Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm sitting in the dark...

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...because the police just stopped a car right outside our house, and I want to be nosy and keep looking out the window - without them seeing me!  Anyways, please excuse any mistakes I make as I can't see my keyboard too well!

August 23rd 2009
I woke up extremely stiff and unable to move my neck too much all morning.  Basically, it seems I literally told myself to lie still all night so as not to roll over and smash Paradise Estate (which should have gone to Woodberry at this point).  It worked - I can't be getting very good sleep if I can control my every move during the night though, can I? - and I didn't move an inch, but I got pain for my efforts.

"I should have slept at Woodberry last night."  I said, more to myself than anything, as I put my bedding back in the library doorway.  Then Mum appeared.  "Don't talk to me about that - one minute you want to sleep over there, the next you don't!"  Um, well, actually I wasn't talking to you, and I never said I wasn't happy with sleeping over there.  Welcome to another wonderful Grottsvillian morning, Desirée!

"Anyway," Mum continued, "I have no intention of letting you take any food over there with the builders coming back."  I give up, I truly do.  How shall I ever escape from this place?  And to be honest, I really don't want to live over there any more anyway, with Sickton right opposite us and having missed yet another year as far as education is concerned.  I may have said that, but certainly nothing about not wanting to sleep alone.

Following the Grottsvillian morning, I endured an entire Grottsvillian day.  Quite literally.  David spent all day up in the front bedroom sorting through pictures of women again, and so he didn't have time to take us out.  Then he'll be moaning at Mum for not coming up with wall colours again!

When he went in the bathroom, we managed to clear enough of his junk out of the way to get to one of the cupboards in the room.  It was full of all kinds of junk I thought had been thrown out years ago, and other stuff I don't even recall ever owning.

We found some old toys of mine which we must have put away in there eight or nine years ago.  Most of the stuff will be going to Emma's kids as I don't really need it any more and I've got to stop being so sentimental over things.  After all, why would I want a kids' dress-up policeman's hat, a toy drum or a plastic teddy bear bath toy?  I'm just being silly...and it certainly wasn't me sitting there wearing that policeman's hat and playing a Little Tikes pinball game when Mum walked into the room.  Nah, that was some other idiotic 18-year-old who lives here with us; I've just failed to mention her before.  Honestly!

I was pleased to find one little laundry bag at the back of the cupboard, though.  It as filled with some of my favourite toys from the mid-90s - I got rid of about half the bag (mainly bouncy balls which had gone cloudy, and battery-operated toys with leaking batteries which were beyond repair), but I did keep all the figures from a Budgie the Little Helicopter set, and the Mr Blobby figurine that played the part of Christmas Fairy on top of our Christmas tree in 1993!

In the bottom of the bag, I found two items I was most pleased to see again.  I was a little saddened to find that my favourite squeaky caterpillar has gone brittle though.  She still lets out a feeble squeak if you delicately press near her neck, but pieces of plastic keep falling off, so I don't think I'll be able to keep her for much longer.  Most importantly though, I found my Bucky O'Hare action figure.  I'm so pleased that I didn't throw him out as I had feared.  I rescued him from Mum's discarded jumble years ago - he's missing his pistol, but I'm still pleased to have him.  Now I only wish that my DVD worked properly and wouldn't keep stalling every five seconds!

Also in the cupboard I found ANOTHER Lullabye Nursery (that's a fourth!), a whole box full of Care Bears books, a box full of various other kids' books (all of my favourites having been chewed up by the mouse we weren't even aware had ever been upstairs - just typical, eh?) and a box full of toy animals who I could have sworn were under the stairs.  Oh, well.  I really need to sell some of this stuff, but even when I find potential buyers, they're put off by the shipping quotes to send it to them from this little desert island where I remain stranded.

August 24th 2009
I woke up to find I had knocked over the Paradise Estate gates once again...but remarkably it wasn't broken.  That thing must be a whole lot stronger than it looks, even after 23 years!

My wisdom tooth decided to make a nuisance of itself all day, pushing on my gum, although it never actually comes through.  Stupid thing - especially when it's going to have to be removed anyway when it comes to straightening my teeth.

Mum's family history e-friend very kindly sent me another couple of ponies - Desert Rose and Windy.  They were almost black when they arrived, but look much better now.  Desert Rose still has some issues with pink highlighter marks though.

David found a big box of McDonalds toys in another cupboard in the front bedroom.  We must have bought multiples of some toys, thinking they'd become valuable some day.  Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but once upon a time those things were rumoured to be the treasure of the future.  Now I think I'd struggle to get our money back for them.  Anyone want to pay £1 for an old MIP Bugs Life, Lion King or Winnie the Pooh Happy Meal toy?!  I did find we had a MIP set of all four G2 McDonalds Ponies, which was a nice surprise, as I regretted opening mine, plus three spare Sunsparkles and two spare Light Hearts.  Also an unopened McDonalds MLP jigsaw...which was quite funny, as I bought one on e-Bay a couple of years back to replace the one I opened...not realising that there was a sealed one in the cupboard!

At 2pm, Rob Jacobs (Sickton's friend, who is unfortunately still working for us, and who is supposed to be laying the front path tiles) rang up and announced he would be at Woodberry from 5pm.  Nice of him, almost a year after the job should have been done.

So David went over there, leaving us indoors again.  But no prizes for guessing what happened - Jacobs didn't show up.  So how come David stayed at Woodberry "playing on  the internet" until 9pm?  Meanwhile, I was left here battling to upload sales pictures to Photobucket with a dial-up connection.  >.<

At 11pm, David took me to first chance to leave this prison in three days.  And even then it was miserable.  David bought himself a load of cornish pasties which I would usually keep seperate to the rest of the shopping as it makes me feel a little sick to have meat in the same bag as my food.  No offence to you non-vegetarians, I'm just weird that way, especially when I know David loves winding me up over it.  But now there's hardly ever anyone working on the proper checkouts, so we have to use those self service things, and they are AWFUL.  If you want to make some space in the bagging area by removing a bag before you've paid an automated voice starts literally screaching at you, "ITEM REMOVED FROM BAGGING AREA!  PLEASE REPLACE ITEM BEFORE CONTINUING!" and she will not shut up until you replace the item, even if you don't want all your bags together.

But not only that, when you do replace the item that you dared to take and place in your trolley before the transaction was finalised, the automated voice will still not be satisfied 50% of the time.  "UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA!  PLEASE REMOVE THIS ITEM BEFORE CONTINUING!"  This went on for some time, and it was driving me totally crazy.  Luckily, a member of staff came and typed in their security code, but for goodness sake!  Those machines seriously need re-wiring.  And Tesco need to replace their bags too.  During the moving backwards and forwards, four of our six bags broke to a point that they weren't really up to being carried.  Rather fun, considering I had to carry five, and David just carried his Cornish Pasties...which just happened to be in one of the two unbroken bags, of course.  And you can't just take another bag...otherwise you'd be removing an item from the bagging area, you know?!

Anyways, I'll leave it there.  It's late and I need to go to floor-bed.  Speak to you all soon!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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