Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back in business!

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Blogging business, that is.  I see that my blog entry last night submitted okay (all right, there were a few formatting mistakes, but I can work on those), so next time Myspace decides to show its hatred for dial-up, I will try writing my entries via Livejournal.

Thanks for the comment, Bonnie.  I can see it, but can't reply here on Myspace.  I'll e-mail you soon though.  Enjoy the concert tomorrow!

I couldn't get online earlier due to clearing up this dump all day (My allergies are AWFUL now - my right eye is streaming, and I just cannot stop my sneezing and this dreadful itching nose!) and Mum is quite tired now, so I'm not going to be able to catch up in one go as I had hoped.  But I'll see how far I can get, just noting down the important bits...along with those annoying trivial notes that I know you all love so much!

July 16th 2009

I realised my last post was made after midnight on the 16th, and actually spoke about the 15th, so I figured I ought to start after we woke up the next day.  Confused yet?

We went to Woodberry and then had ice cream at McDonalds on the way back.  I've gone back to having the ordinary Dairy Milk McFlurries now, since I can't stand those Cornetto ones.  I'd actually forgotten how much I liked Dairy Milk since I've been having all these limited edition it's 20p cheaper, which is a bonus, of course!

Packed up my Ponyville ponies - it was a sad job, as they were the very last ponies I had out on display, but I figured they were going to get damaged with stuff being piled up higher than the little table they were standing on.  When I went to get a relatively empty crate out of Emma's old bedroom cupboard upstairs to clear out for the Ponyville ponies, I found another one which was packed with Lotta Littles and Snubbies.  I forgot I even had those things!  I never played with them - I was probably twelve or thirteen when I got them as birthday and Christmas gifts etc., but that was the stage at which my parents were having troubles getting to grips with me being "too old" for toys...not that you can ever be too old to collect and appreciate childhood playthings in my opinion!  Anyways, they're all in mint condition with all accessories and some original boxes etc.  So it was nice to see that they're actually selling quite well on e-Bay.  Maybe if I can get a bank account I might make a few quid...and a bit of space!

July 17th 2009

Mum won tickets to see "Friday Night is Music Night" being recorded live for BBC Radio Two, but was too scared of swine flu to go to the concert.  So it became "Friday Night is Driving Night" with us going on yet another boring drive around the streets.  We actually went a little further afield down some pretty country lanes and villages, and listened to the show on the radio.  It didn't sound as good as previous weeks, so I'm not too disappointed.  I'm just annoyed that we're still in this state sleeping on the floor in Grottsivilee so that Mum is too scared of catching swine flu to go anywhere!

July 18th 2009

David spent the day at Woodberry painting my pony shelves, while Mum and I worked in the back room, with me getting sicker and sicker with my allergies.  We started work on the back room, and found yet more heartbreaking carpet beetle damage.  A whole load of Mum's old toys were in a bag in the doorway (we didn't realise this) and of course they were mainly destroyed.

'Little Orange', a toy dog knitted for her by her grandma, was COVERED in live insects, skins and poo.  He has big holes in his neck now, and they've eaten his eyebrows.  I'm going to try and sew him up for her, but he'll never be the same.

And her Sooty and Sweep hand puppets (which are worth quite a bit of money as well as having sentimental value) are very bald...all their fur was all over the floor.  It's so sad because she was such a careful child and still had Sooty's wand and everything.

Then we found Grandad's saxaphone case missing half the felt lining and some of his old band uniforms with huge holes.  And all of this damage has been caused in the past few months, thanks to that *BEEP* Sickton and his lazy *BEEP* builders with all their delaying tactics.  I could just about kill those idiots.

We all went to Tesco in the evening, and walked around holding our breath "to avoid swine flu".  I found a little dolly mix Toola Roola that someone must have dropped by the checkouts.  She's been taken out of her bag and is missing her comb but her hair is still tied up and everything...I'm guessing some little kid must have been rather impatient to open the box, or perhaps someone had stolen her, knowing this area.  Either way, she's sitting on my mantlepiece now.  If anyone in this area dropped her and wants to claim her back, speak now!  Otherwise, she will be joining my Rescue Home herd.

July 19th 2009

Mum's 52nd birthday.  I was able to find the one gift I had got for her in the end (a CD of music from the year she was born) was still in the bag of books that I bought David on his birthday - when I also bought her gift.  He must have really wanted those books, mustn't he?

Mum was upset that nobody remembered her and that we were still stuck in Grottsville.  She got a purse and card from her uncle and aunt, a card from my grandparents' old neighbours (saying they'd found thirteen MLPs for ME!  Great gift for her, eh? ), a card from her old friend Aubrey and two cards from Emma's aunt, Karen.  Nobody else gave her anything.  When I woke up, she was so upset that she was ripping up the few cards she did get - "it wasn't her birthday anyway".  I made her a card with a little comic strip story inside, which seemed to cheer her up a bit.  At least she's kept that one on the box in front of the sofa where she can see it.

I was very upset that I couldn't get out of the house to get her anything else, or even buy her a card.  David gave her nothing at all (even if he is "broke", he could have given her a tenner - after all, he's still buying zillions of newspapers every week!) and nor did Emma.  Of course, she sent cards but Nick claims to have posted them in the post box at the bottom of the road where they always post our cards and they always mysteriously go missing.  That's if they ever make it out from under the bed.  Honestly, there's so few people in this family now, I do think the those two could do better for her.  If only we had moved house, even with the little bit of money I make by selling things online, I would have got her a couple of gifts.  And a cheap card costs next to nothing.  You don't have to get a £20 boxed card and massive bouquet of flowers delivered by the royal family's courier, guys - it's the thought that counts!

David actually spent the day at Woodberry painting my shelves again, so we didn't even leave the house until the evening when we went to Woodberry, and had a little drive while we played Mum's new CD (she seemed to enjoy that, at least), then more ice cream at McDonalds on the way back.

She didn't even get a cake or strawberries, like she usually has.  Admittedly, she didn't want to hang around in Tesco the night before catching swine flu, but David was all too happy to let her go without.

July 20th 2009

Didn't leave the house - wonderful summer, considering I was going to have moved house and finally be free this year.

I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to download videos from Youtube.  I finally found a good downloading site but the videos are all in FLV format, and I cannot find a safe, free way to convert them to MP3 (or any other format for that matter).  If anybody knows more about converting videos, I'd love to hear, as I really want to save a few old commercials from the site before they get taken down.

David was in a fowl mood and kept making Mum cry, saying we "won't get rid of anythink" which is so unfair and untrue when both of us have been working so hard to clear out what must be approximately 40-50 black sacks of junk over the past few weeks.  Possibly more.  What has HE got rid of, by the way?  He just spends days on end reading a small pile of magazines, tearing out pages he wants to keep.  He calls THAT clearing up?  And at least our stuff is (mainly) collectables etc.  What does he hoard?  Yellow newspapers and badly-written romantic fiction.

Then he came in from Tesco (having not even offered us the chance to go), and announced "Well, that's it then - I have swine flu.  Some bl**dy bloke sneezed on me as I went through the checkout".  What a nasty thing to say to Mum late at night!  She could not get to sleep until about 4am.

I started getting bad anxiety attacks again, brought on by David's bad temper, I think.  Neither of my parents understand though, and think I'm putting it on.  I just get gripped with panic to a point where I can't breathe and my heart is racing and racing.  I almost think I'm going to have a heart attack.  If I set my mind to something, it eases off, but now I'm getting these attacks where I'm kind of paralysed, frozen to the spot.  I guess I'm just very disappointed about this year passing by like all the others, but what can I do about any of my problems while I'm stuck here in Grottsville?

Anyways, I need to go to floor-bed now, despite all my allergies.  Mum is snoring and really needs me to clear out of her patch of floor.  I hope Myspace allows me to post more tomorrow, as so much has happened in the last week, and it would be a pity not to get such important tales written up on here after two and half years of blogging!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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