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Colour changes, cream carpets, embarrassing outbursts, freezing televisions...

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Got twenty minutes to kill?  Read on, as we have more catching up to do!

July 21st 2009

We went to Woodberry where Mum decided she wants to make more colour changes, so David got angry.  She hates the Dulux mint crisp wall leading up the stairs to the loft (my favourite wall in the house outside of my room, that is) and wants to replace it with a very dreary Laura Ashley colour called Eau De Nil.  I just know it's going to look horribly dark on such large walls!

Another swine flu death in Scotland.  The goverment announced that they will only be releasing information on the latest swine flu figures in England on Thursdays from now on.  Goodness knows why - it's made Mum even worse, as now she's convinced there's a whole load of deaths building up over the weeks now, so she refuses to leave the house most of the time because "she has no idea how bad the pandemic is now that they're hiding the numbers".  I'm just sick of being stuck here with no bed.  I hope we can get out before the flu gets to us.

July 22nd 2009

I woke up with two massive scratches on my left arm.  I have no idea what caused them - it looked like I was attacked by a crazy feral cat and they're only just fading now!  I guess I scratched myself on all the junk surrounded my floor-bed - we have to get out of here!

To get ourselves a stage nearer to being able to move into Woodberry (since David's latest estimated date was "by the end of July") We went to two carpet shops and ordered my bedroom carpet - a gorgeous and very soft cream one.  Mum kept on at me about how "impractical" I was being by having such a light coloured carpet.  She's probably right, but it goes nicely with my wall colours and cream was the colour most people suggested when asked, so I thought I'd use all your advice for once!  So, who's going to pay to get it professionally cleaned when it gets covered in waterpaints and make-up?!

We stopped at Pizza Hut on the way back, and got double cheese at no extra cost which was a nice surprise!

July 23rd 2009

Spent the day clearing up in the back room.  I threw out two black sacks full of old drawings/things I'd made when I was little etc., but the place looked no better for it at all.

The back room is falling off of the house.  No, seriously.  There are huge cracks in the wall up by the ceiling at the end of this lounge and on the other side in the back room.  The coving is falling down from where water gushed in through our roof about ten years ago, and there's even a big crack right through the ceiling halfway across.  Not to mention the large chunks of plaster missing from the walls!  I hope we get out of here before anything major happens - we still have so much stuff stored in that room!

That evening, we went to Tesco to get some much-needed shopping, but Mum was still stressed about swine flu, and rushed us around the place like a mad thing.  Then we and David split up so as to get the shopping done in half the time.  One problem: David is terrible when it comes to finding people again.  We raced up and down the central aisle, searching for him, carrying groceries under our arms because he had the trolley, but couldn't find him for about fifteen minutes with Mum getting more and more panicked and bad tempered about walking around the "potential swine flu victims" by the second.

Suddenly, I saw him at the other end of the vegetable aisle...walking past us!  I grabbed Mum's shoulder to try to stop her racing past him, so that we could give chase...but as it turned out, we didn't need to, since he heard us.

Mum screamed.  I mean, she literally screamed.  It was this awfully loud high pitched wail, like a dog or cat in some serious pain.  Then she turned on me "B*TCH!" she yelled across the store.  Uh...what?!  "What are you talking about?" I asked, as all the "swine flu victims" stared at the 'evil mother-abuser'.  "You PUSHED ME.  You don't know your own bl**dy strength - you've hurt my leg!"  WTH?  She limped up the aisle towards David like a thunderclap with everyone staring at us, me totally bewildered by the whole episode.  Then she started yelling at David, who claimed he had been "standing in one spot the whole time".  Well, there's another lie.  We'd been all round the shop three times, and not found him.  And how come he'd been walking up from the other end of the shop to where he should have been shopping when we did finally find him?

David spent the day at Woodberry painting my pony shelves, by the way.  Rob Williams was supposed to be doing a day's work, but only showed up for twenty minutes.  David was actually surprised this time, but still refused to sack them and attempt to get his money back so that we could employ the far more efficient Polish builders to finish the work. >.<

July 24th 2009

Another day of clearing up in the back room.  I found three chalk 'eggs' with small toy dinosaurs inside and stupidly decided to 'rescue' the dinosaurs for my nephew by breaking pieces off with my thumbnail under running hot water.  Not such a smart idea.  I got a small piece of green chalk stuck deep down under my thumb nail, and had to cut it short to try and get it out.  I ended up bending the nail right back, where it promptly snapped off (far too short, weakened by the hot water, I guess) and ripping the skin beneath the nail that did still remain.  Might sound trivial, but believe me, it hurt like crazy - I couldn't even press the buttons on the remote control for about four days!

Speaking of the remote control, I attempted to tape Shane's episode of 'Mysterious Ways' on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Not too successful really.  A huge thunderstorm decided to start randomly during the hour the show was airing, and the TV froze on not one, but two, of Shane's main scenes.  By the time the TV returned, I'd missed about four minutes of the show!  Such terrible timing.  Stupid thunderstorms!

In the evening, we went to Woodberry and to McDonalds for ice cream on the way back.  We even have to go through the drive-thru there now for fear of catching swine flu.  Although I see no reason the staff couldn't give it to us through the window when they hand over our order anyway!

Last, but certainly not least, I received my package from Posy646, who was kind enough to send these girls to me for less than the cost of shipping.

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

She included Star Swirl, Ivy and the combs as a surprise.  I'm so pleased to have them all, since we've had no McDonalds ponies here in the UK since the start of 2005, hence I missed out on all of these.  Thank you, Posy!!!   The 2008 Minty and Pinkie Pie are so adorable!  Now I shall be seeking the others from the set...

Anyways, I must go and run my bath now.  Only two hours until Intelligence! <3

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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