Sunday, 16 August 2009

I may be offline for a while...

Current mood:  depressed

The adapter has packed up (again!  This time after only a few months!), meaning the laptop is running on batteries, and I only have about thirty minutes left online.  Anyways, rather than writing one or two messages, I thought it was best to write a public note here that everyone could see just in case people wonder where I've gone.

I'm so sick of everything going wrong - I've gone into a deep depression again, Mum is "at the end of her tether" with me.  She says I should go to a doctor as there's obviously something wrong with me, but I'm just sad that yet another year of my life is going to drift by with no education.

I still intend on moving into Woodberry after the carpet is relaid tomorrow afternoon, so now Emma and Mum are having a nasty little conversation about that too.  As Mum proudly says, "She tells me what she thinks of Emma, and she tells Emma what she thinks of me"!  Well, basically Emma is saying that I won't survive five minutes in a house on my own, without the following things.

Phone (We have no phone here except for the mobile phone, and anyway, I have nobody to ring!)
Television (I hardly ever watch TV.  There are only two more episodes of 'Intelligence' which I intend on coming back here to record.  Then I'll be quite happy without a TV.)
Food (Well, I admit that's a problem since the kitchen is still not finished.  But considering my parents had all the milk yesterday, so I had no breakfast this morning, and we only have four slices of bread to last until tomorrow night, I don't think it's going to make much difference!)
Money (God, that's a laugh!  Why would I have any less money at Woodberry than I have here?)
Internet (Well, looks like I'm going offline anyway, so now we'll see if I can survive without it!  Of course, I'll miss you guys terribly...but since we have broadband over there now, it should actually be EASIER to use the internet...presuming I can get a new adapter)

Besides all of that, why would I not like it on my own?  I can leave the house when I want, hopefully get some decent clothes with the cash I've saved which I can hang in my cupboard until my wardrobe is delivered (there's a hanging rail in the cupboard due to the carpenter's stupid mistake!), and at least I won't have people telling me how awful I am to live with all the time.  Not to mention I NEED to get away from these allergy-causing carpet beetles and rescue my ponies from the heat of the back room.

Anyways, now I am even more determined to prove myself.  If I can't even live in Woodberry with my parents popping over now and again, how will I ever be able to survive totally alone in a little Yaletown apartment, five thousand miles from my family?!

Please wish me luck, both with moving into Woodberry and with getting back online.

Thanks for reading, and best wishes to you all,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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