Friday, 3 July 2009

I can't take much more of this "Dial Up vs. Myspace" stupiditiy

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I've been unable to write blogs the last couple of nights again.  And I've been going through terrible trouble with my anxiety attacks and depression and really needed somewhere to vent.  Nevertheless, I survived to tell the tale, which is exactly what I'm about to do...  'Intelligence' is on in 88 minutes though, so I may not get everything written about, and have to dash off to get undressed and ready for my most important weekly hour of TV-viewing!

We went to see Neil Sedaka at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night, and I enjoyed the concert very much.  Mum felt very ill and kept going dizzy and feeling out of breath though, so I kept worrying about her throughout.  It was extremely hot, and several people were on the verge of fainting and had to leave halfway through.  Even Neil himself ended up removing his jacket after two or three songs and changing into cooler clothes during the interval.

They didn't seem to have a problem with cameras or recording equipment, so I recorded the vast majority of the songs and they came out pretty well, if anyone's interested (*Hint-Sarah-Hint*).  The concert was cut short by half an hour - probably due to the extreme temperature - and he didn't perform a lot of his most famous tunes ('I Go Ape' for one, although that's always been one of my least favourites so I wasn't too bothered about that.  I was more disappointed by the absence or 'Next Door to an Angel'...), plus we probably had some of the noisiest people in the audience around us, singing in loud out-of-tune voices and screaming his name every five seconds (!), but overall it was a very enjoyable evening.  Mum also said he looked "ridiculous" trying to dance and "should retire" but I think he did very well considering he's 70!  I'm just sad that I will probably never have another chance to see him performing live.

David's been awfully bad tempered for no reason the last few days.  He's still blaming US for delaying Woodberry, and refusing to ring Mr Williams now that the Polish builders have done their work and left (well, actually they HAVEN'T finished the work...but David has paid them regardless!)

There are an awful lot of Woodberry stories that I should be telling, but David's about to go in the bathroom and I'm running out of time anyway, so I'll just dash through a couple of other quick stories regarding his recent short temper and selfishness.

Mum and I have been trying desperately to clear up this dump and have got rid of a further EIGHT SACKS of filthy rubbish full of insects over the last two days, but the place looks no better at all.  We were exhausted and had to give up at about 6pm.  David then walked into the kitchen, looked in the cupboard and immediately found an envelope containing £130!  It MUST be some money my grandparents gave Mum for her birthday years ago, as we actually remember putting it in the cupboard and were worried it was lost.  Anyways, David is now claiming it's HIS, and making out we're stealing it from him by taking it back.

Then he went and got himself a cup of tea without asking me if I wanted some water to dilute my apple juice first (I try to make it slightly less fattening, easier on my teeth, and save money on buying so much apple juice, but the water tank in the loft has no lid and we have no idea what state it's in so I like to boil the water before drinking it).  Anyways, so I was left with just a tiny drop of drink to last me for eight hours, and his answer was that I should "fill the bottle up every time I take a sip - why should he have to think about me?"  I notice he doesn't do that when mixing his lemon barleywater.

Then I was getting upset about education again yesterday (part of the cause of my awful anxiety attack last night).  Basically, we're getting into more and more debt, so I know he'll never pay for my education once we move house as he promised to do, especially if we're stuck in this dump and I miss the start of another school year.  Meanwhile, he continues to store his Mills & Boon at £20 a week.  The answer?  "Why should I have to pay for your education anyway?  I NEED the money for MY BOOKS, and you should have found yourself a place at secondary school when I told you to!"  Excuse me?  I should have found myself a place at school aged just eleven when I'd never even been to primary school?  Anyways, he always said we were moving house, so I would start at a local school near the new place!

We went to Ealing Broadway and West Ealing yesterday - saw Sew-and-So and a few fakies in a charity shop, but they were £1 each so I left them there!  But I had a bit of luck in West Ealing BHS.  I think I mentioned on here how I fell in love with some jewellery in the sale but didn't have time to buy it while we were waiting for a pizza on Sunday?  Well, the 1/2 price sale was still on, so I picked out three nice necklace and earrings sets - two should have been £12, one should have been £15, meaning at the reduced price they should have only been £19.50, and I had a £10 voucher that Mum's friend gave me for Christmas.  David went up to pay while Mum and I moved on to the next shop (It was late and everywhere was closing).  Anyways, when he caught us up, he told us he'd signed up for a BHS credit card, meaning he got 20% off his purchase, and the jewellery had scanned at just £5 per set!  So I got £39 worth of jewellery for my voucher plus £2.00!  I'll try and get some pics tomorrow.

Of course, David had to be arrogant again and point out to me that the earrings were for pierced ears.  Like I hadn't noticed!  I would never dream of wearing clip-ons anyway!  Again, he just proved how little he knows about me.  I think even you guys know I want to get my ears pierced when we move house! >.<

Anyways, Mum has just come out of the bathroom, so I must go and get undressed and ready for 'Intelligence' now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to write a more coherent and less rushed blog tomorrow night!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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