Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Testing, testing...

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Testing, testing...
Myspace refuses to co-operate with dial-up these days, meaning I've been unable to write a blog entry since July 16th, as some of you may have noticed. Oh well, you've probably been enjoying relaxing without my moanings to shatter the peace and quiet.
Unluckily for you, one of my dear friends has been asking when my blogs will be returning, and helped me to figure out a way I may be able to post a new entry... So now I'm busily typing this blog on LiveJournal with no intention of posting here, BUT hopefully I can paste the HTML code straight into the Myspace blog entry box (I can still get the box on dial-up, but all the text shows up in white so I can't see what I'm typing!)
I have such a lot to say about the past couple of weeks but I want to test this first, just to see if it will work...then hopefully I can start blogging properly again tomorrow night. See you all then!

I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!  I just came over to Myspace and my blog is finally working again, so I needn't have even involved LJ.  Oh, well, it'll be good to see if it works anyways, I guess...  Speak to you all tomorrow!  xxx

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