Saturday, 29 August 2009

"I'm feeling spinny again!"

Current mood:  weird

To quote Tabitha St.Germain as my favourite little mint pony in 'The World's Biggest Tea Party'.  I really am feeling spinny though, as well as getting nervy shivers down my spine, being freezing cold, and having an awful headache; I'm sure it's caused by depression, but not sure what I can do to snap out of it, when I still have no independence.

Anyways, I figured it was best to set my mind to something other than the arguments around me, so I'll continue with my blog...although David has the TV turned up ever so loud right next to my ear again, so I'm not sure how well composed this will be.

August 25th 2009
I have a pad full of hints and notes to remind me of everything I need to write in my blog, but it's been so long that I can't even remember what the notes are reminding me about!  Or perhaps I'm just addled.  The top note is that 'Loud TV stopped me writing my blog again' which is rather amusing, considering I'm writing one right now with Star Trek booming in my ear!

I did promise Mum that I'd ask on my blog about a vase which held flower decorations at her parents' wedding.  We uncovered it in a shoe box full of straw while clearing out the house.  The straw was full of carpet beetles, but the vase is unharmed by the insects as far as we can tell.  However, it is being eaten by what appears to be a type of brown mold.  The vase is made of what I can only describe as a chalky material.  When we saw the brown marks, Mum attempted to rub the 'dirt' off, but as she scraped at it, she realised that the vase was rubbing away with it, and soon a hole had formed in the side.

Does anyone know what could be causing this, or if there's any way to stop (or at least delay) it eating what remains of the vase?  Photos can be seen below:
Images deleted by Tinypic before I had the sense to re-upload all my photos to my Photobucket album and update all the links.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused!
Thank you!

Mum and I are not finding any of our missing belongings as we pentrate further into the front bedroom, just more and more of David's junk.  We found a whole box full of old VHS tapes, all neatly packed and labelled up - music videos from the 90s on top, and rather worst things beneath.  "The World's Smallest Mini Skirt" and some, ahem, women who were not even wearing that much.  Needless to say, those tapes are now in the local landfill.  David has quite enough of this stuff, and he'll never notice that those are missing...and I don't see why he should get to keep all these tapes he spent hours recording when he'd promised he was clearing up to give me a bedroom, and spent tons of money on when he promised Mum holidays and me various classes and lessons.

We went to Woodberry in the evening to finish assembling my bed.  Well, almost.  We still can't figure out the drawers, and David isn't even willing to try again.
Speaking of the drawers, after pushing the bed back against the wall, we made a dreadful discovery.  Thanks to Sickton, and his insisting on putting a large radiator in my room, despite the fact I'm always too hot and quite literally never want central heating anyway (I even sleep under open windows in winter by choice!), two of my four drawers will not open very wide at all.
David says all is well though, as I can "decide what I want to put in the drawers, and how often do you actually want to get into drawers anyway?!"  Um, excuse me?  I intend on turning over a new leaf and not keeping anything that I don't really want.  Hence, my drawers will be filled with things I will need regular access to...and that bed is way too heavy to move every day.  So the drawers will most likely never be used.  What a dreadful waste of space!

August 26th 2009
I went in the library, and dug out a big plastic box of my old Pokémon toys.  I forgot I had so many!  They bring back a lot of memories, but I've decided to part with them anyways.  The Gameboy games are the only Pokémon items I really still want.  The only problem is, I'm not sure what to charge for them.  I know Pokémon toys are yet another thing that have lost their value over the last few years, but I'd still be interested to know if there's any point trying to find new homes for mine that way, rather than donating them straight to a charity shop.  I seem to have a lot of 'rolling' ones on ball bearings which have to knock down card targets, a couple of 'special' moving ones (an Ivysaur with 'real' razor leaf attack, and a Charmeleon that opens and closes his mouth), some Tyco figurines in Pokéballs and some of the more traditional anime models - Ash, Misty, Jessie and James.  I've got quite a few others, too, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Further clearing up in the front bedroom allowed us to finally reach another cupboard, which we discovered was full of old clothes, both from Mum's old wardrobe and unsold jumble.  She gave me a pretty blue skirt with an elasticated waist which fits really nicely (there was a black one too, but the waistband had stretched and cracked), so now I'm more determined than ever to get my stupid legs into a state where they can come out of hiding at last.

Mum also found a basket of old bras from when she was the same cup size as me.  They're now too small, so she offered them to me. o_0  Um, well, I know I'm desperate for new underwear, but I was thinking more of taking a trip to Primark than wearing a hand-me-down bra.  Thanks, Mum, but no thanks...

Weighed a parcel for a Canadian Arena member - a kids' MLP umbrella.  The woman at the post office promptly told us that it would cost £25.99 to ship (it couldn't go via Royal Mail, and would have to be delivered by Parcel Force).  "You can't do that, especially not to Canada!" were her precise words.  I beg your pardon?  Royal Mail won't deliver anything over 2' long, whatever the destination. >.<  Anyways, with a few adjustments, I made the parcel just under 2' and returned to the post office.  But, despite it being fifteen minutes before closing time, the woman refused to see us again, as they had to have a break, you know?

Mum tells me that Emma started making more jibes about my intentions to move to Woodberry alone.  It's all about the food again this time.  "What's she going to eat - Pot noodles and Smash?  HA HA!"  Uh, well, considering there's not even a kettle there, I don't think that's an option...  "It'll cost a lot of money to go back to you (Mum) by bus every day for food..."  May I also point out that I don't travel alone in this area, so how does she propose I'd get back here every day by bus?  The food problem is the one real reason I haven't moved over there yet.  I just can't figure out how you can live without a properly functioning kitchen when you don't have the cash for fast food, even if you wanted to eat greasy chips or pizza every single night.

Also, David never want back to collect the sheet that they were supposed to be holding for us at the shop in Uxbridge.  I have another sheet which is supposed to be a spare, but I really want the pink one to go with my MLP duvet...

Mum was cutting up vegetables for our dinner in the kitchen when she screamed loudly.  I thought she must have cut herself and went racing to her aid.  Instead, I find her staring at something on the floor - a small, and very sweet, Cabbage White Butterfly caterpillar.  Apparently, the poor little thing had been in the broccoli and she flicked it on the floor in her shock.  I found another one still crawling in the broccoli, too.  I dropped them out of the bathroom window into our back garden (we can't open the back door for all the rubbish stacked up just inside, and I hate going out there with the rats anyway), but I fear they won't survive long as we have no Brassicaceae plants, and I think the poor little caterpillar who got flicked on the floor had been cut by the knife anyway.  I like to hope they were ready to pupate and will live their full lifespan though.  I wish we still had some insect-suitable plastic tanks, then I could have hand-reared them.

I checked on my ponies after dinner, and discovered that Red Roses has two pony cancer spots on her chin which I do not recall being there before.  I fear it was probably brought on by the heat and humidity in the back room.  It had to be Red Roses though, didn't it?!

Anyways, bearing that in mind, I decidedn to start moving my collection over to my bedroom at Woodberry, starting with Paradise Estate, which is supposed to be the main display in my bedroom on the top of the shelving unit.

It took two journeys to get it over there with both Mum and I holding a room each with another part in between us.  And even then I wasn't given a chance to assemble it as David had to go and buy some black bags at Tesco.

Still, I was pleased it was no longer on the floor right next to where I have to sleep.  I kept rolling on it in the night, and I sleep much more peacefully now that I know I'm not going to break my ponies' mansion if I move during the night.

Anyhow, it's late, so I think I'll leave it there.  I feel slightly better for having got a bit further with my blog anyway.  Perhaps I'll actually catch up again soon, presuming that dial-up doesn't cut out on me again, of course!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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