Friday, 10 July 2009

More bugs, more rats, more fun! (Not)

Current mood:  sad

Another day of clearing up in Grottsville.  We finished off the bathroom, threw a ton of stuff out in the hall, and I finally got into the library...where I found some fakies and a couple of MLPs, CRAWLING with insects.  My favourite grey Lanard fakie has lost half of her hair to the little critters, and they've stripped a load of the purple wool from my mum's Cabbage Patch Ponies' mane.  And this is before I even GET to the ponies I packed into boxes over the last two years, waiting to move house. 

So what does David do?  He starts shouting at ME that he "told me to put them in storage where they would be safe and clean".  Actually, he's constantly told me we will soon be moving house, so there's no need to put them in storage.  Even yesterday he was saying we'd be moving in two weeks.  Now he says he only said I could move if I didn't want to eat, because the kitchen would never be ready in time.

A huge argument ensued with him blaming Mum for keeping Grandad's ties.  It was the ties that attracted the beetles in the first place apparently.  Never mind the fact that the insects were here long before we emptied my granparents' house!

His nasty parting shot was, "Well, the beetles will be living in the boxes with the ponies, won't they?" and as he walked up the stairs he muttered "Pathetic.", leaving me in tears.  I feel bad enough about my ponies without his nastiness.

We went for ice cream at McDonalds tonight (I had a Dairy Milk McFlurry - I couldn't face another of those Cornetto things!) and watched the rats playing in the bushes again.  There is such great fun to be had here in Grottsville, you must surely agree!

Yeah, I'm not in the best of moods as you can probably tell, so I'll shut up now.  During the argument earlier, I got upset about another year going by with no education and how I'd turned down my opportunity to go and study in Vancouver, and David snapped at me that "there are voice acting places in the UK too, you know?!"  Um, who the heck told HIM about voice acting?  Mum, of course!  Apparently, she told him about it during an argument.  I just feel I have nobody in real life to talk to in confidence without my whole family knowing the story within a week.

Oh well, Intelligence is coming up on Hallmark again in just over two hours so I'm trying to remain cheerful.  I don't want to mess up my weekly hour of TV viewing through my own miserable mood.  And KELLY SHERIDAN just replied to me on Facebook.  Ugh, and I have embarrassed myself so badly.  I was certain she sang 'Sweet Music' in My Little Pony Tales, and now she's told me it was actually Willow Johnson.  Oops!  Still, it was so nice to hear from another of my favourite voice actresses!

Now I'm off for my Friday night bath, despite my parents telling me I shouldn't be having "yet another" one.  I'm determined to be able to wear a skirt in August, and my skin still requires so much soaking and exfoliating to get it anywhere near that stage!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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