Wednesday, 15 July 2009

"I offer to take ya out time and again!" (aka "Driving to Nowhere...")

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It's Mum's birthday on Sunday.  Yes, again.  I can't believe we're STILL in this dump!  I haven't got so much as a card for her, since I simply cannot get to the shops.  Well, actually I lie.  I bought her a CD on MY birthday, which David promptly took upstairs and lost.  So I may as well not have bought it for her.

Anyways, Mum is trying to stop any of us going out because of the swine flu.  Basically, if I so much as mention going to the shops to buy some decent clothes for the summer I'm "being selfish and stupid by risking all our lives for what I'm bl**dy wearing".  And yet come Sunday she'll be moaning to Emma and all her family history friends that I "haven't bothered" to get her anything, just like her birthday last year, and Mother's Day this year.  I just feel so guilty about it all.

So today David asked her for the date.  He knew perfectly well what the date was, believe me.  He was just winding me up because he knows how depressed I am about the summer passing by while I'm stuck in Grottsville yet again.  But that's besides the point.  She replied, "It's the 15th," before adding, "It'll be my birthday soon."  I got upset and told her how I didn't even have a card for her, and started shouting at David for losing my one and only birthday gift for her.  First he starts asking me what it was (in front of her) and got angry when I wouldn't tell him.  Then he snapped at me that I should buy her another gift - "I offer to take ya out time and again!"  Yes, but Mum doesn't want me to go, in case I bring the swine flu back with me.  Never mind the fact I don't have the money to simply keep losing gifts in the mess of newspapers upstairs!

I'm going crazy cooped up in here.  I've always been the kind of person who needs to get out in the fresh air every day, and I don't believe staying in this place is doing us any favours healthwise anyway.  David is continuing to go to the internet cafe and supermarket all the time, and is just as likely to get the flu and pass it on to us.

And meanwhile my allergies get worse and worse.  I really can't breathe in this house anymore, and my voice is cracking up every time I speak which is distressing me further.

This is quite possibly the worst summer I have ever experienced.  This house is so hot with all the windows and doors shut for fear of rats coming in, and the only time I leave the house is when Mum decides to get David to "take us out for some fresh air".  This entails us getting in the car late at night (after it gets dark, so I'm not seeing any of the light evenings), and driving aimlessly around wonderful rundown areas like Shepherd's Bush and Wembley, before looping round and driving through Ealing Broadway on our way back here...which is kind of rubbing salt in the wounds, considering I'm not living there!  And all the time we have the car windows shut (David "can't drive safely" when they're open and he can hear the noise of other traffic), the radio up as loud as it goes (apparently, that doesn't put him off!) and the HEATER switched on (Mum is constantly "cold" and hugging a hot water bottle - she says that David and I are ill if we're warm enough not to wear our coats!).  The car heater has always given me a headache and other congestion-related problems, so obviously it's a lot worse combined with my allergies.  But still Mum can't understand why my nose doesn't clear in the "fresh air", and keeps telling me to go to see a doctor.  Uh...and I'm less likely to catch swine flu at the doctors' surgery with all the sick people than I am just generally walking around the shops?!  I told you my entire family were crazy! 

David has a sore throat, and Mum is convinced it's the start of swine flu.  I think it's a milder form of my allergy.  This house is just so dusty, dirty and insect-filled, and it can't be healthy to sleep on the floor in all this muck like we do.  At the end of the day, they say that 1/3 of us are going to have had swine flu by the end of the year anyway, and I doubt now that we will be out of this house in I expect we will have to endure it on the floor.  I'll get through it somehow though...I hope.  Mum's kind of made me nervous again now!

I see a young child died in Vancouver last night - the first swine flu fatality in British Columbia.  I knew I shouldn't have posted about their being no fatal H1N1 cases over there a couple of blogs back!  There have now been 17 deaths in England, but I think one has been proved not to have been caused by the swine flu or something.  Still, there have been a whole lot more cases where people have recovered.

Well, something a bit lighter now, I think.  Yesterday I finally convinced Mum to brave TRU and Asda.  We went VERY late at night so as to avoid too many crowds of people, and almost didn't get in TRU at all.  But fortunately we did, and I blew all the cash that I have been putting aside for ponies from the stuff I've been selling lately!

(Excuse the rough photo - I cut out as much of the background mess as I possibly could!)

Image deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!

All of the ponies were 33% off marked price (so £3.33 for the MLPs and £6.66 for the Ponyville double packs)...but one of the Ponyville sets didn't get scanned when she had to check them all through again after the reduced price didn't come up the first time.  So we got one set for free!  Then the Anthro Ponyvilles were only £2.50 each in Asda!  I hadn't intended on buying them, but at that price I couldn't resist!

I also ordered three of the North American McDonalds ponies from Posypeepers on the MLP Trading Post, which she was kindly offering for the cost of shipping.  I can't wait for them to arrive!

The clearing up procedure continues - we've thrown out a further ten or eleven bags over the past few days and yet the place looks no emptier at all.  The insect problem is far worse than we had feared.  Mum put one of her beloved trolls, 'Mary', on the sofa for 90 minutes while she did some clearing up in front of the sofa where Mary usually lives...and when she went to put her back she discovered three large holes in Mary's sleeve!  And a little toy horse I had since I was eleven has had all the glue beneath his mane eaten, so that I when I picked him up all his hair fell out.  Not to mention the bag of fur we had as a keepsake of my grandparents' old dog, Argus, has mysteriously turned to a pile of insect poop.  They've also had a go at munching through a lock of my mum's grandma's hair.  I just can't stand to think about all my ponies in boxes in the library, packed up because we were "moving soon".

David is supposed to be seeing Mr Williams at Woodberry tomorrow morning, as agreed in a phonecall yesterday  (Yes, Williams is back.  I don't think David ever did get rid of him as he told us).  Mum overheard the conversation, and shouted "Why not tomorrow (today)?  We've waited fourteen bl**dy months for a twenty week job already!" to which Williams apparently said to David, "Fine language on the phone!" and David APOLOGISED.  Well, I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Mum here.  So many of our possessions, probably including my pony collection (which is currently worth the best part of £35,000) have been destroyed thanks to all these delays.  I think we should be getting compensation, not apologising to the lazy *BEEP*!

Well, Mum has gone to floor-bed, and keeps kicking me, so I guess I'd better try to get some sleep myself.  Although my nose is worse than ever so I don't know how well I'm going to manage to breathe once I'm lying down!

Speak to you all soon!
Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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