Tuesday, 4 August 2009

"Nobody ever even attempts to clear this bl**dy place up!"

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Yesterday was so boring that I didn't even bother writing a blog, despite saying I was going to update this every day from now on.  We went to a couple of supermarkets in search of Weetaflakes, but it seems they are totally unavailable in London these days.  And the places were packed, despite us going just before they shut (ie. as late as we could), so Mum is convinced we'll have caught swine flu from all of the "dirty smelly people".

Speaking of dirty smelly people, our horrible Irish neighbours once threatened that they would "move out and get some dirty smelly people to come and live in their house" - this was during an argument regarding us building a higher fence about ten years ago because the crazed woman next door kept poking her head over the fence and staring at me every time I went to play in the garden and wouldn't give up until I went indoors.

Anyways, Mum and I were so pleased when we decided to move to Woodberry that we would get the chance to move out before them, and have always joked that we would stare at their house and poke our tongues out as we drove away for the last time...and then we'd sell the house to some "dirty smelly people" to annoy Lizz next door!

Well, guess what?  They just moved out.  Even they have beaten us to moving house!  I really can't believe it.  So I guess now some dirty smelly people might be moving in next to us, after all.

Today was not very interesting either, really.  We went to a few DIY stores this morning looking for a new dado rail to replace the massive one that Williams picked out...we found a much nicer one at Wickes.  We also saw something else there.  Just after I got out of the car, David calmly said to me, "Look, there's a rat behind you." and laughed.  I screamed and ran away and apparently the rat ran into a bush.  A posh-looking woman in a nearby car kind of sniffed and looked at me as though I was mad.  Well, would she have hung around if there was a rat right behind her?  I think not.

My Italian Windy hasn't arrived.  I know she was coming from Ireland, but I won her a week ago now so I'm worrying a little.  Especially having seen our new crazy postman today.  He spent over ten minutes rummaging through his bag (which was balanced on our neighbours' wall) and checking and re-checking our house numbers today - when he eventually arrived at 4pm, that is - so I wouldn't be at all suprised if my poor little pony had got lost somewhere along the way.

A parcel I sold to a girl in Texas has gone missing too.  It wasn't too valuable - a Dolly Mix Star Song and a couple of MLP hats - but still disappointing for the buyer and devestating for me as a seller as I'll now probably end up swallowing the shipping costs as well as losing £4.50 worth of my sales goods if I have to refund her.  It's the first parcel  of mine that's been lost in over two years of online trading, and it's really un-nerved me to the point I don't feel like selling anymore.

But I can't stop now.  There's so much junk to clear out of this house, and I really do need the little bit of money I make from the sales.  I uploaded a whole ton of stuff to my Photobucket album yesterday, by the way, if anyone's interested.  Mainly random plushies, books, videos, toy dinosaurs etc., but also a few old Polly Pocket sets, a plush Flower Popple, a G2 MLP watepaper bin and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the late 80s/early 90s.

Please feel free to take a look, and remember, if a price is too high, just make me an offer.  I'll take any reasonable price, and am especially happy to make a deal with my friends here on Myspace.

David is snapping at me about the sales stuff heaped up all around the house.  He says anything I don't want should go in the bin.  Well, that's easy for him to say, while he busily spends all the money he took as a lump sum from his pension fund to pay outstanding bills on car hire, book storage and newspapers, but this is my ONLY way of making any money while I'm stuck here with no way of even getting a part-time job.

Today, Mum and I have been busily clearing up in Emma's old bedroom.  We threw out another two black bags full of stuff, plus a pile of boxes and some drawers from the old vanity table David ripped out ten years ago when he was going to let me have the room.

In order to get far enough into the room to clear out the rubbish, we had to move stacks of yellowed newspapers and Mills & Boon books from the doorway.  Of course, David was not best pleased when he returned from Woodberry this evening and saw all his stuff piled up on the landing.  He says we shouldn't touch his stuff.  Well, how else are we supposed to get to our stuff before it's all eaten by the growing carpet beetle population?

He angrily put a whole load of his books in a large box, and began staggering down the stairs.  As he came, he knocked down two piles of our stuff on the stairs.  There's nowhere else for this stuff to go, and yet he starts shouting at ME for leaving it there.  "If ya want this stuff, why 'asn't it got upstairs?"  Um, because we're trying to clear up upstairs and we don't want even more junk in our way?  When he returned from the car (having placed the box in the boot), he yelled at me again.  "And the stuff is still there!"  Well, did he think it would just magic itself into thin air during the two minutes he was out in the front garden?

As he went back upstairs, he muttered to himself (loud enough for us to hear, of course), "Nobody ever even ATTEMPTS to clear this bl**dy place up!"  Well, that's just not true, is it?  I said as much to his retreating figure.  He turned around, and sneered, "I've just thrown out a big box of books!"  "No, you haven't." Mum said.  "It's going to a paid storage unit."  "Doesn't matter!  I'm still getting it out of the 'ouse!" David snapped.  "I got rid of a black bag of newspapers to the tip earlier this week!  And I've got another one that's half full!"

Well, good for you!  We threw out more than two black bags just today!

Oh, and you know he's supervising the Polish builders every day now?  They got there early yesterday morning, and said the work will take 3-4 weeks because of all the damage Williams has caused!  So there's no way I will be getting to college this year again.  I really can't believe it.

But worse than that, he's letting them walk all over him, just like he did with Williams.  They were supposed to be fixing the door stops today, so that we could re-order my carpet and I could move in next week.  Instead of that, they've spent the past two days rubbing down walls ready for painting.  And apparently they've dumped all their tools in my bedroom!  Wonderful.  What would they do if I was living over there, as I was promised I could several months ago now?!

Well, I'll leave you on that jolly note.  I just want to download one more MLP commercial from Youtube, and then I'll have to be off to floor-bed, I guess.  I'm not looking forward to it, as I've had two very bad nights now filled with bad dreams and awful allergies.

Speak to you all tomorrow!

Best wishes,
Desirée Skylark  xxx

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