my nose is worse than ever so I don't know how well I'm going to manage to breathe once I'm lying down!

Speak to you all soon!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Friday, 10 July 2009

More bugs, more rats, more fun! (Not)

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Another day of clearing up in Grottsville.  We finished off the bathroom, threw a ton of stuff out in the hall, and I finally got into the library...where I found some fakies and a couple of MLPs, CRAWLING with insects.  My favourite grey Lanard fakie has lost half of her hair to the little critters, and they've stripped a load of the purple wool from my mum's Cabbage Patch Ponies' mane.  And this is before I even GET to the ponies I packed into boxes over the last two years, waiting to move house. 

So what does David do?  He starts shouting at ME that he "told me to put them in storage where they would be safe and clean".  Actually, he's constantly told me we will soon be moving house, so there's no need to put them in storage.  Even yesterday he was saying we'd be moving in two weeks.  Now he says he only said I could move if I didn't want to eat, because the kitchen would never be ready in time.

A huge argument ensued with him blaming Mum for keeping Grandad's ties.  It was the ties that attracted the beetles in the first place apparently.  Never mind the fact that the insects were here long before we emptied my granparents' house!

His nasty parting shot was, "Well, the beetles will be living in the boxes with the ponies, won't they?" and as he walked up the stairs he muttered "Pathetic.", leaving me in tears.  I feel bad enough about my ponies without his nastiness.

We went for ice cream at McDonalds tonight (I had a Dairy Milk McFlurry - I couldn't face another of those Cornetto things!) and watched the rats playing in the bushes again.  There is such great fun to be had here in Grottsville, you must surely agree!

Yeah, I'm not in the best of moods as you can probably tell, so I'll shut up now.  During the argument earlier, I got upset about another year going by with no education and how I'd turned down my opportunity to go and study in Vancouver, and David snapped at me that "there are voice acting places in the UK too, you know?!"  Um, who the heck told HIM about voice acting?  Mum, of course!  Apparently, she told him about it during an argument.  I just feel I have nobody in real life to talk to in confidence without my whole family knowing the story within a week.

Oh well, Intelligence is coming up on Hallmark again in just over two hours so I'm trying to remain cheerful.  I don't want to mess up my weekly hour of TV viewing through my own miserable mood.  And KELLY SHERIDAN just replied to me on Facebook.  Ugh, and I have embarrassed myself so badly.  I was certain she sang 'Sweet Music' in My Little Pony Tales, and now she's told me it was actually Willow Johnson.  Oops!  Still, it was so nice to hear from another of my favourite voice actresses!

Now I'm off for my Friday night bath, despite my parents telling me I shouldn't be having "yet another" one.  I'm determined to be able to wear a skirt in August, and my skin still requires so much soaking and exfoliating to get it anywhere near that stage!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The death toll doubled today...

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They announced another seven swine flu deaths here in the UK, bringing the total to fourteen.  They won't release any details, so I'm guessing at least some of them had no underlying health conditions and the government are trying to hold off the huge panic which is obviously on its way.  Our local Tesco is already half emptied of long-life foods.  Call me stupid if you like, but this is really worrying me.  They're estimating 40 deaths every day in this country by the end of the month.  Morbid as it may sound, I think I'm going to take this opportunity to write instructions for my funeral...  It's something everyone should do really, especially if your nearest and dearest are so clueless about what you'd want as mine are.  My family seem to think I'd want to take a load of ponies in my coffin with me, and would probably play Kerry Ellis's rock and roll take on Wicked (which I personally hate by the way - no offense to those who like it) and the pop music of some group I doubt I've ever even heard of. (Mum said Emma mentioned them last time she was over there without me, but can't even remember the name...I can't think of any specific modern bands I like though!)  And if Mum succumbed to swine flu before me, I doubt David or Emma would even know if I wanted to be buried or cremated.

I certainly wouldn't want my ponies to be destroyed in my coffin alongside me - I'd rather they were offered to my online pony friends, and any left over sold for my family to use the money on something they wanted.  I would however want to take a couple of cassettes with me of a couple of my favourite VAs.  I know it sounds freaky, but I'd feel comforted having those tapes by my side.  Maybe even play the tapes at the funeral parlour before the day, then put them in the coffin.

I want to be cremated, and (as I'm not sure of the laws concerning taking people's remains abroad), either be scattered on water off the coast of Vancouver, or if that's not allowed, just be kept by my family as long as possible, as my grandad wanted.

As for music, I'm thinking 'Reflection' (Lea Salonga's version - none of that Christina Aguilera nonsense please!) as you enter the crematorium, since it's a kind of slow thoughtful song.  I'm not sure about what I'd have as the curtains closed around my coffin (possibly Idina Menzel's 'Defying Gravity' as I'd want it to be upbeat, so I'd probably say aim to get the "And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free..." verse as the curtains closed) or as everyone left (Something inspirational, but I haven't figured it out yet).

Sounds crazy, I know.  So maybe this explains it a little better.  Basically, since I've never had the chance to perform in life, I'd want my funeral to be like a performance of my life, I guess.  With a song to represent my desperation to be myself, a song to represent finally being free - either in my last few weeks/months of life, depending if we move or not, or in the afterlife - and the third song to be something upbeat to say I wanted everyone to be happy after I was gone, despite the fact I could never help myself.  Or failing that, just something simple like My Fair Lady's "On The Street Where You Live" (the movie version), since I can tell you right now where my spirit will be floating, and it ain't going to be England!

Oh, and I'd rather have a small posy of flowers and a donation to an animal charity (I don't have a specific charity in mind - just NOT the RSPCA) than these huge bunches of flowers that they seem to like to send to funerals.

Sorry if all that seemed morbid.  I don't see it that way, I think it's something we all should do, as I know the stress my mum went through when her parents didn't leave many instructions.  I just want my family to have easy access to this if ever it was needed.  So please, anyone who read that, if anything ever happened to me and my family contacts you, point them this way!

The funniest thing is, Mum didn't like the idea of me travelling anywhere because of it, which was part of the reason I had to turn down Sarah's offer, but ironically there have been no deaths at all in British far.  (Touch wood)

I'm feeling more and more depressed by this whole Woodberry thing.  I can't believe David is letting it drag on like this.  He went to see Rob Williams yesterday, and wouldn't even tell us what was said.  Basically, he made out he had finally sacked the idiots over the phone, but it seems Williams was the angry one who is still trying to get rid of us.  But officially he is still doing the remainder of the work, despite saying he will "fit us in when he has a chance"FOR GOD'S SAKE, WE'VE WAITED FOURTEEN MONTHS FOR YOU TO "HAVE A CHANCE" TO DO THE WORK WE'VE PAID YOU TO DO!  CAN'T I JUST HAVE THIS LAST YEAR OF MY TEENS? PLEASE?!  (Another reason I wish I could have gone and studied drama over in Vancouver - I'm obviously not going to get a 'proper' education here - at least in the short term - so why the heck shouldn't I have taken two 'gap years'?)

Even if David did agree to sack Williams though, the Polish builders are still in fact, they're not coming back for "two or three weeks".  I'm just in total despair.  This summer's gone no matter what I do.

We went for ice cream at McDonalds last night, but the Oreo McFlurry has gone for at least another year, so I had a Cornetto McFlurry instead which made me feel really sick.  Ugh, why do I have to be stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic?  Of course, the outing wasn't a complete disaster.  We had entertainment throughout our ice cream the form of two young rats playing tag in the bushes with a large carrier bag.  Sorry to make you all jealous.  You can't all be so lucky as to live in Grottsville with live performers at McDonalds 24 hours a day!

Apart from that one trip, I haven't even left the house since my last blog.  Mainly I've just been trying to keep busy clearing up in the kitchen and bathroom.  I've chucked out tons of stuff (another FOUR BLACK SACKS, in fact!) but the place looks no better at all...

These carpet beetles are making me sick (quite literally, as far as my allergies are concerned, but that wasn't really what I meant).  They're eating EVERYTHING!  Any kind of material; cloth, food, wood, paper...  You name it, they're in it!  And today I noticed a big hole in my Easter Cheerilee's rabbit ears.  And I've been checking her every couple of days since she's on the floor right behind where I have to sleep.  I dread to think what's happened to all the ponies I packed away months ago.

David is hoovering in the bathroom now, convinced it will do some kind of good as far as destroying the beetles goes.  But they're too hardy to be killed by a vaccuum cleaner.

I've also been continuing watching videos of "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" on Youtube, specifically listening for Shane Meier and Venus Terzo but also trying to identify all the other voices, and just taking a nice stroll down memory lane as it was one of my favourite shows when I was little.  I loved Tails back in the day, but his voice is kind of grating on me now!  In "Lovesick Sonic", Breezie sounds extremely familiar and very "pony-ish" as Mum put it.  She is convinced it's Venus, actually.  So I was wondering if any of my clever voice chasing pals could confirm that for us!  That being said, I wouldn't say we're certain enough to be on a 'confirming' stage.  Initially, I thought it might have been Kathleen Barr, but it doesn't sound like her at all today.  I think I'm losing my voice identifying ear...I thought I heard Sam Vincent in one of the episodes too, and he's not even supposed to have been an additional voice!  Oh, well, I just want to load them all on this awful dial-up connection before Youtube completely cuts me off, as they're now telling me I need to upgrade to a more modern browser...which dial-up won't allow.

Not much else to say.  I had a really nice bath the other day - I am officially in love with Lush!  It's the first time I've really switched off to my parents' constant shouting at me to get out of the bathroom because I'm taking too long, and soaking in one of those bubble bars has really done wonders for my skin.  Waxing my legs even worked pretty well the next day, so I'm hoping my hair removal problems are on their way out, although I still think I'll need to touch up by shaving every couple of days...something I can't do with no shower, and my parents ranting at me to get out of the bath all the time!

Well, that's all for now.  David is STILL hoovering the floor, so I think I ought to tell him to stop before he kills himself!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Monday, 6 July 2009

Dasty Allergies and Even Dastier David (Oh, and the annoying men are bad...atchoo!)

Current mood:  sneezy

David went for a job interview early this morning - I doubt he'll get the job, but he's still hopeful.  Actually, I hate to think what would happen if he DID get a job, considering he keeps coming up with excuses not to ring Rob Williams as it is.

Mum and I spent most of the day clearing up in the kitchen again.  It's truly exhausting and heartbreaking work (so much stuff has been totally destroyed by the insects in this house).  Not to mention my dreadful allergic reactions every time we uncover another load of carpet beetle skins and poop...I hate squashing the live ones too.  They're the one and only kind of insect that really makes my skin creep.

Mind you, it's not really surprising that I have such awful allergies when you consider the state of our kitchen floor (which we finally uncovered today...and this is right opposite where we prepare and store our food!)

Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

And there's so much more still to do.

Today, we went through the suitcase containing all Mum's costume dolls which her Auntie Eva (Woodberry's original owner) had brought back from various holidays in the 1960s.  We wanted to take them to Woodberry when we finally moved in and have them displayed in a cabinet over there...but the insects have been through a load of the dolls' dresses - mainly Mum's favourites, of course.  We spent TWO HOURS picking off carpet beetles, both dead bodies and live ones in various stages from egg right up to fully-grown beetle.  Yes, LIVE ONES.  So we reckon the damage is all pretty recent (certainly in the last few months), so we SHOULD have been out of this dump and the dolls should have been fine.  So the damage is all Sickton's fault really.  Mum was actually sobbing when she found her two favourite monkey toys had been packed away with the dolls.  They now have massive holes in their faces and hands.

Just then David walked through the door.  "What's wrong?" he asked, in an uncaring tone, reaching over us to get to his bottle of Coke.  Mum told him about the monkey (we'd only found the first one at this point) through her tears, and left me alone to sort out the rest of the dolls, as it was "upsetting her too much to continue".  David followed her into the lounge, and I heard him shouting at her.  "IT'S YOUR FAULT, NOT PICTON'S!  YOU SHOULD HAVE SORTED OUT THAT CASE A MONTH AGO!"
Why does he constantly feel the need to stick up for an architect who did absolutely nothing for us, and has caused all these delays meaning I'm still stuck in a house full of insects which are literally killing me and destroying all our stuff?

I felt so sorry for Mum.  When she eventually returned, I'd packed all the dolls into ziplock bags (removing all the insects first to the best of my ability), but David refused to come out of the bathroom and bring the hoover downstairs for an hour or so.  And by that time there were carpet beetles ALL OVER THE BAGS again, including INSIDE!  They even get into supposedly airtight plastic boxes.  I just don't know what to do.  I'm dreading getting to all my own plushies, especially my MLPs.

I'm seriously worrying about the swine flu now.  Three more deaths have been confirmed in this country today, and my mum's cousin (who has bad asthma, by the way, so has good reason to be concerned) tells us that a kid who lives opposite has got a severe case of the H1N1 virus.  I figure most of us will get it over the next few months although hopefully the majority will only have mild cases.  I'm more concerned about Mum and I because we still have no beds, and how can anyone cope with ordinary flu while sleeping on the floor with bad allergies like mine?

And then just to make my day even brighter, the big-headed, ugly, illiterate Myspace men returned.  Apparently, they still have the idea that I'm stupid enough to want to sleep around, and arrogant enough to think I'd choose them.

First we have the 31-year-old from Wimbledon:

hey sexy, how about drinks sometime?

I don't drink, and even if I was the kind of, um, 'man-adoring' girl they're after, why the heck would any 18-year-old want to meet some random pervert off the internet with that kind of age difference?  Even I'm kind of flabbergasted by this one's inflated ego!

And then some guy around my age in the - far too! - local area (Bad language ahead)...


fucking helllllllllllll,,,wow

i can wish x

Yep, and you can continue to wish (no 'x' included!), mate.  Go and find someone else to 'X'-post your stupid message to.  Oh, well.  They make an amusing closing topic for this blog anyways.

Well, not quite a closing topic.  I just want to finish by saying thank you to Janyse for providing us fans with a free copy of Dreamers.  I spent about an hour downloading it last night (stupid dial-up), but it was well worth the wait.

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

Friday, 3 July 2009

I can't take much more of this "Dial Up vs. Myspace" stupiditiy

Current mood:  excited

I've been unable to write blogs the last couple of nights again.  And I've been going through terrible trouble with my anxiety attacks and depression and really needed somewhere to vent.  Nevertheless, I survived to tell the tale, which is exactly what I'm about to do...  'Intelligence' is on in 88 minutes though, so I may not get everything written about, and have to dash off to get undressed and ready for my most important weekly hour of TV-viewing!

We went to see Neil Sedaka at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night, and I enjoyed the concert very much.  Mum felt very ill and kept going dizzy and feeling out of breath though, so I kept worrying about her throughout.  It was extremely hot, and several people were on the verge of fainting and had to leave halfway through.  Even Neil himself ended up removing his jacket after two or three songs and changing into cooler clothes during the interval.

They didn't seem to have a problem with cameras or recording equipment, so I recorded the vast majority of the songs and they came out pretty well, if anyone's interested (*Hint-Sarah-Hint*).  The concert was cut short by half an hour - probably due to the extreme temperature - and he didn't perform a lot of his most famous tunes ('I Go Ape' for one, although that's always been one of my least favourites so I wasn't too bothered about that.  I was more disappointed by the absence or 'Next Door to an Angel'...), plus we probably had some of the noisiest people in the audience around us, singing in loud out-of-tune voices and screaming his name every five seconds (!), but overall it was a very enjoyable evening.  Mum also said he looked "ridiculous" trying to dance and "should retire" but I think he did very well considering he's 70!  I'm just sad that I will probably never have another chance to see him performing live.

David's been awfully bad tempered for no reason the last few days.  He's still blaming US for delaying Woodberry, and refusing to ring Mr Williams now that the Polish builders have done their work and left (well, actually they HAVEN'T finished the work...but David has paid them regardless!)

There are an awful lot of Woodberry stories that I should be telling, but David's about to go in the bathroom and I'm running out of time anyway, so I'll just dash through a couple of other quick stories regarding his recent short temper and selfishness.

Mum and I have been trying desperately to clear up this dump and have got rid of a further EIGHT SACKS of filthy rubbish full of insects over the last two days, but the place looks no better at all.  We were exhausted and had to give up at about 6pm.  David then walked into the kitchen, looked in the cupboard and immediately found an envelope containing £130!  It MUST be some money my grandparents gave Mum for her birthday years ago, as we actually remember putting it in the cupboard and were worried it was lost.  Anyways, David is now claiming it's HIS, and making out we're stealing it from him by taking it back.

Then he went and got himself a cup of tea without asking me if I wanted some water to dilute my apple juice first (I try to make it slightly less fattening, easier on my teeth, and save money on buying so much apple juice, but the water tank in the loft has no lid and we have no idea what state it's in so I like to boil the water before drinking it).  Anyways, so I was left with just a tiny drop of drink to last me for eight hours, and his answer was that I should "fill the bottle up every time I take a sip - why should he have to think about me?"  I notice he doesn't do that when mixing his lemon barleywater.

Then I was getting upset about education again yesterday (part of the cause of my awful anxiety attack last night).  Basically, we're getting into more and more debt, so I know he'll never pay for my education once we move house as he promised to do, especially if we're stuck in this dump and I miss the start of another school year.  Meanwhile, he continues to store his Mills & Boon at £20 a week.  The answer?  "Why should I have to pay for your education anyway?  I NEED the money for MY BOOKS, and you should have found yourself a place at secondary school when I told you to!"  Excuse me?  I should have found myself a place at school aged just eleven when I'd never even been to primary school?  Anyways, he always said we were moving house, so I would start at a local school near the new place!

We went to Ealing Broadway and West Ealing yesterday - saw Sew-and-So and a few fakies in a charity shop, but they were £1 each so I left them there!  But I had a bit of luck in West Ealing BHS.  I think I mentioned on here how I fell in love with some jewellery in the sale but didn't have time to buy it while we were waiting for a pizza on Sunday?  Well, the 1/2 price sale was still on, so I picked out three nice necklace and earrings sets - two should have been £12, one should have been £15, meaning at the reduced price they should have only been £19.50, and I had a £10 voucher that Mum's friend gave me for Christmas.  David went up to pay while Mum and I moved on to the next shop (It was late and everywhere was closing).  Anyways, when he caught us up, he told us he'd signed up for a BHS credit card, meaning he got 20% off his purchase, and the jewellery had scanned at just £5 per set!  So I got £39 worth of jewellery for my voucher plus £2.00!  I'll try and get some pics tomorrow.

Of course, David had to be arrogant again and point out to me that the earrings were for pierced ears.  Like I hadn't noticed!  I would never dream of wearing clip-ons anyway!  Again, he just proved how little he knows about me.  I think even you guys know I want to get my ears pierced when we move house! >.<

Anyways, Mum has just come out of the bathroom, so I must go and get undressed and ready for 'Intelligence' now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to write a more coherent and less rushed blog tomorrow night!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx